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Peter Asher Coffee and Tea

Recent Tasting Notes


It looks like Peter Asher’s website is down … or perhaps they’re no longer maintaining an online presence … because their website is gone.

This is a really tasty chai though. Sweet, spicy, and with a nice balance. My first few sips – before I added the “latte” to my cup – I noticed that there was something “missing” in the chai … but it was not a bad “missing” if that makes sense. I liked the difference I was tasting, and it definitely tasted different. Then I realized … there’s no cinnamon in this chai! I love cinnamon, but, it’s kind of neat to have a chai that focuses on the other spices in a masala chai. It’s smoother without the cinnamon … I can really taste the clove and cardamom.

A really tasty chai … delicious as a latte. YUM!

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SIPDOWN on this one…it will be missed!

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I still LOVE this stuff. Yesterday for some reason I was smelling VANILLA all day and there was no rhyme or reason for it. SO this morning I made my first cup of the day THIS. See previous notes :)

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Forgot to log on Friday…it was nifty…see previous notes

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So…I was chatting with Azzrian via email earlier and asked if she wanted a bit of this…I figured since it was fresh in my head and in my hand I would have a cuppa while divvy what was left of my stash to pass along to my Sororitea Sisters LiberTeas and Azzrian! :)

See previous notes :)

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This is a sample I received from LiberTeas. Many thanks! It has taken me too long to get to it, but I am glad I have it for tonight. I am trying to psych myself up to finish one more stripe on the Doctor Who scarf I am knitting for youngest while watching Upstairs Downstairs. This is a lovely tea quite worthy of being sipped during Masterpiece Theater.

(Funny side note: about a year ago my eldest daughter told us with great excitement that she had been watching really old Sesame Street reruns and had only just put together the whole Allistair Cookie and Monsterpiece Theater bit. LOL!)

This is a nice Sencha base, not at all masked by the flavors, but very nicely balanced. The cherry is definitely the foremost of the flavors but the rose follows up and adds a gentle seriousness to the cup.

Thank you for sharing, Liberteas!

Edited to add: I made it! Whew! Tomorrow I should hit the 3/4 point.


That’s cute lol – what kid would get that anyway?

Hesper June

My sister knitted a Doctor Who scarf last year for a fella, it turned out great, but the young lad wears it skiing and I am scared to death its going to get caught in a tree or something.

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Thank you TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this tea.

It smells lovely. The rose petals combined with the fruit notes of the pomegranate and the sweet, leafy notes of the tea really create a fantastic scent. It smells fruity and sweet, with hints of floral tones in the background.

A really nice pomegranate tea.

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Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this tea.

This is very much the way I expected it to be, basically what I expected from a cherry rose tea. Sweet cherry flavor, almost candy cherry-ish. The smell was a bit like a cough drop, but I don’t get that in the flavor. The cherry is sweet but there is a tartness to it too. The green tea flavor comes through nicely, smooth and buttery. The rose is not a strong flavor, but it gives a pleasing floral accent to the overall cup.

Very nice.

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While going thru a Tea Archive Pile of mine I came across this gem and HAD to have a cup…or 3…or more…YUM! See previous notes :)

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Certainly one of the better Pomegranate flavored teas I have tried and also one of the better flavored Sencha’s I have tried. I think the rose pedals/petals helped the potential tarty factor. I can taste both flavors here but the Sencha base is a sweeter and smoother sencha and I like it quite a bit. The POM is just right for my palate, too! YUM! This is great hot or iced :)

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I just got this one today from Peter Asher Coffee & Tea! Altho it doesn’t say in on the ingredients on the package I CAN see rose petals in this as well as the other ingredients!

It smells like food and chai! Not quite sure what kind of food tho…at first I was thinking soup but then I was thinking rice…not sure…that paired with an intense chai flavor!

The taste is quite peppery and, well, CHAI-like!

This is a nice sturdy chai any day of the week! Another nice offering from Peter Asher!

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I just really needed a flavored black…YUM…see previous notes…

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This is a very good green tea. The initial notes are somewhat vegetal, but they expand into a fruity sweetness. Very nice.

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This smells like Cherry Lifesavers! Cherry and sugary! YUMMY aroma! The taste is a medium green tea paired with just enough Cherry and a good bit of rose coming in as the 3rd flavor that hits the tongue.

This is a very nicely flavored cherry and rose flavored green! Another great offering from PACT (Peter Asher Coffee & Tea)! They are 2 for 2 so far in my book!


sounds great. Have you tried the Cherry-Rose from Enjoying Tea? I’m fond of that one. I wonder how the two compare?


I don’t believe I have tried Enjoying Tea’s version yet

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A very tasty Assam indeed. Robust with just enough astringency and bitterness to make it a good breakfast tea. Strong “fresh” quality.

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wow. Just…WOW!

This is a Niiice Cuppa! And YES…that’s NICE with 3’s iii’s!

Here’s why…

First…the dry loose leaf aroma is AMAZING…it smells like vanilla frosting! It does diminish quite a bit once infused but it it a lovely mellower aroma of vanilla and black tea.

I really like the black tea base in this flavored tea because it still shines thru the flavoring…it’s not out done by the flavoring…and I LOVE that! It’s a nice strong black tea with a neat yet natural (real tasting) vanilla flavor on the assist!

The vanilla is creamy and sweet. It’s a natural-tasting vanilla – more like a bean than faux flavoring – I appreciate that very much! It’s fairly juicy, too, which is different for most vanilla flavored teas I have tried, and I’m totally digging that characteristic, too!

This is a really nice flavored black! A nicely-done vanilla flavor! Two thumbs up!


I’ve since cupping this sweet nectar of a sort of holiday breakfast or someat. I thought that while it’s in the green, or rather the bag it’s aroma misleads, but the satisfying body of the tea with it’s maltiness and hint of vanilla bean rewards the drinker. I’ve been meaning to go out and get some more of this one for a while. thumbs up

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