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This is the third tea I got from my brother. And maybe the best one he picked out xD
I’ve had it twice now. The first time I drank it, it made me super relaxed and sleepy, which was nice. Was looking for the same effect tonight, but I didn’t get it :( I don’t know why sometimes chamomiles make me tired and then sometimes they don’t.
This chamomile is definitely way better than the one I got at Trader Joe’s. Like way better. It is fresh, sweet, doesn’t taste like there’s dust in it from age or anything. It’s just a really nice, calming chamomile tea. Though I do wish that I’d have better tea bags because somehow the tea gets out of the sachets I have, which doesn’t happen with even rooibos. Wish this one was already in tea bags…but hey, at least it makes me sleepy sometimes and it tastes sweet and fresh. Not bad! (:

Flavors: Sweet


Try brewing in the kettle or stovepot and then pouring through the strainer/filter/tea-ball. Bringing the chamomile to a boil and then letting it steep will give you a deeper and richer flavor anyway.
I also suspect that the reason it sometimes affects you and sometimes not is because sometimes it is under-brewed. If you bring it to a boil directly and let it stay warm will brewing for 5 or 10 minutes, it will always provide you with that authentic chamomile feeling you are looking for.

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