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My dad & I had a lot of fun with this blend. We used some of the leftover herbs from Litehouse Foods. It was tasty. Just not to the "WOW’ point. I want to try it again. This company is so adorable and they have some tasty sounding blends on their site. Just need to try this one again.

For my full review:

Thanks Shae again for turning me on this company!


I’m glad you’re having fun with some of their blends! I think they’re such a neat little company, but maybe I’m biased because they are local. :) I sent a couple more of their blends your way on Saturday so you should get them sometime today.


You are awesome! Thanks hon!

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Thank you Shae for introducing me to this adorable shop! I am jealous of people that have these awesome little shops around them. There isn’t anything like that or even a tea shop around me. There are tea rooms but they serve flavored Lipton or ROT, which is fine. Just nothing to creative there.

Shae gave me a huge sample of this in our last swap. It smelled so good. But when I brewed it up and tried it, I really picked up a lot of hibiscus. I do like Hibiscus, but this was an overwhelming amount making my first cup really tart. I did play around with the steeping parameters a bit and finally, VIOLA- I had an amazing cup of peaches’n cream delight. I already ordered more for Marzipan and I to try from this adorable company.

Here are the rest of my ramblings thoughts on this one:

Happy Thursday all!

Flavors: Cream, Hibiscus, Peach, Sweet, Tart


I’m glad you were able to get the peaches and cream flavor to come through! What did you end up doing to help with the tartness? I might have to try your technique. :)


I will have to look back at my notes-I’ll let you know. Thanks for the sample-BTW. Can’t wait to try more of their teas!

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I love having a local tea blender at my farmer’s market!
I made this fruity tisane as iced tea using the hot brewing method then let it cool.
It’s really tasty and the color is a nice red that looks good over ice, nice and summery.
I can taste sweet and tart berries, cranberry, cherry mostly. The mint was very subtle. I am wondering if this tastes anything similar to Mary Poppin’s spoon full of sugar!
I still would reach for their Smashberry Tisane over this one because I enjoyed the stronger strawberry and mint flavor.

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This is a local company here in Alabama that sells at the area farmer’s markets. They dry all their own herbs and fruits that they put in the teas, except for the real tea leaves of course.
What’s really nice is that they have several kinds of cold infusions available and you can bring back your logo giant mason jar for discounted refills.

So, now for Smashberry tisane…
This blend is amazing!!!!! It really is. I first bought a mason jar full of the cold infusion and sipped while wandering the farmer’s market. Fresh strawberry taste with a nice refreshing mint and lemon balm herbal-ness with a nice kick of rose hip. I had to go back for a refill it was soooooooo good. I also bought some of the loose leaf to take home with a couple other blends they were selling.
A couple days later I had some people over for dinner and I made a pitcher of this iced by making the whole thing hot brewed and letting it cool in the fridge after I strained out the leaves. The dry blend is full of dried strawberries, pieces of dried apple, rose hips and bright green dried herbs, the description on the bag didn’t say specifically the herbs. It said an herbal blend with lemon balm but I definitely smell and taste mint. So did all my friends.
My friends loved it too. They continued to refill their glasses and I had to make another pitcher full this time I did a concentrate and added ice and cold water so it could be ready faster.
All three brewing methods tasted fantastic and I ran out of my scrumptious Smashberry tisane :(
I am hoping they have the Smashberry available again on thursday when the closest market is open again.

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