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Tukang Atap Baja Ringan 081313462267 PT. Rafli Natama Melayani Pemasangan Rangka Baja Ringan, Pasang Baja Ringan, Jasa Pemasangan Rangka Baja Ringan MURAH, jasa pasang baja ringan, Aplikator Baja Ringan daerah bogor dan sekitarnya menggunakan Genteng metal berpasir, atap sepandek, atap gogreen.

Flavors: Absinthe, Alcohol, Almond, Anise, Apple, Apple Candy

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Light and watery but pleasant, inoffensive taste. No bitter or foul aspect. Very similar to Lipton decaffeinated tea bags. At about $2.50 per 48 tea bags (purchased October 28, 2012), a good value. The box came wrapped in cellophane and the tea is reasonably fresh and will so remain if kept in a sealed container.

Does not compare in taste to TeeGschwendner ( decaffeinated loose leaf teas or to Davidson’s Organic decaffeinated loose leaf teas. Seems to contain less caffeine than these, however. Convenient and cheap.

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