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Matcha TTB

Thank you Red Leaf Tea for giving us samples to add to the Matcha TTB.

I’ve been drinking a lot of matcha lately. I’ve been using cashew milk a lot which has worked very well. This is a nice creamy drink but it doesn’t seem as chocolatey as I expected. Usually I’m wow’d by the flavors from Red Leaf. I still enjoyed my drink but this wouldn’t be the one I would order in a larger size (although I certainly would drink up any samples sizes).

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drank Guava Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
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Matcha TTB

As usual, a nice creamy matcha from Red Leaf Tea. I make mine with cashew milk lately but have used soy and almond with my Red Leaf matcha and have always been pleased. I don’t taste a guava flavor, just a general fruity flavor. Nothing wrong with it but not outstanding.

Flavors: Fruity

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Sipdown (119)!

This is a queued tasting note.

Happy belated May the 4th guys!

Finished this up by cold shaking this one into a timolino of milk; I had a really awful sleep the night before so the instant caffeine boost from this was a slight life saver at work the next day. Just to get that extra caffeine jolt I added more matcha than I normally would have; and the last teeny bit I gave to one of the dietitians at work since she couldn’t stop going on about how great the Tiramisu matcha I gave her was.

Apparently she went to DT to see if any of their matcha was comparable, and all DT’s flavoured matcha just tasted so flat to her. Personally, I haven’t tried any of the flavoured stuff from DT yet but I can totally see it! They’re relying on coconut sugar as a sweetener and, in my personal opinion, as a filler too…

Unfortunately for me while more leaf meant more caffeine the flavor suffered a little bit; the raspberry was amped up to the point where it started to take on a rather artificial floral/perfumey quality that while tolerable was a little unpleasant too. The chocolate/truffle notes, interestingly, seemed to stay the same. Either way it was still pretty tasty and a life saver during the day. It’s not something that I’ll order though; while I’ve been mentally putting together a Red Leaf order for a while now this doesn’t compare as well with the blends I want to order that I’ve already tried, and it doesn’t trump the blends I want to order and haven’t tried.

In other news, Tre got his Star Wars tattoo! I think it’s so cool he got it done on May the 4th. For those who missed it, this is his very first tattoo and he got the Empire Emblem, with a red tint, on the back of his right shoulder blade. It definitely looks well done, though it’s just starting to enter its “ugly stage” of healing now.

He spent the ENTIRE night bitching/complaining about how much it hurt though and how in pain he was. Seriously!? He always boasts about being tough/having a high pain tolerance (even though neither of those is particularly true) but just went on and fucking on. I wanted to give him a good bitch slap by the end of the night and tell him to fucking grow a pair.

I’ve got a tattoo on my inner elbow (a place generally agreed to be more sensitive than where he got his) and while it definitely wasn’t comfortable, it certainly wasn’t overly painful and I did not complain about it at all.

So far he’s doing an ok job with the aftercare; I had to convince him not to take his bandages off after having them on for just an hour (instead of the artist’s recommended eight hours) though. He thought he was “bleeding” (he wasn’t) and wanted to clean everything up. No! No! No! And, he’s still not using lotion on it at all so it’s super dry and flaky looking right now.

At least he’s not scratching, though!


Boys are wimps when it comes to pain, generally. I think womenfolk have a higher pain tolerance built in.

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Thank you VariaTEA – you know I’m always up to try a new flavour of matcha.

You can definitely tell, just from the smell, that this is robust flavouring; if you focus hard enough you can actually pick up on the scent of the raspberry before even opening the resealable bag it comes in. And once it has been opened, you’re going to be flooded with the sweet smell of a confectionery-like raspberry with a dark chocolate backdrop – it’s 100% Raspberry Truffle in scent.

As I was whisking this one, it frothed up a great deal more than the average matcha and that thicker, frothy texture didn’t let up easily; for the first half of the chawan I probably could have consumed it with a spoon. It was that frothy! Considering how strong the smell is before being prepared, the flavour is actually surprisingly light – but there are some things about it that tip me off that it’s robust flavouring. I’ve noticed with other robustly flavoured matcha that some flavours tend to get a sort of chalky note; one that reminds me of children’s chewable vitamins or Tums. It seems particularly bad with flavours with fruit in them. This certainly isn’t the worst offender I’ve encountered (I think Orange probably wins that spot, or Boysenberry) but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t noticed it at all.

Otherwise, the flavour is pretty good. I’m a touch surprised that the raspberry is coming off a lot stronger than the chocolate though; when I think of truffles I absolutely picture the over the top, dark, rich, fudgey chocolate notes with the ‘extra’ flavour kind of infused in as more of an aftertaste or undercurrent. You could say the opposite is true here! The raspberry doesn’t have any tartness or tang to it; more so it’s a bit of a sweet and confectionery type of raspberry; like what you’d have in a raspberry danish for example. The chocolate is obviously creamy from the milk but has a distinct ‘dark chocolate’ taste to it. It’s maybe a touch fudgey. The notes from the matcha itself are still present, though quite lightly. But that’s to be expected given the flavour level.

Overall; I’m quite happy with this one! It’s gonna do wonders for satisfying those late night sugar cravings and I’m already picturing how well this would taste lightly sprinkled over top cereal or popcorn. If I had to really emphasize anything to potential buyers though it’d probably just be to expect that the raspberry is going to taste stronger than the chocolate.


Yay! I’m glad you liked it though really you should thank Cavocorax since she supplied me such a generous sample.

Roswell Strange

Thanks to Cavo as well then!

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drank Caramel Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
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drank Boysenberry Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
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This matcha certainly has a fruity taste to it that borders on berry flavoring but mixed with milk, it is hard to determine that it is boysenberry as opposed to a generic berry flavor. Still it made for a good snack so thank you Roswell Strange for sharing!

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Thank you Red Leaf Tea for this lovely sample!

Pistachio ice cream is a favorite of mine, so I had high expectations. Oh, this is wonderful! Creamy, nutty just what I would expect.

I made this with cashew milk so it was extra creamy but only 35 calories per cup. It doesn’t seem to froth as much as sometimes but I think of it might be the cashew milk. I’ll have to try it with soy, almond or coconut.


OMG sounds amazing

Roswell Strange

Damn; makes me want to try this one even more!

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drank Caramel Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
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Got this sample from NayLynn!
This was from our first swap from forever ago. It’s definitely an oldie bc I think I forgot about it since it’s been stuck in a baggie in a baggie in a baggie in a baggie full of all my other matchas, and this was at the very bottom!

Good, but definitely tasted a bit weird haha. I’ll give this an actual rating when I drink a nice, fresh cuppa!

I knew I only wanted this tea because I wanted to use my new milk frother hehe :)

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This tea makes the happiest matcha latte ever. Especially if you’re a loser like me and have Pumpkin Spice flavored sweeteners too. I went with the standard level of flavoring, so I was afraid it might need a little coaxing out, but it honestly didn’t need much help.

The sweet, creaminess of the pumpkin flavoring captured the sweet custard pumpkin flavor in the pie and pairs really well with the creaminess of a latte, and the cinnamon and clove notes are given a bit of oomph from a sweetener (especially one with a complimentary flavor profile), but are strong enough to seal the pumpkin pie illusion regardless.

Like usual, the matcha was solid and make a satisfying backdrop.

I don’t know how they keep doing it!

1 tsp 6 OZ / 177 ML

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So my birthday was on Sunday and it was a pretty shit day thanks to my family. Luckily though, I always have my friends, both my real life ones and those I have made here on steepster. Seeing as my family neglected to even get me a single birthday card, it was especially nice when a lovely blue and white box arrived Monday evening from my amazing tea twin, Roswell Strange!! She sent me a tea book, lots of tea samples, a giant bag of one of my favorite rooibos blends, and an amazing pickle birthday card that sounded oddly like a cross between your typical old jewish man and my own dad. It really put a smile on my face so thank you so much Roswell!!!

Anyways, after the events of my birthday, my family decided that they just weren’t going to talk to me for a couple of days which meant I tended to stay in my room, cut off from my tea and my kettle :(. Today they started talking to me again and though it isn’t exactly a warm welcome, I can at least feel comfortable enough to make myself some tea so that’s what I did.

I decided to go for a matcha because I haven’t had one in a while and I thought it might be fun to dump it into my milk frother and see what happened. I wanted a warm drink though so I tried to choose a dessert flavor for an after-dinner treat but I also aimed for something that wouldn’t be weird hot. This seemed like it should fit the bill so I pulled it out of my birthday box, courtesy of Roswell Strange, and whipped it up (literally I guess as that’s what the frother does :P).

Unfortunately, this matcha + warm, frothy skim milk has led to a drink that is much, much more pie than berry and not in a good way. It has almost taken on a yeasty/buttery type flavor like undercooked pie crust. I can smell the berries but I’m not getting much of them flavorwise, though every now and then I get a dose of cinnamon which I can’t decide if that’s good or bad. Anyways, as a hot cup, this is not for me but heres hoping that the berry comes out more in a cold brew.

In other news, one good thing that happened Sunday is I just happened to break my kindle while my dad called to wish me a Happy Birthday. Granted, the breaking my kindle part sucked as I have basically been reading a book a day for the past two weeks (though it still functions, just now I have a sad button that makes it a little troublesome to browse/buy books) but since it happened while I was talking to my dad, he offered to buy me a new one for my birthday. So now I am in research mode trying to decide if I want the Kindle Voyage or the Kindle Paperwhite. If anyone has an opinion, I’d love to hear it!


ugh. Sorry to hear the family was sucky.


Happy birthday! Sorry your family was jerks.

Roswell Strange

Sorry to hear your birthday went poorly :( Glad I could make it a little better though – and I’m happy you liked the pickle card. It was hard topping last year’s.

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new score 70

i scored this tea too high in the original post, if you have not seen the original post, click here

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when i smell the matcha, i smell chocolate and green tea.

when i smell the brewed matcha tea, i smell chocolate and a hint of orange

when i taste the brewed matcha, i taste chocolate and green tea.

Flavors: Chocolate, Green, Orange

200 °F / 93 °C 1 tsp 8 OZ / 250 ML

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drank Amaretto Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
875 tasting notes

Today’s latte. The amaretto flavour is accurate and quite strong – it has a bit of throat hit to it. The matcha definitely takes a back seat to the amaretto. Quite delicious.

I ordered this with Distinctive flavour strength, though I think if I were to order it again I would go with less flavouring, to get a better amaretto matcha balance.

Flavors: Almond, Sweet

1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

Wow, I feel like I freak. Here I like getting my RLT matchas in robust to truly taste them. But yeah, they really nailed the flavouring in this one.

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This is not on the website anymore, so I am assuming RLT no longer carries it, so no blog post, just a random rambling while I sip it. The aroma is nice and toasty, like roasted buckwheat, grains, and sesame seeds. More of a nutty roasted tea than a sweet roasted tea, which I am ok with, because it is a roasted tea and it has to be terrible before I dislike sniffing it. There is also a faint underlying floral tone to it as well.

The wet leaves and liquid have more of a sweet toasted aroma, still very grainy. The first steep is pretty mild, I actually taste the salmon I just finished eating more so than the tea. But after many swallows to wash the fish out of my mouth I can taste slightly sweet grain and a touch of flowery. Pretty mild, but also pleasant.

Second steep is more grainy and roasted, it is an ok tea, not the best ever, but could be a good everyday roasted tea.

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So, yesterday I saw something about a company making a sparkling matcha beverage.

I pretty much knew I needed to make some variation of my own.

So, a can of seltzer, some sugar free white chocolate torani and a concentrated matcha mixture later, here we are.

It’s actually pretty good. It’s generally creamy and sweet. The matcha flavoring is definitey coming across as cream and white chocolate, so yum to that! There’s actually a floral component here too that I sometimes miss in lattes. It reminds me of pure cocoa butter. Overall, a very successful venture.

I’m thinking this would be an amazing Italian soda, so I’ll have to guinea pig that on Husband later.

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I got this matcha from one of RLT’s ‘oops’ sales. I was initially drawn to it because a) I love popcorn, b) I have enjoyed their caramel matcha previously, and c) IT’S CARAMEL POPOCORN MATCHA ON SALE. Enough said. But, I did not realized until I had checked out that this was the red matcha that he sells. Which is powdered Rooibos.


But I did not let that get in my way, since it is already halfway gone :P

I don’t mind the red base. It’s smooth, which I was not expecting, much sweeter than actual matcha, and I can drink it anytime of the day and not be lying awake at night, wired. I do use double the recommended amount for the red (1 tsp – 2 tsp per 6 – 8 oz)because of the delicate nature of the powder. It doesn’t turn chalky like I half expected it to. Even though the flavor profile is ‘robust,’ on the palate, it is fainter than I am used to. In the bag it is quite pungent. The popcorn flavoring is so spot on. This is coming from a popcorn fanatic. (I mean it. I will go to any movie as long as there is popcorn. I always have some form of it close by. I friggin LOVE this stuff!) the buttery popcorn is not overpowered by the caramel, and brings about a sense of hot caramel being drizzled over freshly popped and buttered popcorn.

I have put this on yogurt and ice cream, made it iced with almond milk, and even hot once with my chawan and chasen. I will be sad when it’s gone – which may be very soon – but I took a gamble and it paid off. I won’t be replenishing it exactly as is, but maybe as normal matcha. It’s a good indulgent nightcap!

Flavors: Butter, Caramel, Honey, Popcorn


His website makes it appear that you have to choose red matcha over regular, green matcha. Rooibos matcha sounds interesting.


It does sound interesting. One of the reasons I haven’t checked out Red Leaf Tea is because I try to limit my caffeine. I may need to give that a try, though.


I highly recommend it. I wasn’t sure at first, but is a really great alternative to regular matcha. No matter how much I use, it never gets bitter or grainy.


I’ve had the black matcha before, which is pretty good (if you like black tea).

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Thank you Cavocorax for the chance to try this matcha! I had it last night mixed with a glass of cashew milk and it was delicious. The cashew milk is what stood out most tbh but the matcha imparted a nice chocolate richness to the drink and left my mouth with the smooth taste of raspberry. It was really quite lovely :)

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Meh. This smelled like amazing macadamia nuts when I opened the packet – rich, nutty, sweet and buttery. But that delicious flavour doesn’t quite carry over to the flavour. It’s sort of generically nutty and grassy, with an odd burnt note. Sadly, not getting the sweet, buttery flavour of macadamias. :(

It’s drinkable but I’m not a fan.

Flavors: Burnt, Butter, Grass, Nuts, Sweet

1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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Awesome as a cold, blended latte!

leaf in hot water

Sounds intriguing! tangy currant + vegetables?

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I am a sucker for anything black currant flavour. This is a good balance of authntic black currant flavour and grassy matcha.

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drank Mango Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
875 tasting notes

Tasty but a little more candy or dried mango tasting than fresh, juicy mango, which is what I was hoping for.

I’ll still finish this, but I wouldn’t rebuy this flavour.

Flavors: Artificial, Candy, Dried Fruit, Mango

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