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drank Darjeeling Green by Petit Tea
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It snowing. I hate snow. Its cold. I hate cold. OK, maybe hate is too strong a word. I confess to being very ready for spring, though our winter hasn’t been that bad. It just feels forever since I was able to sit on my porch, at dawn, with a cup of tea, sipping, while the world wakes up. So here I sit instead, in my den, dreaming of sunshine.

On to tea – I grabbed this one today because… well, because. The box says use boiling water. I didn’t. It said to steep 3 minutes. I was typing and went 4 minutes. My opinion might be stronger if I followed directions.

I like these infusers. They are great for the lazies. I just didn’t feel like messing with the pot today.

The tea is a delicate green color. It is like a white tea in that respect – you look at the cup and wonder if you made it correctly (of course I didn’t – but you know what I mean). Dry it had a light grassy scent. Brewed, I’m not getting much of any scent. The taste is delicate. It is quite grassy, just very light. There is also a citrus like bite that gives it character.

I would never guess this is a Darjeeling green. It reminds me of Tazo green tea (but lighter) which I believe is a sencha. It has a sweet grassy aftertaste.

I did add sweetener halfway through the cup – my recommendation is don’t. It takes sweetening fine but tastes better without it. Take that Splenda monkey.

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drank Lavender Green by Petit Tea
1645 tasting notes

I tend to love just about everything. One that I have so far hated and avoided is lavender. I can’t stand the smell of the actual flower and find it is soapy perfume in tea – until now. This is one of the blends included in Petit Teas Opulence Variety Pack.

When I opened the infuser package, I could smell the lavender and it was a bit soapy but not in an overwhelming sense. Steeped it for 2 1/2 minutes in 195F water. The liquor is lightly colored green with a bit of yellow tint. To look at it is one of those cups you think won’t have any flavor. The scent is lightly floral, sweet, and not offensive.

I took my first sip, and batted my eyes because I’m momentarily confused. Quickly took another sip. This I am actually enjoying. The flavor is kind of midway between a lotus (that I love) and a light jasmine. The green tea is what sets it apart and probably why it reminds me of lotus. It quickly rises mid sip with a kind of earthy presence and pushes through holding its own until the end. Does not need sweetened. In fact that just muddies the cup.

I once hated jasmine until I experienced it blended correctly. That is the same feeling I had with this one. Good job Petit Tea!


You’re right in that jasmine needs to be blended in such a precise way in order for it to be enjoyed. I’ve yet to find a jasmine tea that I like, though.

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drank American Breakfast by Petit Tea
1645 tasting notes

Fell asleep around midnight, and awoke at 4:00 am. I’m not sure how much caffeine is in this but with a name like American Breakfast, I am hopeful it is significant. I really like these aluminum infusers. Less mess than a teaball and far tastier than a bag while just as convenient. This one is a blend of Darjeeling and Assam. Not a big fan of Assam on its own as even the better stuff just tastes like tea. Here it adds that classic bite that a good morning cup needs without a pucker factor. It is just good clean bite. It is the Darjeeling that is the real interest here. Even before steeping the leaf has a nice woodsy scent. The steeped cup has that grapey muscat flavor along with a woodsy (maybe nutty or earthy) element that just makes this tasty to me at the moment.


Damn, I hope you can catch up on sleep tonight.


I feel you. I fell asleep from 8pm-12:30am then fell back asleep at 5am-10am (although the last bit wasn’t restful sleep). Hopefully we can both get back on track with our sleep!

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drank Earl Grey by Petit Tea
1645 tasting notes

This is an infuser system that comes 12 to a box. Each is individually wrapped and contains 2.5 g of leaf. The infuser appears to be aluminum with rows of holes. It is intended to be an upgraded replacement for bags. I used one infuser in a mug of boiling water. The dry stick has a strong bergamot scent. Once infused it is much more calm and refined. The tea base is a blend of Darjeeling and Assam. That makes a pretty solid combination. Where as my normal Earl has a harsh Ceylon edge, this is smooth and you can actually taste it. The bergamot is natural, bright and citrusy. Strong enough to know this is Earl Grey without assualting your senses. Yeah, so a little bit of a straying from my normal barbarian cup. I added a little sweetener halfway through the cup and in addition to being sweet, I think it broadened both the citrus and the base notes. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m actually pleasantly surprised. It easily made a second cup.

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I like this tea. It has a nice mild flavor. I think it has a tiny flaw. The flavor is boring and it can get bitter. It is a good morning tea.

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drank Jasmine Jade by Petit Tea
126 tasting notes

I will say that I am a sucker for packaging. If the packaging catches my eye in some way, especially in food products, I will probably buy it once just to try something new or to experience the new packaging. So this “bagged” tea intrigued me because it was this foil “stick” form. I got the sampler pack to try their tea and this “stick” concept. Each stick is individually wrapped in the box and the flavor is on the flag part on the end of the stick.

It’s not good. It doesn’t smell like jasmine. It doesn’t taste like darjeeling. Or anything having to do with jade.

It smells musty. It tastes musty. Like musty dried flowers. From last century. The kind left behind in the back corner of a museum of dead dry musty things. I couldn’t even finish the cup.

Um, no thank you. Maybe it’s the foil? I wonder if the tea is old? I don’t know. A little disappointed, I hope the other three flavors are not like this too.


I agree about the packaging. My supermarket has some bags of a small brand that I can’t remember right now. They’re pretty cheap but they’re packed in this floral little funny shaped boxes! I totally want to try it just because I want to buy something packaged like that. So far I’ve held off, but they catch my eye every time I wander down that aisle.

Peggie Bennett

Buy it! I love a cute box!


Hi Peggie,

Clearly this reply is very late, but up until recently our company has not really been online too much. Now that we are, I came across this post and we are absolutely embarrassed.

Petit Tea prides ourselves in selling fresh and quality teas, and knowing that we did not meet your expectations is very disappointing. Over the past five years, we have changed our packaging and most importantly we have looked more strictly in to quality control. Even still, I would really like to hope that this was just a one off chance and your other teas were exceptional.

If you still like to try our teas, please send us a response and we will do our best to bring you back. We have introduced a few other products that we are also very proud of. So please check out our new website:


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