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drank Keemun by Swan Sisters Tea
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This is the last of the February Amoda teas and though I don’t remember much, I recall this being quite a smokey tea.

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So I get the ginger and I can certainly taste the jasmine but what’s the “Hawaiian” element in this blend? It’s an okay tea but really nothing memorable or strong. However, I’m not rushing to throw it out which is more than I expected seeing as I’m not a lover of green tea, jasmine, or ginger.

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Another one from Amoda. I’m a little surprised I had to add this one to the database, surely I’m not the first person to have tried it! I think I’ve actually had it before, in one of their tasting boxes. Anyway, this is interesting, it’s a blend of jasmine pearls (green tea), tie guan yin (greenish oolong), and silver needle (white tea). Besides the jasmine in the pearls, there’s no other flavouring, just the blend of teas. The dry tea is neat because it’s a combination of rolled silver-and-green pearls, lumpy nuggets of oolong, and then the long silver buds (and looks like some broken leaves too) of the white tea. It’s pretty dense, with the rolled teas: a level 1.5tsp spoon was 2.6g and expanded to fill about half of my infuser basket once everything unrolled (which took at least a couple of steepings). The tie guan yin unrolled into lovely large green leaves, and the pearls unrolled into long, lighter green buds with a little bit of stem attached.

This has a fairly light, subtle flavour. The jasmine is definitely there, but it’s quite unobtrusive. There’s a creamy sweetness from the oolong, and a lightly vegetal base. It’s smooth and sweet and mellow. No astringency or bitterness yet, and I’m on the third steeping.

I have to admit, I have a bit of a Western palate when it comes to teas, so I tend to go for the bolder flavours. I’m still developing a palate for whites, greens, and light oolongs. But sometimes it’s good to sit down and drink a tea that really makes you pay attention to fully appreciate it. I don’t think I need to own this tea, but I definitely enjoyed trying it out!

Flavors: Jasmine, Sweet, Vegetal

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

I may have to check this one out at some point.

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From the Amoda Tea Monthly Box – January 2015

Dry leaf: Big chunks of ginger and citrus peel mix around with little silver-green balls of jasmine green tea

Liquor color: bright yellow green

Leaves: Dry – light sweet grass notes with a zinger of ginger. Wet – when the leaves ‘pop’ out of their shapes, they reveal long and sexy grass green leaves.

Notes: One of the flavors I consider to be a large part of my ‘comfort foods’ is ginger. I love it in all of it’s forms. Ginger is to me as chocolate chip cookies might be to someone else. (fun fact: the first time I had a chocolate chip cookie was in the 7th grade :P) so, for me, the big chunks of ginger in the sample package really excited me. I had only hoped that the blend tasted as good as it looked.
And it was! Although I do not like jasmine for the most part, it brought something else for my taste buds to focus on besides the ginger spice. The green tea was pretty good too, with the buttered vegetal quality that I find most satisfying in certain Chinese greens.
The first time I gongfu’d this tea, and then Grampa style’d it to work to sip down the last of it. I was able to get 4 small gongfu steeps out of the first bit, and then two good mug-fuls grampa style. After the third steep in my tumbler, I got a really overpowering ginger and an astringent quality from the green. Not the best type of tea to test out gramps style on, but the first two steeps were heavenly.

It’s too bad that my fellow tea sipper Roswell didn’t like this one from Amoda’s monthly box. I do know plenty of people for whom ginger is not ‘their cup of tea.’ Rightly so! Certain ginger ales are too over the top for even me. To each their own, I suppose.This may have been my favorite! I felt like the spice of the ginger wasn’t too overpowering if brewed right and it was very energizing and full of all the right warming qi. I may have to get more of this eventually!

Flavors: Ginger, Jasmine, Orange Zest, Peas

175 °F / 79 °C

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Sipdown (124)!

My crazy tea twin VariaTEA signed me up for three months of Amoda boxes for Christmas, the first of which came last week. It looks like I’m going to be the first to review 3/4 of them since I had to add them to the Steepster database. I wonder, who else gets Amoda boxes? I’m interested in seeing other people’s thoughts on the offerings. I’ve already had one of the other teas in the box, but the note for that one is buried somewhere in my queue. This one I’m drinking currently since I don’t start work today until late this afternoon.

Honestly, I wasn’t excited to see this one in the box. It’s got a lot of things in it that I’m not really a fan of like ginger and green tea. I’m also usually pretty fickle towards overly floral teas too, though jasmine is one floral aspect that I handle better than others so long as it doesn’t taste chemical/artificial. The only way I could have been less excited about this tea is if they’d added raisins to the blend. But I’m still going to try it, and in as opened minded a way as humanely possible.

Visually, the leaf is actually very beautiful: This uses jasmine scented pearls for the base and then there’s lots of visible ginger and light orange pieces of orange peel that contrast the pearls and add colour. The dry smell is really heavy on the ginger in the blend; I can hardly smell anything else, but if I concentrate I can sort of smell the jasmine. Measuring out my cup I noticed pretty quickly I was going to have to really shake up the sample bag; everything but the pearls was sinking to the bottom!

My first few sips were hesitant. Initially all I could taste was ginger. It was pretty spicy too; and it was lingering long after I had finished the tip. But the more I drink my cup, and the larger I make my sips, the more I’m noticing the jasmine in the blend. And, it’s honestly a very tasty jasmine flavour; I don’t think it gets anywhere close to tasting artificial or like I’ve just sprayed perfume right onto my tongue. Instead it’s supple and sweet! Which is good, because this tea needed something to contrast the ginger, that’s for sure. As for the pearls; they’re sort of just contributing an underlying vegetal flavour; it’s easier to pick them apart in the finish of the sip, when the ginger flavour is at its weakest and is easing up. I don’t taste the orange in the blend; I think it’s just competing with too many other dominant flavours.

I don’t think I’d personally drink this again because I just can’t do this much ginger in one cup of tea; but surprisingly there were more layers to this one than I had imagined there being and it was decidedly drinkable overall. I think people who actually like ginger will love this one; there’s a very interesting juxtaposition between the spicy ginger and sweet jasmine; it works more than I thought it would initially!

Flavors: Ginger, Jasmine, Peas, Vegetal


I’ve been toying with the idea but it just seems so expensive. I’d rather just buy the full amounts off them, but then again, they tend to also pick expensive teas, or large amounts of something.

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I believe I got this in my November Amoda box when I wasn’t yet fully immersed into the sea of loose leaf tea. I had it then, but I don’t think I was particularly excited or impressed. But I made it just now again and I can’t believe how sweetly it smells, just like sweet pea. The flavor is also amazing, there’s this lovely sweetness at the beginning of every sip that I can’t put my finger on. It’s like some ripe fruit, but not a citrus – a particularly tasty avocado perhaps?

All I seem to know for sure is that I can’t get enough of it!


i like the name of this one :)

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drank Lu'an Guapian by Swan Sisters Tea
4823 tasting notes


This is the second tea from my November Amoda Box that I sampled. I liked this Lu’an Guapian. Sweet and brothy! A very well-rounded mouthfeel. Not as vegetal as you might expect from a green tea.

Nutty tones bring a pleasant sweetness to the cup. Creamy. I didn’t get a lot of toasty notes as mentioned in Amoda’s description, however, the nutty notes do have a “fresh roasted nut” sort of taste to them.

A really enjoyable cuppa.

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Yesterday’s drinking of this tea was performed at a tea shop, where I reinfused the same leaves five times in a two cup pot (gong fu style…or an attempt at such with the amount of leaves I was given). Right before leaving the shop, I took a three cup to-go cup and dumped the leaves into it, filling it with hot water and letting it steep. When I got home, I put the cup into the refrigerator, and this morning I have a nice cup of chilled tea that is quite tasty. Cheers!

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The flavor is incredibly floral, even from the very beginning. In some ways, it is reminiscent of a very floral Ti Kwan Yin. For a roasted oolong, the roast flavor is not too heavy. Smooth drinking and infinitely sippable. 30 second infusions. Very resteepable.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 30 sec

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Brought this and my tea-ware to school with me today. This is such a nice oolong. It’s my standard go to tea, especially when I’m working.

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drank Tung Ting by Swan Sisters Tea
1765 tasting notes

Dry leaves are fragrant with the smell of cocoa and have a fresh, roasted aroma to them. Very dark colour to the leaves. First steeping produces a cup that smells a bit like hojicha, but has a very light and smooth flavour, with a light brown liquor. Second cup is darker, almost nearer to the colour of a black tea. Also has quite an earthy taste to it. Deep, rich, and still very mellow with some chocolate notes to it. Second steeping of the leaves gave me a cup that carries much more of the roasted flavour. Almost too much. Definitely not using so many leaves next time. the normal teaspoon of leaves is too much for the small cast iron pot.

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