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drank Razzleberry by Peace Tea
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This is the second Peace Tea I tried, on the heels of the peach. It’s got a nice flavor, and like the peach one, there isn’t an annoying aftertaste from the sucralose. It’s kind of generic berry with a bit of a lean towards raspberry. I taste less of the tea in this one than I did with the peach variety.

If both were available, I would default to the peach, but I would still be satisfied with this one, too.

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drank Georgia Peach by Peace Tea
45 tasting notes

My neighbor was raving about this tea when I saw her at the convenience store, and I love peach, so I grabbed a can. This is one of the best pre-bottled (or in this case, canned) teas I’ve tried. It claims no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Apparently" flavors" only applies to the fruit flavor added, because besides the sugar, it’s got sucralose, too (which is artificial, and does contribute to flavor).

Anyhoo, the peach in this tea is not fakey at all. It’s pretty natural-tasting. I thought with the sucralose there might be a tinge of aftertaste, but I really didn’t notice any. The tea itself was a lot smoother than other pre-bottled teas, without that weird little tang one tends to notice. The peach here is abundant, and really is the star of the show, though it doesn’t fully mask the tea, either. I’m definitely going to grab a couple more cans of this when I fill up my gas tank today. It isn’t like home-brewed, but it is quite drinkable.

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Meh. I wanted tea, but I was driving almost all day yesterday, so I picked this up in Iowa or Nebraska. I should have tried a flavored version, this was just dull. Sweetened brown water.

Meghann M

Was this a bottled version?


Canned, but yes.

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