Starglory Tea

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Can’t take any pain killers today because of my stupid body deciding that this past weekend has been a great time to be constipated. >> Soo I have to do things to distract me from the all this pain. Drinking tea is a good distraction! So back to sampling all the ones I’ve gotten from swaps over the last few weeks! :D
So thanks to LiberTEAS for a sample of this one! :D
The steeping aroma was pretty woody, which made me kinda skeptical. But the actual taste was decent. Mainly just malt. Not much else. Not as strong as I’d like in an malty assam, but hey! It’s not wood flavored! So it’s fine with me xD

Flavors: Malt, Wood


Hope you feel better soon. It sucks to have to choose between two miseries.


Perhaps TMI (okay, definitely TMI) but a nice gongfu session with some sheng always fixes that issue for me.


Thanks, Anlina, I’m so much better now. Thank God! XD
And cookies sorry if that disturbed you…but once you have health issues for a long time there’s no such thing as TMI. XD But really, sorry if that creeped you out-I forget normal people aren’t so blunt-haha!


Haha, no ;) I was talking about my comment!

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