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I made a big pitcher of this iced – about 16 tsp of leaf to 1 L of boiling water, steeped for 3-4 minutes, with the remainder then topped off with cold water, ice, and a bit of agave nectar.

This pitcher is really earthy and the taste of coconut is more prominent than the fruit flavours. I will probably add more sweetener as I go to make the fruit/coconut flavours stand out over the pu’er ones. But I don’t mind too much.

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Backlog from last night.

I tried this tea yesterday as part of my Sunday Tea and Books series. When I got this as part of my June subscription box, I got two large envelopes – so much that I figured I’d never finish it all and placed one of the two unopened envelopes into the GCTTB3.

How much I regret it now! This makes a great iced tea.

I’m still fairly new to pu’er teas, and new to pu’er blends in particular. This one smelled really interesting to me, as the normally earthy, somewhat damp and leathery scent of the plain leaf was transformed by the addition of the flavoured ingredients. The aroma when I opened the bag of dry leaf was really sweet, smooth, and creamy – almost like peach-flavoured yogurt, or even cheesecake.

Both cold and hot, the flavour of the tea is very true to the scent of the leaf: creamy, fruity, and somewhat tart, like it’s had some sort of dairy added, even though it hasn’t. Underneath it all there’s the earthiness of the pu’er base. I know this is hard to describe, but given the tart, creamy smell of the tea, it feels like this one is playing a little joke on my tastebuds, doing the ol’ switcheroo. Dare I say that the tea is somewhat…puckish?

Well, if you like A Midsummer Nights Dream this tea might suit. The full Sunday Tea and Books post is here:

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

I really enjoy your tea and books blog posts. :)


Aww, thanks! I get the sense that people like the idea, the thought process.

I have a question for you, though (and for any others who also like the ST&B posts): Does this format work for you? Are there any ways I could change things up to make them more sticky/appealing?

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This is a really good English Breakfast. (Not all English Breakfast teas are the same, as I mentioned in my full-length review, here: )

I like the addition of the “Chinese” tea here, I suspect it’s a Keemun because it has a wine-like note with a hint of smoke, which are characteristics that are common with Keemun teas.

Tart, fruity notes, earthy and malty. Nicely round with a good, robust, hearty character. It has some kick to it – enough of an edge to get someone going in the morning. Like I said, a really good English Breakfast!

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I’m a genmaicha fan … I love the roasty-toasty flavor. Sweet, nutty and just YUM.

This one from Simple Loose Leaf is a very good gen mai cha. It’s exactly what I expect from a genmaicha: sweet and satisfying. A nice afternoon cuppa! I receive the monthly Selection Club service and I love it, and I was really happy that this tea was part of April’s box. (sigh! Yes, I’m that far behind.)

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drank Milk Oolong by Simple Loose Leaf
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I like this one more than the Green Terrace Tea Milk Oolong sample I had but less than the Mandala Tea one. It had more milky, buttery flavor in the first steeping. By the 2nd steeping I was starting to get more vegetal flavor. I liked the first cup, it was creamy, mellow and not over powering. Glad I got to sample it since last box was my last box of a 3 month subscription.

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I was concerned that this tea would be a bit strong for my tastes but I was very wrong. This herbal blend is sweet, tangy, and spicy all at the same time. It keeps you on your toes and is extremely refreshing. It’s a wonderful pick for an iced tea. The rooibos remains mellow in the background, allowing the various spices and additional flavors to shine through. I brewed mine a bit strong and thought it really helped bring out the full-bodied flavor in this tea. It’s well balanced and smooth, reminding you why Simple Loose Leaf is a tea vendor you can trust.


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