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drank Very Berry by TeaGuys
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I’ve had this three times in the past few days. My favorite local coffee shop, Krankies, carries an impressive spread of teas from a local tea shop. However, most of these aren’t decaffeinated or herbal. Luckily this one is, and it’s a good one!

It’s a tart tea, that’s dark enough that I worry I’ll stain my clothes if I spill any. It’s good piping hot or warm, after sitting out for a while.

Laura B

I just got some of this in the mail, along with a LOT of others (as in 14 others :D)… I had to ask Michael (the owner of Angelina’s—Angelina is his daughter) about a few he didn’t specify the maker of on the site (I’ve been correcting a lot of entries on here even though I haven’t had time to review many), and this is made by, to quote his email to me, “TeaGuys in MA” :) I hope that your rating of “wouldn’t actively try to get this tea but also wouldn’t avoid it in a tea shop or restaurant” by your rating guide doesn’t mean this will fail to thrill me, but while I am working my way through the massive list and sort of denying all the teas that fill my 6′×28″×18″ bamboo tea case (I really didn’t MEAN to have that much… they attacked me and threatened to take me prisoner if I didn’t treasure, display, sip, and share!)… but I hope I’ll be able to give it a good rating (after all, I did buy it)! As for Angelina’s, 700+ teas in house (he DOES make many of his own, like black raspberry truffle and a throat soother and such, but they aren’t listed on the web) and SO much awesome, quirky-to-crazy-expensive gear for tea drinking=you MUST go see him. He’s behind Midtown cafe, where btw a mug of his tea goes quite well with their omg pancakes… wish River Birch would stock it; I can imagine quite a few that would make their fantasmic tender juicy duck with raspberry merlot sauce and their chocolate creme brulee absolutely push me over the edge, delighting me into a foodgasm.


This is an awesome comment, Laura B. I have been to Angelina’s but not in a while. You inspired me to make the trip again. :) I also am glad to know you’re the one updating the makers… I’ve been confused about it sometimes in the past. Fun stuff, and I am enjoying your reviews, too (esp. the Aveda tea one!).

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