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I like this tea. It has a nice mild flavor. I think it has a tiny flaw. The flavor is boring and it can get bitter. It is a good morning tea.

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drank Jasmine Jade by Petit Tea
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I will say that I am a sucker for packaging. If the packaging catches my eye in some way, especially in food products, I will probably buy it once just to try something new or to experience the new packaging. So this “bagged” tea intrigued me because it was this foil “stick” form. I got the sampler pack to try their tea and this “stick” concept. Each stick is individually wrapped in the box and the flavor is on the flag part on the end of the stick.

It’s not good. It doesn’t smell like jasmine. It doesn’t taste like darjeeling. Or anything having to do with jade.

It smells musty. It tastes musty. Like musty dried flowers. From last century. The kind left behind in the back corner of a museum of dead dry musty things. I couldn’t even finish the cup.

Um, no thank you. Maybe it’s the foil? I wonder if the tea is old? I don’t know. A little disappointed, I hope the other three flavors are not like this too.


I agree about the packaging. My supermarket has some bags of a small brand that I can’t remember right now. They’re pretty cheap but they’re packed in this floral little funny shaped boxes! I totally want to try it just because I want to buy something packaged like that. So far I’ve held off, but they catch my eye every time I wander down that aisle.

Peggie Bennett

Buy it! I love a cute box!

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