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drank Apricot by Southern Season
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Apricots and sunflowers – super duper lovely in winter. And very inexpensive! Southern Season is kind of evil with all the cookies and cakes and cheeses and tea accessories and things. By evil I mean I wish I could afford all the things I want. But I can afford this tea and I want to drink all of it.


Oooh! I love Apricot tea. That sounds pretty great.
(Of course, I’ve really only had Apricot/Mate w/ Thor, but I’m sure apricot on it’s own would be even better)


the apricot tea from american tea room is really nice


YES!! I was trying to remember this morning, but that is the best apricot – American Tea Room. Smells DIVINE!! No sunflower petals, but gorgeous anyway.

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Another surprise from Ruth today – thanks so much!!!!

This is a nicely flavored green. Fruity and juicy yet still a nice green tea. Something I would certainly have again if I get the chance. YUM!


Glad you liked it! This is the only pomegranate green I have had and I mostly drink black tea, but I thought it was very good. I think it would be great iced, too.

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I haven’t had this one in about a year, but I am on a bit of a green and white tea kick so I gave it a go today. The leaves are large and straight so I compensated by adding a bit extra. Steeped in 175 degree water for 2 1/2 minutes.

This is so very different from Snow Dragon. Where it was light and sweet, very subtle, this green is more forward. The pomegranate lends a delicious fruity/juicy aroma but doesn’t cover up the taste of the tea by any means. Glad I made a whole pot!

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Made this one today for a student who is partial to greens and herbals. It has lovely light flavor. The pomegranate smells heavenly and this makes a soothing cup. It is a hot and muggy day here, but the fruity flavor of this tea cools you.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 15 sec

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I am only just learning to drink green teas. They used to taste like hot water to me! I prefer the buttery ones so far, but I decided to try this flavored green today. The pomegranate aroma is strong in the package, strong while brewing, but not at all overpowering when steeped. It adds nice flavor and interest to this tea. I think non-green drinkers would enjoy it!

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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