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This tea actually tastes great, I sincerely echo earlier tasting reviews on the great flavour. Caramel, earthy tones with a great mouthfeel and aged taste, the tea in the pot certainly isn’t boring or a disappointment. However what kills if for me are the tree trunks and wirey bits and bobs stuffed in the middle of this thing. It may well add to the flavour but this ain’t no posh brick! I recommend if you arn’t bothered with sneaky low grade inner brick garbage.

Flavors: Caramel, Earth, Sweet

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Review is after comsuming entire 250 grams brick :)
fine golden buds on outside of brick, raggedy-looking large leaf in the center. Seems to brew best with an intact chunck of both center and outer regions.
At first, I was disappointed, because it had funky fermentation/storage aroma.
however, after airing out in a metal canister for a severall weeks, it became perectly clean asusming a proper wash.

Satisfying everyday tea for drinking in office. a decent amout of aged character in the flavor: Caramel-jujube perhaps.
Seems to taste best brewed to a dark honey color, not more. lighter = more caramel. darker = more earth.
I can recommended this tea. Make sure you break it up into chunks and store for a few weeks first.

Price wise, its 20 something for 250 grams, on the high end for a shu brick, but its 15 years old. price seems accurate: not over or underpriced, though I am far from an expert on these things.

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Wow! An entire brick! I’m impressed

Asaf Mazar

It took about 3 months or so to get through that one. At 5 grams average per brew its 50 sessions. Perhaps more impressive than finishing a brick or cake is to manage to hold on to one for enough years to see it age enough. When you are back in the country lets meet for tea I have some nice aged shengs that are waiting to meet you :)


Good tea is always a battle for me; enjoy now? or save for later? The good thing is that you enjoyed it all the way!

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This was a free sample that came with my natural tangerine pu erh. The age makes it very appealing to me as all the information I can find states that the longer you leave the pu erh the better and this will certainly be the oldest that I have tried.

I do like rinsing pu erh before hand as well, seeing the brewing of it as a beautiful tradition.

The colour is very dark and looks like coca cola (which someone else has said as well) but it truly does. It still has the soft yet pungent fragrance of pu erh but you can certainly smell a little more strength to it thanks to the age.

Ah a lovely pu erh. Very classic in taste but with that little oomph that makes it special. Smoky and nutty with a little darkness but still light and floral. It still tastes fresh considering it’s 12 years old. Wow when this tea was made I was only 12 years old….that’s a scary thought.

I suggest anyone who likes pu erh should try this tea so you can experience a different side to this wonderful tea. I have roughly 5 or 6 more drinks to make out of my sample and I may have to buy some when I run out (which will be quite quickly).

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sounds good!


It is beautiful. I have already bookmarked the page to buy some more soon :)

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The first infusion is of really unusual colour, something between light orange, beige and brown which I associate with some lighter infusions of other hei cha. The smell of wet leaves is also unusual: dry and ripe fruit, wet wood and nuts all at once. The first infusions are nice, fruity, mellow, with almost no astringency and no smoke. The tea gets stronger, somewhat bitter-sweet, but none of it is really intense, it has a nice balance of tastes. The huigan is really impressive. It leaves a typical taste of walnuts on the tongue.
To read the whole review see my blog:

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This is the oldest and probably the best shu I have ever tasted. The color is coke-like, transparent, the taste resembles caramel and cream. It is smooth and “very friendly” tea. I would recommend pu-erh rookies to start with this brick, even though I waited a few years before ordering an 11-year-old one, simply to be able to compare, however, the taste of this one is so much different from many young bricks that it is worth tasting right now in order to remember how delicious shu can be (without being expensive).

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This was my first puerh way back when and it still has a special place in my har and tea cabinet. It can be brewed to produe many different flavors. the surface of the brick is covered with golden buds and the center is filled with large leaf. a very nice aged shu at an awesome price I believe I payed under fifteen dollars a brick but that was a few years ago.

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This is the fist shu I have ever tried and I have only found a couple others that I like as much as this one. The surface of the cake is covered in golden buds wile the center is a blend of larger leaves this makes every sesion a little different depending on the leaves used.the flavor wise it is incredibly sweet and woody with good durability. It is my favorite nite time tea as it has good calming qi.

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