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drank Guit-T by T Bar Tea Salon
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This jet lag is killing me!! It was not a super productive day today but at least I did get out of my pjs for a couple of hours to grab groceries and head to the gym… After that it was straight back into the comfy ‘clothes’! I’ve been drinking through a number of teas today to sustain wakefulness and this tea caught my eye this afternoon because, hello, how can you go past a tea called Guil-T?? Brewed up this tea taste a little like liquid chocolate or better yet, like chocolate milk!! Cocoa pieces, vanilla bean… Oh my lord it’s amazing!! Can’t wait to try it iced!

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drank Prosperi-T by T Bar Tea Salon
154 tasting notes

The hubby and I hoofed it up to Hahndorf this afternoon for a cuppa, a german pastry or two and a quick trip to the Beerenberg Farm and happened to stop by a little cafe that sold this by the pot. Since this is one of the teas I almost purchased a couple of days ago while at the T Bar in the CBD I decided to give it a try…. This tea was full of all spice, cardamom, cloves and vanilla and gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside even though I’m not a huge fan of these types of spicy flavors in tea. I could imagine sitting around the fireplace, snow falling outside, reading a book and sipping on a large pot of this…. In the 34C weather it was a little too warming but I can completely understand why this is one of T Bars most popular blends!

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drank Special-T by T Bar Tea Salon
154 tasting notes

Walking around Rundall Mall in the Adelaide CBD (that’s downtown!) with my Aunt looking for T2 we ran into this little tea bar and decided to stop for a quick refreshment. While waiting for our tea to brew I noticed that they had an entire wall of tea and started sniffing each of the little vials that took my interest… So of course I ended up walking out with a cuppa and a bag of tea….

This is one of the teas that took my noses fancy. Brewed hot and sipped once home, I could definitely imagine drinking this iced on a hot summers day round the pool or on the beach, maybe even with a sneaky slug of vodka or white rum if it was at the end of a long day!!

The tea has some bold blueberry and mango flavors which are softened slightly by a faint floral note and the black tea base has a slight hint of nuts which is brought out with the addition of milk… yum!

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