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Backlog from yesterday:

My tea mule came back from Florida a few days ago with my Nina’s Paris and Golden Moon orders in tow. I picked them up from her yesterday, and while I was there, she said that I should make some of her herbal tea. Alas, I am a snob, and suggested that we try my tea instead, but she insisted that I try this one instead. (I make sure to actually make the tea myself, since I"m sure she would have underleafed it).

Dry, the strongest smell is of the orange peel and fennel. Brewed, though, you can definitely taste the chamomile. My mother, who doesn’t like fennel, said she could taste the fennel, but I couldn’t. I am not a huge fan of chamomile, but I do admit it has its uses.

One caveat: the description of the tea on the company’s website does NOT list all of the tea’s ingredients. I tried to remember what I could from reading the tin yesterday: this tea contains more than just mint, rooibos and chamomile.

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