Red Leaf Teas

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I thought this was a white tea due to its appearance and had it sitting with my white tea samples. According to the vendor’s site, it’s a green tea. I don’t know the story behind this tea and why the needles appear to have been crimped. Is it part of the processing? Does this occur naturally? Is it dragon magic? I can’t be sure.

The infusion this tea created is very pale, almost colorless, with the slightest yellow. I’m still not convinced this isn’t a white tea. Okay… the smell and taste have convinced me. It has the sort of nutty and grassy smell of a chinese green tea. Taking a sip, it’s a really mellow and nutty kind of green flavor, with hints of green bean or sweet peas. It’s sweet and non-offensive, really easy to drink. I found myself drinking it very quickly because of this. It has a really smooth and juicy mouthfeel and a lingering taste. The flavor’s a little light.

Still almost colorless on a second infusion, there’s a lot less flavor this time. I’m tasting a hint of metallic flavor that I think is just a quality of the water I’m using when heated. There’s hardly anything there to taste at this point, so I’ll end my review here.

I don’t know what to think about this tea overall. The flavor was really nice, but nothing terribly unique. There’s a hint of a peach taste lingering in my mouth and the feeling after drinking this tea is very clean and fresh. It’s a really delicate and easy to enjoy tea, but so delicate that it seemed really lacking in flavor by the second infusion. I guess I’m a little underwhelmed since the appearance was so interesting! I had hoped the flavor would be as unique. Still, it wasn’t a bad tea.

Flavors: Green Beans, Nutty, Peas, Sweet

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 0 sec 3 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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Oh no. This is not good. Not good at all. When I opened the bag the smell wasn’t too pleasant but I was hoping this would be one of those teas that has a strange aroma, but a good flavor. Not the case. This is just weird. And I really love lemongrass and lemongrass sodas. Shoot.


That’s one the reasons I’m so hesitant to try matcha! Maybe you can blend with others?


That’s actually why I got lemongrass. I was hoping to mix it with ginger as I thought that would be tasty. But then I thought it sounded like a refreshing drink for this afternoon. Ugh. No luck. I may try and put a little bit in the ginger just to see if that will allow me to stretch my ginger out a little longer. The grapefruit is really good though. As is the english toffee. I’m not having much luck with the English Butter cookie either but with some doctoring it can be pretty decent.


I’ve been eyeing up the grapefruit, actually. I love grapefruit! We have similar tastes – grapefruit & cinnamon (though not together!).


Ha, yeah, but you know I’d try it! Have you ever mixed in a little ginger juice into grapefruit juice? It’s once of my favorites with a little smidge of apple juice as well. I’ll shoot you a little sample of the grapefruit if you want. I’ve never swapped matcha before, but I don’t know why not. I have little foil baggies now. Should work fine. PM me if you’re interested!

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