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First time drinking a longjing tea. This one was given to us by one of my boyfriend’s Chinese customers. It came in a pack of 4 Chinese teas: longjing, olong (green variety I think), pu’er, and jasmine green. They were in a very nice gift box with Chinese artwork, and made for a lovely gift. The tins are very nice too: each a different colour with more Chinese artwork on them.

First impressions: wow, what a long leaf! I’ve never seen tea leaves that are so long and flat. I read this is one of longjing’s distinctive features, and I must say, I don’t even know how the tin could fit all of it. When I tried to pour it out of the plastic bag that was in the tin, it wouldn’t all go back in! I was left with maybe a third of the bag that wouldn’t fit. I guess the position of the long leaves are to blame.

Brewing the tea turned it in a very light yellow colour, and the aroma is delicate and similar to sencha or other pure green teas. Flavour is not very distinctive, but consists of a grassy profile with a lighter body than I am used to green teas having. Usually they leave a pretty strong aftertaste, but I don’t really get any of it from this tea. I actually like the more hearty green teas, so this one I find to be a bit on the weaker side. However, it is still good for a green tea. Next time I will try to add a bit more leaf and get some more flavour out of it.

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This anonymous little dragonwell has suffered perhaps not deliberate, but obvious, neglect and still steeps up beautifully despite its long languish in nothing but a cellophane packet. Gentle golden color, with a very nutmeggy personality. May have to research source and availability more carefully once it’s gone.

Tastes like a bright spring day instead of the mucky, muddy, half-thawed, questionably cloudy sloggy afternoon outside my window.


We could all use a little spring right now:-)

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Ahhhhhhhh. Weather mild enough to work outside in shirtsleeves, finally able to continue picking up branch fallout from the ice storm a week before Christmas. This is my break and I am drinking it with immense pleasure in the patio glider. Just a good quality longjing with long, flat leaves and a little sweetness.

For second steep, I threw in a pinch of mystery white chai from a work buddy; there’s just a tiny hint of cinnamon in it now. Equally pleasant.


Jealousy! We are supposed to get a bit of a warm up this week – maybe into the 50’s by Thursday. Our branch fallout is still mostly snow covered. The patio glider and tea sounds so nice.

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This was a little surprise in a small box of treats sent from a friend. I’ll have to ask her about its origin; whether it was a local purchase or a pass-along (she and I regift with no qualms whatsoever). No English on the box except company name and the awkwardly humorous description I transcribed for you.

I wasn’t expecting a lot. Surprise! This is mouth-wateringly pleasing. Big, flat, ragged leaves with the scent and taste of nutmeg and citrus. I’m going to enjoy this immensely.

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