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drank Almond Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
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I had this one as a matcha milk last night. It was surprisingly tasty considering almonds are not my favourite thing as a general rule.

It had a natural sweetness to it that hinted at almond abstract, but not nearly as strong. It came across almost like a sweetened almond milk with a hint of matcha.

I don’t need it in my cupboard, but I wouldn’t turn down a cup.

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I thought the idea sounded great I love oreos but not this. As wonderful as chocolate tea sounds it is not for me, taste chemically fake. I forget I’m a little picky with real chocolate also.

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tried this with sugar…… still not too good :( i tried stirring well and using less matcha etc.

will not do a full review and i am bumping down the points 50 —> 40

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Not too good of a tea, :( it is kind of bitter. could use some sugar :)

Flavors: Hazelnut, Nuts, Nutty

190 °F / 87 °C 1 tsp 8 OZ / 250 ML

Try using cooler water, and whisking for longer. Sometimes bitterness is caused by not enough mixing!


Oh, ok. I will keep that in mind. Maybe I should use less tea?


That is another option to try as well. I’d go with whisking more first. Like when you whisk eggs, you know it is almost ready when the foam starts to build


i don’t have a whisker so i have to use a spoon lol. i live in a lodging home :P


Ohhhh I see. In that case, do you have a mesh sieve that you can filter the matcha through? this will help reduce clumps and bitterness


Also, try putting the matcha into a waterbottle with just a little water in it, and shake. Then add more water (as much as you need for it to taste good, so add a little at a time)


thankyou for the advice :)


Good luck!

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I had no idea what to expect with this one. Part of my cringed at adding it to milk, but I wasn’t sure why.

I just cracked open my matcha milk in it’s mason jar and bizarrely enough it tastes just like something at Lush smells. It may be my “Honey I Washed The Kids” soap bar. Fascinating.

Not bad, but not something I need to stock.

Cameron B.

Maple matcha sounds like it would be amazing as a hot latte! Yum.


I’m more than happy to send some along if you’re interested :)

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this is an OK tea, though the mushroom taste could be a tad bit stronger for the basic quality :(

Flavors: Mushrooms

190 °F / 87 °C 3 tsp 25 OZ / 750 ML

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This is delicious! And very interesting. Some sips are caramel first, popcorn after, some sips are popcorn first, caramel after, and some sips are one or the other with matcha after. Regardless it’s very clearly what it’s supposed to be and absolutely delicious. Despite its sweet name it manages not to taste too sugary. In fact, because of the popcorn flavor it toes the line between sweet and savory and manages to do so beautifully.

As usual I’m having this with milk, which I’ve found I prefer for most Red Leaf matchas. It’s just so good! I’m sad I didn’t try this just a little sooner because I could have snapped a larger size up while it was on sale, but..! Oh well, next time.

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I bought this a while back when it was on sale (options: classic, regular, distinctive), and have only just now gotten around to really trying it. I wanted to have a few cups of it before I wrote a review, but I think I can honestly say this is my favorite passion fruit flavored…anything that I’ve ever had (outside of a real passion fruit, that is!). From what I’ve seen it’s one of the hardest fruit flavors to imitate, and this matcha does it very well.

When mixed up with milk, this is smooth and creamy. The fruit flavor is tastes real and balances beautifully with the matcha, and the matcha sweetens the fruit and keeps it from being too tart—the only problem I sometimes have with passion fruit flavored things. I have not yet tried this mixed up with water, but I like the consistency of it with milk so much that I might not try it with water at all. It’s a little bit like deconstructed ice cream, and it’s a little bit addictive.

If you want to try this one for yourself, it’s here:

As a side note, I have found a solution to clumpy matcha drinks: a cheap hand-pump milk frother. It’s much easier to deal with than the blender for making matcha every day, and I’ve found it wakes me up much better than black tea.

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drank Kennin Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1450 tasting notes

MzPriss’ Unflavored Tea Box – Tea #3
I don’t even think this one is on Steepster yet. I had to look at what ‘kennin’ meant, it actually means it’s a Japanese matcha made with Japanese green tea. It kind of makes me wonder what the usual matcha is made out of. I made this matcha in my “no tools, no fancy” process: a mug and a spoon. I added matcha to the mug & slowly pour water that has cooled about thirty minutes after boiling while mixing it with the spoon. I could be imagining things, but it does seem like this matcha is different than usual: looks different, smells different, tastes different. The green color of the matcha seems like it is more of a sea foam green, but maybe that is my imagination since it actually smells more marine like that a usual matcha and also tastes more marine. But not in a bad way.. it’s a different flavor that I’m not describing very well. Seaweed, yum! That’s better, right? It just reminds me of seaweed. But I need a vacation. Well, it’s ground up Japanese green tea and it’s delicious… nutty, grassy, vegetal, very sweet. Very tasty and very healthy and I definitely think it’s slightly different than the usual matcha from Red Leaf. If it wasn’t for Red Leaf tea, I would have no idea where to get matcha. thanks!

Dr Jim

Red Leaf tea just started selling ceremonial matcha labeled by source. I bought some during the initial sale. I really liked it but decided to share because I seldom see matcha in tea boxes, but it seemed perfect for this box.

Tea Sipper

I appreciate you sharing it especially since I liked seeing the difference in flavor that the usual matcha!

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drank Jasmine Supreme by Red Leaf Tea
48 tasting notes

I love most jasmines but this one doesn’t quite work for me. After trying a short brew which was too floral and a long brew which was too harsh I tired a medium brew but it seems to me the green tea is a harsh tea at war with a heaping dose of floral notes in this particular jasmine. It looks nice but just the dry leaves smell more like perfume than tea. I finally poured it over ice which tames some of the harshness. If I use a cooler water I get perfume, hotter harsh and acidic tea. Drat, I suppose I’ll keep trying or perhaps a cold brew is the way to go.

Flavors: Perfume, Tannic

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Thanks VariaTEA for this one. It made a tasty latte – sweet, smooth and very buttery! I really enjoyed it! It’s a fairly mild flavour though, so I’m not sure I would buy this one on it’s own, but maybe if I split it?

So this brings me down one tea, but because VariaTEA was kind enough to drop off samples for me while she picked up her half of the silly horse tea (from A&D), I’m now at 219!


219 is better than 220 :P


Also, I have lots of this one if you ever want more :)




:P Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind once I get under 200!

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Something in here immediately reminded me of the disaster that was Belgium Chocolate matcha for me. Le sigh.

At least I can be happy about one less matcha to stock!

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My friend and I did a 5+2 order and decided to split 3 matchas we both wanted to try, but weren’t sure we wanted 30g of a piece. This one one of them.

I made this one as my usual matcha milk. I threw it in the fridge to ‘steep’ yesterday afternoon and just thought to try it now. I had no idea what to expect here, since I’d never even heard of a butternut pie, much less tasted one. I was pleasantly surprised with the initial sips though. There is a definite buttery-ness, though not quite the same as French Butter Cookie, and a subtle nuttiness too. There is also a sweetness that is akin to squash with just a touch of brown sugar on top.

Definitely a great choice. I could see ordering this one myself in the future.


I have debating about doing an order and I don’t know if I want to just buy what I know I like or if I want to keep trying new ones. I was thinking I would just stick with the ones I know I like but then reviews like this make trying new ones so appealing


Eep! Well, I did a 5+2 order myself and I only ended up truly loving 2 new ones. I’m personally just going to see if I can split ones I’m unsure of. I have two lists of matchas for trying – ones that the reviews are so great I’d consider 30g myself, or others that still have decent reviews, but not good enough to consider 30g myself.


Fair enough. All I know is I want Coconut and caramel but I haven’t planned out the other ones I would get. I am debating pear and eggnog because they were pretty good in smoothies and are different than the creamier dessert type matchas I currently have but then I feel like there are others that would be fun to try.


Always such a battle to decide haha. Well, I would recommend this one, and if you don’t love it, I can take it off your hands. :)

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Hmm did steepster eat my review? I did a blog post about this matcha and don’t see my post or cupboard action. Maybe I forgot? Anyways, check my blog review for straight up review of this matcha.

Today I did something amazing with this stuff – I did a smoothie with coconut matcha, Taro drink mix and soymilk. SOOO GOOOD! Better than the Taro Coconut bubble teas at the Boba shop. Now, if Taro mix was cheaper I could have this all the time!


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drank Almond Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
50 tasting notes

To be honest I couldn’t drink this. The aroma was too strong for me, it was a sickly sweet candy smell. It was overpowering soo much so that I couldn’t bring myself to drink it, my mother had a cup & said it wasn’t good at all.

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Swap from Cheri

Oh. Em. Gee.

I found it. Liquid paradise.

This is so good. ^^
I made this as a hot milk-latte and it was like… I can’t even say it was like hot chocolate because it was like hot BELGIUM chocolate.

I mean when a drink says it’s flavor is “Belgium chocolate” I don’t believe it. I read that as “chocolate”. Because typically that’s all it is.
But I’ve HAD real Belgium chocolate before and it IS different from normal chocolate.

THIS is BELGIUM CHOCOLATE. And it’s delicious.

I … must… have this tea in my cupboard.

I will. I will own this tea.

Oh my goddess it was so good. I mean… just… perfect.

Thanks for sending it Cheri! I really love this one. ^^

In other news, my order from Misty Peak teas came in! It’s sample sized bits of the Autumn and Spring Yiwu Pu Erh. :D
This is the first time I’ve ever seen a Pu Erh in cake form. I can’t wait to try it!
It smells so fresh and the leaves are beautiful.

I can’t wait to try more Pu erhs in general.
The last week has been really busy for me but I want to drink more tea! MORE TEA!
I seriously need to invest in a good electric kettle so making tea would be quicker.

Btw, why can’t we input .5 tsp? Silly. I put 1 tsp/16 oz because I can’t put .5tsp/8oz. I really did the latter. :)

Flavors: Chocolate, Sweet

170 °F / 76 °C 8 min or more 1 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

You got the good pu’erh stuff, enjoy!


Thank you! The samples were all I could afford but that 50% off sale made it doubly worth it. I couldn’t believe they had free shipping with no minimum!

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Oh, my goodness, I may have a new favorite matcha tea! Red Leaf Tea’s Almond Matcha Tea is amazing from the moment that you open the pouch. The sweet smell of almond wafts from the pouch to enlighten your senses. It smells like sweet almond extract vice the almond nuts. When brewed in tea, the tea still smells sweetly like almond extract, but does not taste that way. The taste is a more subtle nutty flavor – a complete change from the smell, but quite pleasing. It does leave a heavier aftertaste in my mouth compared to their other matcha teas – sort of like coffee might. Typically the taste of tea does not linger in my mouth too long after drinking it, so that was different about this tea compared to others I have drank. I make my tea each morning by mixing the matcha with boiling water from my teapot in a thermos I bring to work and enjoy throughout the morning. Perhaps it is a limitation of how I make the tea, but by the end of the thermos, the last cup from the bottom is very dense with tea despite mixing between refills. I often mix this with some additional water to make the right consistency for my last cup. (I can’t wait to order more from their website ! )

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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I have not been drinking this, but I’ve been adding it to my yogurt – thanks to Variatea’s brilliant idea. So far, I’ve added just a bit to a variety of flavors and it comes out great each time (though I do need to premix and then add back in so it isn’t lumpy and bitter. I’ve tried it in Yoplait Light Boston Cream Pie, Light Banana Cream Pie (which is surprisingly delicious), Light Strawberry, Light Greek Strawberry… anyway, it works in all of them, just adds a bit of an extra oomph in the creamy taste department, which is something these low fat yogurts tend to lack. I’m not sure I’d purchase for the sole use of yogurt adjuster, but it’s been a nice addition!

PS Work has been sucking my soul. If I work one more 50+ hour week, I may very well keel over and no amount of tea will resuscitate me.


Sorry work is so crazy! Hope it gets better!

Meanwhile, this yogurt idea is brilliant.

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Although I really can’t say I got chocolate out of this, I always enjoy matcha and this makes me happy. Thank you so much mj!


I didn’t get much chocolate out of this either :-(. Maybe they default to delicate taste level for samples?

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Wow, shocker. Tre just introduced me to a new song, and I actually like it. That pretty well never happens. Ever.

But yeah; I made a large mug of this mixed 50/50 with Cheesecake Matcha. I like both of them straight, but some part of me has felt like that each one on its own is a little bit lacking so maybe together they’ll bring out the best in one another?

I’m doing the majority of the writing in this note because of the two matcha flavours this was by far the dominant one; the coffee and cake-yness of it was undeniable and then enhanced with a 50/50 split of cheesecake creaminess and chocolate.

I drank this nice mix up while eating a huge stack of fluffy pancakes covered in Saskatoon Berry syrup. Tasty as fuck! Perfect midnight supper. Tre was very jealous, which means I did something right.


I love having breakfast for supper. Do you think Cheesecake matcha is worth trying?

Roswell Strange

I do think it’s worth giving a shot! If you want I could send you a sample? I have lots :)

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Another round of tea for another episode of BBAUS; that’ll make three episodes in total, meaning I will be officially caught up! I’m learning so much from Australian Big Brother – one of the coolest things so far being that the contestants are pretty expressly forbidden to talk about nominations/campaign for votes and, based on what I’ve seen so far, there’s no POV. That’s crazy.

I mean, in Canadian and American Big Brother campaigning for votes and talking about nominations and stuff like that is such an integral part of game play. That’s basically how you play the game other than competitions. Some of the best players (thinking Dr. Will as an example) basically got by on just social gameplay and manipulation. Wow. Such a different perspective on things…

Anyway; in addition to a few cups of tea for the episode (they’re long episodes!) I whisked some of this matcha into a vanilla pudding cup. I was thinking I’d totally be cool with this but on my first bite my gag reflex went into over drive and I almost immediately threw up my first bite. It’s not even that it tastes bad – because it doesn’t, but it’s the texture/consistency combined with the fact it’s vomit green. Shudder.

Mind over matter; this tastes good so I should be able to eat it! Coffee, cream, vanilla…

Come on body; these are good things!


Were you able to eat it in the end?


Did you have to close your eyes?

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Finished off the last of my milk for now with a large mug of this one in my new matcha mug; I’ve had it once previously but that was in the vanilla milk I like to keep around which sometimes does really weird things to matcha.

This time around it was just regular old 2% – and this was so much better than the last way! It was like this light, fluffy chocolate/coffee and cream cup of delicious! But, like, heavy focus on the creaminess and lightness of the whole thing. It was so smooth, and rich without being… Weighty. Does that make sense? I’m going to pretend it makes sense.

And yeah, it wasn’t totally accurate to the flavour of Tiramisu, but it was pretty damn close and it was certainly enjoyable. Like an espresso cloud…

Best part? I got to enjoy sipping on this while Tre made me supper! He has all this week off from work so he’s had a whole lot of extra energy. I didn’t even have to ask plead with him to cook for me; he just offered! So I got this very grand supper of Vegetarian Hamburger Helped with extra creamy sauce and added in pineapple!

Sometimes he is kinda the best roomie ever, though you’ll never catch me owning up to that.

Flavors: Chocolate, Coffee, Cream, Espresso, Vanilla

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