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I am always on the hunt for great teas to enjoy at work, especially during the summer days. Nothing really depresses you more than to look out a window and see how nice the weather is and know that you are stuck at your desk. We have a really nice deck off of one of our conference rooms and I eat my lunches out there occasionally, but its not the same. Summer time is my favorite time of the year. It is about the only time of the year where I am not freezing (I am one of those that is constantly cold). This tea reminds me of summer and enjoying fresh fruit with my family. My 80 year old grandpa is still an old school farmer and we love his cantaloupe. It is so good.

Anyway, here is the full review, Happy Monday all!

Flavors: Cantaloupe, Green

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drank Lemon Lime Bitters by SBT
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So I made this tea today but it is not in the steepster database which is odd because all the other SBTs are there. But what is really odd is it is not even listed on the Zoomdweebies website ?!?!? I even double checked the package and it for sure says Lemon Lime Bitters…

I made this one as per package directions. I added about 2tsp of white sugar.

Let me start by saying I love bitters. Any type of “bitters” or “sour” drink (ie. Whiskey Sour) is my absolute fav.

This one brewed does smell like lemon-lime. The taste of the tea is disappointing. Not bad but just not what I would have anticipated based on the “bitters” in the name. There is a lemon-y citrus flavour to the tea. I would say it is extremely similar to the other SBT/52 Teas limish flavours – lime jello, key lime cheesecake, etc. But it is missing the bitters. Not even a hint of the bitters. I was quite disappointed.

I did however drink a whole litre of this tea in a couple of hours, so it didn’t taste bad, just not what I wanted. I did not re-steep.

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