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drank Chai by Tea Guild of Canada
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1.5 tbsp for 375 ml.

Dark chocolate astringency bordering on bitter. Hint of licorice. Slight minty-ness. Slight creaminess.

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec

I never got one of these. Now I’m kindof glad I skipped out!

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This is the tea we blended at our tea guild meeting a few weeks back. We added rose oil and rose petals to black tea (I’m not sure what leaf type but I am guessing Ceylon) It was a fun experience, but not something I’m particularly interested in. Me… I enjoy drinking tea, discovering tea, and learning all about it.
Anyhow, this didn’t turn out as I expected. It’s rather light, and refreshing. Not as rosy as I’d hoped. After adding some agave, some serious citrus notes emerged. It made me wonder if there was any Darjeeling mixed in. (I arrived late, so it is possible!)
Overall, it’s very pleasant and easy to drink. I might make the rest of it iced, as I think that would go over very well. Darjeeling tea seems to be the only caffeinated beverage I enjoy cold so hopefully this one will pick up on those similarities :)


Tea guild! I wish I could join!


If you ever make it up to Toronto, we’d love to have you at a meeting! :)

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