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this tea is awesome!

when I smell the tea ball dry, it smells green and flowery

when I smell the tea ball wet, it smells like roses and flowers

when I smell the brewed tea, it smells like roses and flowers too

when I taste the brewed tea, it tastes like flowers

many thanks to Thomas kasper for this free sample

Flavors: Floral, Flowers, Green, Rose

190 °F / 87 °C 4 OZ / 130 ML

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This is a really lovely tea for a bright sunny day promising spring.

This is a blend of Thai jin Xuan, watermelon, peach, ginger, and rose petals. The dry leaf smells very fruity and actually reminds me of passion fruit and cream.

This scent does translate into the flavour as well, yet the individual fruit elements are still discernable. Flavour notes include, passion fruit, watermelon, peach, ginger. These are augmented by cream and a slightly nutty element from the base tea. The base also provides peach, a spicy cinnamon floral note, and a lightly bitter vegetal note that helps to provide a good sense if body for the tea and grounds the flavour. It resteeps really well, with the second steep being even more fruity than the first. Really nice.

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when i smell the leaves dry, they smell green and spicy.

when i smell the leaves wet, the above smell is intensified.

when i smell the brewed tea, it smells like green tea and spices.

when i taste the brewed tea, it tastes like green and spicy.

many thanks to thomas kasper for this sample :)

Flavors: Green, Spices, Spicy

190 °F / 87 °C 0 min, 15 sec 4 tsp 8 OZ / 250 ML

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when i smell the leaves dry, they smell green and sweet.

when I smell the leaves wet, they smell like vegetables and green and sweet.

when I smell the brewed tea, it smells green and sweet

when I taste the brewed tea, it tastes sweet and green

im not sure how its supposed to be better than other dragon well teas.. but I think it tastes the same

thankyou Thomas kasper for selling me this lovely tea

Flavors: Green, Sweet, Vegetables

195 °F / 90 °C 7 g 5 OZ / 150 ML

I like your new review process!very informative


Thankyou :)

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The leaves of this tea are rolled and much darker than this photo suggests.

My leaves are mostly dark olive green to chocolate brown and smell of fall leaves. This is a medium roast oolong produced in North Thailand sourced from a family run enterprise.

I decided to steep my tea using a gongfu method and used 1 TSP of tea in 100ml of water.

I started out with a 3s rinse which I decided to drink. I am happy I did so because it tasted of baklava. It’s flavour was all honey and nuts ( particularly pistachio) and pastry.

I then chose short steeping times to start out with. My times were: 5,10,15,20,25,30,40,60,90s, and 3,4 and 6min). Altogether I made 12 steeps plus the rinse of this tea.
5s scent: honey, pistachio, pastry, hint of something sharp like a currant and fall leaves.
flavour: cream, honey, with fruit, slightly tart yet creamy hinting to mango tempered by something softer like apricot. Pastry and pistachio up front before fruit and honey develop faint hint of fall leaves.
Aftertaste of honey and fruit.
1Os cream, mineral notes, fruit, with hints of citrus rind added to above, pastry, pistachio
15s cream, honey, fall leaves, pastry, fruit, nuts, spice, bits of malt, hints of bitter veg.
20s honey and pastry, pistachios, fall leaves mixed with bitter veg, cinnamon, cream, malt, apricot.
25s roasted grain, leaves, and walnuts, cream, honey and apricots, malt and faint tinge of bitter veg, spice.
30s pastry and nuts, apricot, cream and spice. Hints of malt.
40s apricot, cream,spinach, nuts,pastry, spice.
60s minerals, apricot, cream, hints of ash, sweet and bitter veg, faintly floral with good spice notes, honey. Tingling on the tongue., hints of oatmeal.
90s similar to above.
3min similar but no ash, more sweet vegetables with cream, apricot and honey.
4min. Similar to above with a floral element.
6min similar.

The finished leaves are a fairly uniform deep olive to milk chocolate colour. Some of the leaves show signs of insect distress.

I am not always a fan of mid roast Oolong’s but I really liked the nutty, sweet pastry like notes in this one. I really enjoyed it.

Siam-Tee suggests that when using longer steeps this tea has a profile approaching a Da Hong Pao. I will have to try that in the future. As for now I’m glad I tried it this way. I have never had a tea taste so naturally of baklava before.

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This tea is a very smooth, bright, and consistently fruity tea, and reminds me of summer garden parties.

The leaf looks like a medium to dark roast rolled oolong with mostly chocolate to slightly darker coloured leaves and a raisiny and slightly grainy scent dusted with icing sugar and cocoa.

The steeped tea colour is a bright red tone tinged with gold and the fragrance is very fruity.

I’ve steeped this tea using both shorter steeps and the recommended longer steeps and found similar flavour profiles both ways.

This tea has a wonderful sunwarmed strawberry note I’ve found in some Taiwanese Assam’s combined with peach in the early steeps. This is dusted with icing sugar with caramel underneath. I also found notes of light cocoa, pistachio, and malt. These notes were consistent through all my steeps ( 3 min, 3 min, 4 min/ 1 tsp/ 95°C). In my gongfu session there was a tabacco note which I didn’t find in the western steep. I also found notes of cream, cotton flower ( that only appeared when hot and then quickly dissipated) and a mineral note in the last steep. The aftertaste is very sweet with notes of fruit and sugar. The tea is very smooth, with a mild to medium body, and a good dose of caffeine. The caffeine combined with the fruity notes of the tea leave the impression of a very bright tea. Altogether a really nice experience.


Sounds delish!

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This is a very nice “sticky rice” tea, perfectly sweet and tasty but the aroma is most wonderful, I always have liked the scent of rice teas this one makes the whole kitchen smell good. Lance don’t like the smell he calls in “stinky rice” tea lol


I love sticky rice tea all sweet and good. I’ve made it iced and love that too.


Showing my lack of world travels here, but someone please tell me what sticky rice is. I see this mentioned often and I have no reference point to compare.

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Wonderful, Steeped in the gaiwan using short steeps of 30 seconds up to 1 minute this one brews up a pale yellow color with a smooth almost buttery flavors to me, this is also very nice to feel in the mouth velvety smooth. The steeped leaves have a nice floral aroma that is absent in the liquor. It leaves a pleasant taste lingering in my mouth like a sweet aftertaste very nice.

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I really liked this one it steeps up yellowish with a really nice aroma, slightly nutty taste with fruity aftertaste and the “mouthfeel” is awesome too.
read my review here

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I enjoy orange in my teas sometimes and an orange oolong is yummy but I can never find one already made that tastes good to me without tasting artificial so I just dry my own orange peels to add to my teas, This oolong was perfect with the orange added.

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This one was completely different from what I thought it would taste like, however it is really good! For some reason, I was thinking a little darker, more roasted or possibly close to some of the Oriental Beauty that I’ve had. This is not the case here.

Both the dry and infused leaves did not change in its consistency of fresh cut spring grass and wild onions. There is a certain bothiness to the liquid that is full and satisfying. It is very easy to sip this tea, with its smooth green tea-like qualities that ends the mouth with a touch of sweetness.

I found the leaves to be of excellent quality and completely enjoyed watching the leaves unfurl a little after each infusion. This tea is perfect for experiencing with a gaiwan!

There is a small, I mean very small amount of astringency detected if the water temp is much above 185 °F, however I tried it closer to boil and found it still pleasant – not offensively overpowering. No matter the steep time or water temp, the tea was found to be very forgiving – which is uncommon with most greener oolongs. They can be quite cantankerous, and refuse to be nice or sweet if not given their cooler pool of water.

Great job, as I’m finding is usual, to Thomas and the team at Siam Tee Shop with this one! Very nice greener oolong!

185 °F / 85 °C 0 min, 30 sec

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Whoa!!! I really wasn’t truly prepared for this tea. It is nothing short of amazing – no joke. Cutting to the chase, it’s a mix between a Taiwanese Sun Moon Lake and Laoshan Black that I’ve had from Verdant Teas. Yes, I’ll go on the record and say it’s that good!

After warming the gaiwan and letting the heat activate the dry leaves as they sit with lid closed for 5 seconds. There are wonderful notes of ripe apricots and fresh cut sugar cane. Add a little hot water for 5 seconds, for the first infusion, and you now have an aroma of raisins, oven dried apples chips and interestingly enough, buttery hominy.

The liquid definitely has the fruitiness similar to some of the Taiwanese Black Assamica strain that I’ve tried, along with a complimenting light coca creaminess. It is very smooth, bright and leaves a clean, minty taste to the mouth – without any bitterness!

I must say, THANK YOU to Thomas at Siam Tee Shop for this one! It was included in a sampler that I purchased and I’m really glad that he was generous to release this lovely tea. I would not have been offended (now that I have tasted and seen its great brew), if he would have hidden and kept it to himself. You couldn’t blame him at all! Wonderfully delicious black tea!

You check out this tea and decide for yourself here:

You will not be disappointed!

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec
Pyra Gorgon

Now I want to go out and buy this tea! Great review.

Thomas Edward(Toad)
Pyra you really should get some of this Tea, It is delicuous!

Pyra Gorgon

I think you are right, Tommy the Toad.

Thank you for the link!

Pyra Gorgon

8 euro isn’t so bad a price for 100 grams. plus another 3.45 euro for shipping. ( will wait till USD to EUR get more parity)

Terri HarpLady

Wow…now I want some of this one!


mm sounds delicious!

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This is a very nice green tea it is light and grassy with almost sweetcorn type notes, creamy smooth like an Oolong with some astringency towards the end and lingering mouthfeel, this Green Tea has some Oolong nuances. The Aroma was typical grassy/vegetal green tea aromas, Overall a very Pleasant Tea for everyday drinking.

2 min, 15 sec

Yes, love that one, too!

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I spent the whole day with DMS Loose Black Tea from Siam Tee Shop, I have a huge crush on this Teas sister DMS Black Pearls so how could I not also love it loose, there are a few differences in the two that I notice right from the start but both are equally great teas.
The dry tea has a sweet aroma when but not as sweet as its sister with pretty brown and black leaves and after the leaves are steeped they have a really nice slight citrus scent to them like some black teas do, the leaves are whole and pretty to look at like an Oolong.
This is a really nice black tea it has many nice flavors of raw cocoa with citrus notes, very little astringency and a thin dark brown liquid it’s not dark and thick like some black teas.
I’ve had many cups today and the flavors are very light with the first few steeps then get a little stronger by the 3rd steep and start fading after about 6 steeps but the flavor pretty much remains the same other than at the very end it seems to go very citrus when it is starting to fade out.Very nice black tea.
I do prefer the Pearl when it comes to this one but like I said they are both equally nice, I do enjoy the citrus notes in this one, Great Tea Overall.
Also the steeped leaves are very nice to look at most of the leaves are whole little brown leaves, very pretty.

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This one is very nice also, I am a huge fan of the DMS Black Pearls and this loose leafe very is just as nice it its own ways, i feel it it have a lighter flavor profile very nutty and roasty also with hints of cocoa, the leaves are pretty to look at too that always important to me, and the Aroma of this tea is wonderful to it seems to have some citrus or even piney notes in the aroma i think that aroma come into play with the slight floral or bloomy notes of this tea, Very Good Tea to me.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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I’ve had many ginseng oolongs lots of them seem to be on greener less fermented/oxidized this one i think is medium and it brews up a nice dark amber brew with id just how i like an oolong, The ginseng coat don’t cling to the leafe forever either allowing the leaf to open up much faster than most yet there is still plenty ginseng flavor to this tea I really enjoy this tea, i knew it would taste good i’m very glad to have orederd it.
I can’t smell ginseng for some reason at all ever but the aroma of this one at first brew was reminiscent to a heavy baked tgy. very nice tea, i love it, i can’t smell ginseng but i taste it sometimes :)

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 45 sec

I’ve never tried ginseng oolong before but I keep seeing it lately and thinking “hmm, I should try that”.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

this one is a very nice one to try :)

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This is Black Tea from Northern Thailand, I clicked on the options of black as well as oolong for this one, because I compare it to a Heavy baked Ti-Guan-Yin(but better). There are not enough good thing that I can say about this tea It is very wonderful, full of flavor and aroma. No astringency very velvety smooth nutty yummy goodness, It’s just one of those that you have to taste and smell for yourself because words on here just don’t cut it. Alls else I can say is that you just got to try it. fans of Black(red) Teas and Oolongs will mostly likely enjoy this tea very much,I know I did, but any tea lover should be able to appreciate the essence of this tea. I plan on writing more detailed cup by cup notes on this one as soon as I get more since this review is based on just my sample size portion of it,I need more so that I can toy with different steep times and temps and such,I don’t do cup by cup reviews really but this tea to me is worthy of such a review. Awesome Tea! Go get ya some


Sounds good Tommy

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Thomas changed the name of this one recently from DMS Santhikiri Fanzhi Oolong to DMS Bai Yai Oolong . Is one of my 2 favorite teas :)

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um, yeah, its all been said already, good good stuff, today this one is my favorite.

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I been sipping on this one today, It’s been a bad bay but at least I still have good Tea :)

I think I will make a pitcher of this one Iced, its really good iced too.


Hope your day gets better!

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Thank You, it was just one of those days they happen sometimes :)

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I’m home from the hospital with Lance getting things ready for him to come home and be comfy hopefully later on today :), it feels so good to actually sit down to a good cup of tea it’s only been a few days since I could do that but it feels like a month to me,The few short times that I’ve been homeI just didn’t have the time or desire to have tea because I just come in a eat fed the dogs took a bath and went right back up there with Lance, I try to be there for him as much as I can. This tea right now is better than it has ever been!!


So glad to hear Lance is coming home and you got a good cup of tea!

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I’m so glad too, I’m going to have his teapot ready for him when he comes home with some Lapsang Souchong, his fav :)

Invader Zim

So glad that he’s able to come home and you two can rest a little and have some tea!


Welcome home Lance! :)

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