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drank Caramel Delight by Praise Tea Company
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Opening the bag reminded me strongly of the tobacco my Dad used to roll into cigars. Thankfully, after steeping the smell changed, although there’s still echoes of tobacco in the flavor. Funny, it’s a first for me to say I like this. Normally, I shy away from anything tobacco-ish, other than maybe when it’s leather. Anyway, I digress.

I understand the intention behind this tea, however it’s too drying and tobacco-y for it to be a true, chewy caramel. It’s still nice, full-bodied and rich, it’s just not the cup I wanted this afternoon.

This came from (I think) my first swap on Steepster, from Allie. Thank you again!

Flavors: Caramel, Tobacco

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

My father-in-law went through a pipe smoking phase, and though I don’t smoke or like it secondhand at all, I did love the scent of his pipe tobacco.

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drank Pure Rose by Praise Tea Company
4366 tasting notes

I’m currently sipping on this pu-erh. It has a very strong fishy scent that I don’t really care for. The rose is in there too, so it kind of smells like fish and roses which is kind of a weird scent. I’m trying to not allow the aroma to prematurely affect my opinion of the tea.

I did a quick rinse and then 45 seconds for the first infusion.

This is alright. It definitely tastes better than it smells, because I’m not getting that fishy or brine-y taste that I expected since I experienced such a strong fishy scent. It has an earthy flavor, but, not fishy. It reminds me of the deep, earthy flavor of a mushroom.

The rose comes through nicely too … not a strong rose essence, but it compliments the deep earthy flavor of the pu-erh. Overall, an enjoyable pu-erh. I’m glad that I didn’t let the aroma stop me from tasting.

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Saturday Sample Sipdown #2

Thanks to Amanda for this sample. Not something I would buy, but it was ok.

My original review of it, written in character on International Talk Like a Pirate Day, is here:

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Since I nearly gagged one one chamomile-related herbal today I figured I would try and throw down another one I have been holding off on.

This has no color. It looks like water. Smells like Lav and Cham.

Tastes like Cham & Lav. Not bad for those two ingredients but not my fave ingredients at that. This one is certainly more stomach-able than that last one. I just wish I liked these two flowers in herbals more. No rating for that reason. Perhaps if you love those two ingredients you would love this tisane and I don’t want to taint that.

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Oh my. In all fairness I can’t bring myself to say who sent this to me. They are too kind in every way and the other tea’s were fine.

This one, is haunted with the taste of raspberry beets. Not good and sweet beets but canned vegetable soup tasting beets.

I must protest…my tastebuds yelled at me. One cursed.

Dear, oh dear.

This tea is fired!


LOL … I’m now envisioning taste buds yelling and cursing.


Your review made me giggle :)


well at least only one taste bud cursed. I’m sorry Raspberry Black (organic and fair trade) but we have to let you go. Don’t ask us for references :D


Taps! (Two little taste buds with tap shoes on…tap, tap, tap!)
You know that something might be amiss when the tea has been miss labeled and says Raspberdy. “Bye, Bye Raspberdy.” (As in the Musical)


Raspberry…beets? 0_o


Woh!! You mean fired , as in Donald Trump fired? This is serious tea unemployment!


Yes, Fired! And I want to see a Birth Certificate too!

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The peach flavor is spot on! It has a peach essence with a very light floral note at the end. The smell alone is divine.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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The white chocolate and orange are very prominent. The chocolate tastes rich and sinfully decadent, while the vanilla is sweet and creamy. These two are in a pleasing balance.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this tea.

This is a delicious green tea. I do not see it on the Praise Tea Website anymore though … I wonder if they’ve just sold out or if they’ve discontinued it?

It’s vegetative (sweet grass taste) with a smooth buttery taste at mid sip. A moderate astringency (slightly dry, not pucker-y) toward the tail. Very enjoyable, it is very soothing and relaxing to sip. I taste warm, nutty tones, and a lovely fresh sweetness. A wonderful cup.

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Hmm, not really a fan of Chinese sencha. The flavoring is quite nice though. Blueberry and a bit of lemon. Feels a bit bubbly somehow. :) Hot tea on a cloudy chilly autumn morning. Could anything be more comforting?

Thanks for the sample TeaEqualsBliss!

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First, thanks to Amanda (the “Be a Fruitloop in a world of Cherrios” Amanda, there are 2 Amandas here) for this tea!!

I’m sitting here, eating breakfast & sipping tea with my left hand, & typing with my right hand. I thought that might occupy little T so I could write this review in peace. This is the 2nd of 3 teas she thought would fit the “talk like a pirate day” theme. (The third one is Buttered Rum, by Davids Tea, which Bonnie sent to me. I already reviewed it last week).

Dry, it has a fruity & buttery aroma. A dark tea with bits of cacao nibs, very enticing. I brewed 1 tsp in 8oz for 3min.

“arrrrrr…tastee! Buttery, creamy, bold, & worthy of a sea-farin’ swag like me…a wee bit of a bite, but not ‘nough to blow a man down. Tastes more like rum than whiskey, to my per-view, & I likes me whiskey, says I, says I. She’s a lovely diversion, a beauty for sure. Takes me back to the beaches of Moroloro, where I sat, stranded for a year, aye, yes it does. ’twould’ve been a miserable one, that, had I not found a treasure in the cave: barrels of black tea, 50 cases of rum, & some food rations. Endless supply o’ coconuts on that Isle…aye,… ’twas a year of wonder…”


Aaarrrr, aye should uv talked like a pirate in my review too….

Terri HarpLady

next year we must remember!!!

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Thank you Dhart1214 for the big tea sample!

We all love Dragon Pearls (well most of us do)!

Even the few who don’t prefer black tea have to admit they’re pretty to look at.
All chocolate colored with golden strands rolled shape of a malted Whopper. (I popped one in my mouth once just to taste the malty leaves)

I’ve collected interesting shaped tea’s for when my young grandchildren come to visit. I have pillows of green tea, cigar shapes and pagoda’s. Tea’s with berries that plump up. AND, this
type of tea with their round shape which looks best in it’s jar like candy and scoop some into a glass pot for brewing.

Everyone loves a cocoa malty tea with some sugar and cream. It may as well be hot chocolate, but it’s better (and easier) to make.
Another infusion and there’s more in a hurry.

I had this tea by myself this morning.
The most cocoa of the Pearls I’ve tried has been Teavivre, but my local shop here in Fort Collins is so close to that standard that I’ll probably buy from them.
The Praise Tea Company Black Pearls are a extremely light cocoa.
I liked the maltiness and smooth richness of this tea, however. There was a baked bread comforting warmth to it.

Sometimes it’s hard to separate malt from cocoa so I carefully made a whole pot of tea, drinking it plain, then sweetening it, then adding cream and then going back to plain again.
I looked for the cocoa and just didn’t hardly, barely find it. (There was a potato chip aftertaste that I noticed after awhile)

I like this tea though. I am a fan of malty, homemade bread goodness in the morning. It’s all yummy to me.

Jim Marks

Speaking of odd shapes, did you ever see/get ahold of the “blue unicorn” tea?


What? No. Oh you mean the Organic Blue Nettle green tea from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). It can be purchased from Shanti Tea and Tealux. I still have some to last for awhile.

Jim Marks

Pretty stuff. Not the best cup of tea, but very pretty.


I happened to get some Blue Nettle debris, the broken pieces and such from a company and WOW, it brews up into such a wonderful complex sweet tea! Almost a whole different tea than the spears (or cigars as I call them). I have some water sprite pillows the size of a small bar of soap that is pretty in a pot and tastes very nice. These tea’s are good to share with new tea drinkers along with other loose leaf tea’s for fun.

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drank Oolong Royal by Praise Tea Company
1812 tasting notes

My back is still sore and I am a little flighty from the two Flexiril I took last night. Youngest made a pot of this lovely oolong for me so I could enjoy it on my heating pad!

This is such a good tea, and I am still drinking that sample from SimplyJenW. it was a BIG sample. Thank you!

The aroma is fruity leaning toward a minty scent rather than a candied scent. It is described as softly flavored, and it is. There is enough flavoring, but it does not interfere with your tasting the oolong base. Very good!




Rest well, hope your back feels better soon.

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Yes, quite a strong lemon flavor. Too strong. Like chemicals. Like pine and lemon cleaning product. Perhaps I cold brewed too long? It was not pleasant. My husband refuses to waste the pitcher and plans to drink the rest with copious amounts of sugar. fortunately I have I good supply of other tasty lemony greens.

Sorry this was wasted on me TeaEqualsBliss. :(


DOH!!!!! Sorry :(
Excellent use of the word Copious, tho! LOL :)


Don’t get me wrong! I’m grateful to have tried it. Variety is the spice of life! Thanks for sharing. :)
And “copious” is one of my pet words. :)


Excellent :)
Yeah…I just had one of those tea encounters myself! LOL :)

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This is the tea that led me to Praise tea in the first place. I like their Chocolate Pu erh better though!
*also it called Chocolate Whiskey Cream now ( if you are looking for it)

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There is nothing wrong with this tea but I have recently learned I do NOT like hibiscus and rose hips!
But if you do like hibiscus this is probably a lovely tea :)

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This one is too fun NOT to share…so…someone will be getting it from me and soon :)


I had to look this one up and your right it does look crazy sexy cool anyway.
Very interesting tea there.

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I was disappointed with this tea as far as the “caramel” ( or I should probably say lack
of caramel ) was concerned. The tea was nice but did not live up to the name of Caramel Delight.
I continue my search for an awesome Caramel tea :)
I do like this company though and have a couple of favorites that I already reordered!

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I just made a cup of this and I am surprised I like it as much as I do! It smells super spicy in the package and it is a pretty spicy cup of tea. However I can’t distinguish any specific chocolate flavor whatsoever.So if anyone is looking for chocolate goodness not sure this would be the best pick. But it is a nice chai and I think it will be tasty in the winter.

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I think this came as a bonus in my swap with TheDJBooth, so thank you for letting me try it!

I’ve read that rooibos is good for coughs and chest troubles so I was curious to try this one, given the way I’m feeling tonight and I’m low on other rooibos blends besides. I steeped this for 5 minutes at 212F. When I first smelled the leaf steeping it was like cough syrup for sure. But then after I let it sit for a while and cool off, it isn’t too bad. I usually add soymilk to my rooibos blends which helps me like them a bit more. I really don’t think this tastes anything like cabernet, it has the familiar smell of wet socks or something but the flavor isn’t terrible. Mildly grape with flowers. Sorry I’m kinda picky about my rooibos blends but I always appreciate a free gift. :)


Hehehehehe…….wet socks! That’s a true description of that grand ’ole Rooibos!

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backlogging from last week and a sipdown…I’m very behind on evening logs! Oops!

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drank Eight Oasis by Praise Tea Company
4366 tasting notes

Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this very unique tea!

At first, I thought that there was some kind of mistake when I opened the package – there’s a mini tuocha in there! The tuocha adds a little earthiness to the cup, but what I like is how the other teas work together to soften the earthiness of it, making for a very smooth and palatable cup. Sweet and remarkably well balanced given the number of teas that are in this blend! The strawberry and pineapple are more of an accent to the primary flavors of the teas, and I like that!

Really very nice!


The second infusion is very nice too – the earthiness develops but doesn’t overwhelm, still very smooth and delicious.


Wow, very unique tea! It sounds delicious!~

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drank Harmony by Praise Tea Company
4366 tasting notes

Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me this tea. It’s really quite nice. I was a bit skeptical at first, as I thought Chun Mee would be a bit too strong a tea for a delicate flavor like pear, but, it works together quite nicely. The pear is more of an accent rather than a strong note, the Chun Mee tastes grassy (even a bit like seaweed, but, I am still finding it to be an enjoyable flavor despite the fact that I generally do not enjoy seaweed) and it possesses hints of plum that complement the pear notes.

This is delicious!

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