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My first sip of this came on the 5th or 6th infusion do it may not have been the best brew example. my second taste however was much more pleasant. while the first flavor that hits your tung(ha) is that crisp taiwanese florality, i expected a sweetness similar to the other rolled oolongs. such was not the case. instead i was treated to a warming vegetable quality that made me describe this tea as squash blossoms. quite buttery and even a little nutty.

195 °F / 90 °C 1 min, 15 sec

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I had one sip of this from a friend. It was awesome!!!!
My friend is like “I love this tea, it’s so mellow” – she’s not really into tea
Turns out that “mellow” means buttery and soft.. man, I need more of this tea!

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I know why they call this “milk tea”. It has a creamy texture that I usually associate with a high-quality Korean green or Anji Baicha, but with the fruity taste of a first-class rolled spring Oolong. Nice and sweet with very little dryness. The wet leaves have a more robust aroma than the liqueur: more like a deeply aromatic plum.

200 °F / 93 °C 1 min, 30 sec

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All winter I have been waiting patiently to try the first new teas of 2010….and I finally got my chance this past weekend! During a visit to the wonderful Stone Leaf Teahouse in Middlebury, VT, I was pleased to discovered that they had three of the new spring teas in stock, including this Bi Luo Chun that was processed just two weeks before.

I’ve brewed it twice now and have been very impressed with the results. The flavor is (not surprisingly) very fresh and vibrant, but what did surprise me was how durable this tea was. I expected one or two good infusions and then nothing but warm water after that. I was also expecting that I would have to be very careful about my water temperature and infusion time. However, I found that it was nearly impossible to make this tea bitter and it actually responded quite well to near-boiling temperature water.

A real treat; it’s amazing to have tea so fresh!

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