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I know the person who owns this company and I often see her at the farmers market in town. A couple weeks ago, when she noticed me eying up this tea, she was nice enough to give me a sample for free.

The scent of the dry tea makes me think of nut brittle, sort of nutty and toffee-like – but when I added the water it changed to something like apple cinnamon (odd since there’s no apple in this blend, but that may be the rooibos). The flavour is mostly cinnamon-flavoured rooibos, though there’s a smooth undertone of vanilla that keep it from tasting too woody. There’s a bit of almond flavour if you tilt your head and squint, but more would be nice.

Not a bad tea at all – red rooibos isn’t really my thing so I wouldn’t shell out the money for a whole tin, but it’s nice enough for drinking in the evenings before bedtime (possibly with a cookie for dessert).

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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This was really … a disappointing tisane for me. It was the first tisane from the Amoda box that I was truly disappointed by. It wasn’t terrible, but, there wasn’t anything that really stood out to me as spectacular either. It’s a light, thirst-quenching tisane, but it lacks something … something to make it special. In my tasting notes, I mentioned that it needed something like spearmint or peppermint or cinnamon or ginger. Just something to give it a little bit of zing. An extra dimension of flavor.

Alright … but nothing that I’d ever order again.


I have kind of had it with ‘tisanes’ herbal home remedy teas etc. I was part of this csa share from spring to fall and somehow missed it completely. and I am suffering from severe hair loss; not sure if of relating…I have experience a bad witches brew; jinx even and cannot get my life right. So one could say I am doing the blame game.

On a good note I did purchase from Walmart when last we were shopping there a package of Celestial Seasoning Herbal Tea Sampler; but this is not the homegrown weeds or such from one’s yard.

I guess I am saying if one is to choose between home grown ‘nettle tea’ ‘dandelion tisane’ oatstraw or mugwort and the likes; stick to a tried and true brand like Medicinal for Nettle or Dandelion teas.

Organic Goddess is unlike the Iron Goddess I supposed. ’-)

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Hot-steeped and chilled this one a few days ago… tasty tasty. I still think it tastes like berry juice, and not really of hibiscus at all. Delicious summer blend.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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I was worried that this tea would be overly hibiscusy, so gave it a very cautious first infusion of only 2 minutes, which is crazy for a herbal. But I think I needn’t have been so careful – the hibiscus was not even noticeable, and I don’t think that it would have ruined the cup had I let the infusion go a bit longer. The tea tasted much like berry juice (how shocking!) – kind of like those 5 cent juicy berry candies that you can buy at a convenience store. It was actually pretty tasty! This might be one that I could sweeten and feed to the boy, if I decide to continue with my efforts to get him to drink tea.

I infused this a second time, and recall the liquor looking a lot more hibiscusy…. but I have no recollection of drinking the tea. I did leave a few teas on my nighttable over the week that I ended up dumping, and I suspect it was one of those. Oh well.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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Wow, finally a pumpkin spice tea that does what it says on the tin. I took the tea plain this time, but I think it would be best with milk as the black tea base is slightly bitter. Even so it has a nice pumpkin pie/gingerbread flavour with hints of cinnamon in just the right amount of accent rather than overwhelm the other flavours.

Boiling 3 min, 45 sec

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