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One more review of this one – I made it again but this time I resteeped the bag so it was half strength compared to what I am before. I used one large bag to make one half gallon of iced tea.

The weird thing was that my husband said it tasted stronger than before. I guess that means I will keep resteeping it to stretch it even though we really don’t like Rooibos. We are very frugal. Well, in some ways we are frugal but you might not realize it seeing all the tea in the house…

I do like the licorice root in this so at least there is one point in its its favor, plus it is supposed to be good for you and I feel it HAS to be better than Koolaid or soft drinks.

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As promised, I am giving hubby’s opinion. I served it to him at lunch today. He said he would drink it, but he didn’t care for it. It was cold and wet and therefore would do well enough to wash down the pizza.

I can actually enjoy the first of the sip. I sweetened it since we are in sweet tea country down here and I thought that he would like it if it were more like Kool-Aid. I failed to see that it already has licorice root which is sweet enough, so this is quite sweet now, and I actually like licorice root very much.

Unfortunately, the aftertaste is strong and thick and oh so cough syrup-y. I can actually crave the front of the sip but there is that shudder at the end. I fully intend to use this up because it isn’t so terrible that I can’t stretch the grocery budget a little with it. I have made a second pitcher and this time I made it half strength. I resteeped one large sachet instead of using two for the half gallon. We will see how that goes tomorrow…

If you like Rooibos and you like hibiscus well enough, you will probably like this a lot. It just isn’t my thing.

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I didn’t buy this. It was given to me by a really great neighbor who is manager of a local vitamin store. He went to a training seminar and got tons of samples and shared them with me. It really is nice to have good neighbors. I make dairy and water kefir for him and let his dog out every day to play with my dog while he is at work. He brings me free samples and takes care of our chickens when we go to the beach.

Tonight I got a big bag of teas like tulsi and Nighty Night and this one, as well as lots of whey, recovery drinks, and supplements for my Spartan Double Trifecta son. I went ahead and made a half gallon using two of the large sachets. I wish I had read the ingredients first because it has licorice root in it (which I love) and I added sugar, which it doesn’t really need with licorice root in there,

The aroma is…pure Robitussin. This smells more like cough syrup than Robitussin does! I really can’t seem to escape that with Rooibos. It isn’t cold yet but I poured some over ice. It is good enough to drink on a hot, hot day when you want something cold and tart and fruity. I don’t know if I would buy this, and I really want to review it again after hubby tries it. He is picky and will either gag on it and like it. I don’t think meh will be an option with him.

Dominant taste is Rooibos, even overshadowing the dreaded tart hibiscus. The blueberry is there, I suppose, and the fruitiness is probably the only thing that will save it. The overall flavor has that thickness that comes with licorice root, and I really like that aspect.

Tomorrow will tell the final verdict on this one, but I like it better than Passion by Tazo, I think.


It smells even more like cough syrup than cough syrup does. That’s rough!

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drank Turmeric Lemon by Rishi
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I met the gals at a new coffee shop called “Beans” for knitting this afternoon, and they had a small selection of bagged teas by Numi and Rishi. I decided to pick up a couple of bags (because, ya know, I don’t have enough tea!) I’d been told that turmeric was good for nasal polyps, so I chose this one and the Yunnan Breakfast tea. I made this one for my evening cup. I’m honestly not sure what I think of it. The mouthful starts out a little tangy, and turns almost sickeningly sweet. Like lemon and honey cough syrup. The sweet lingers on the tongue after I swallow. I’ll finish the cup, but I’m not going to re-steep, and I don’t plan to buy this one again. Although I will say my nose is slightly clearer. I could suck on a Halls cough drop for the same effect.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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drank Pu-erh Tuo Cha by Rishi
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Flavors: Apricot

5 min, 15 sec

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drank Turmeric Lemon by Rishi
1041 tasting notes

Yuck. This herbal is a strange mix of sweetness from the licorice, heat from the ginger, and bitterness from the lemon and orange peel. I think what comes off as bitter is supposed to be tart, but the aftertaste is all bitter.


This sounds completely terrifying, hahaha.

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drank pu-erh vanilla by Rishi
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I don’t know if this is the same as the Rishi Pu-erh Vanilla Mint as this does have peppermint. The package calls it Pu-erh Vanilla. I haven’t had pu-erh before much less with added flavors so I can’t tell much about the pu-erh flavor. It isn’t in a pressed cake so again I couldn’t judge the quality at all. The only time I smelled a pu-erh , it was rather musty and and unappealing to me. I decided to be bold and brave and try this one. (All of the above are disclaimers to let you know that I know nothing about this tea.)
It came loose leaf in a foil pack inside a box. Smelled good with the additional flavors added. Strongly vanilla in the first sniff. After brewing the liquor was very dark, almost like coffee. Drinking it I definitely sense the vanilla, with a nice light mint after taste. There might be a bit of licorice flavor but it seems well balanced with the mint so it is very unobtrusive. Very enjoyable tea. Energizing, but not like my beloved chocolate yerba mate. I will drink this tea easily and keep it in-stock. BTW, Is this supposed to be kept refrigerated?

Flavors: Vanilla

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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