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Tea's Tea

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drank Green Jasmine by Tea's Tea
225 tasting notes

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed anything on here! I’ve been really busy with my EMT class, and its finally coming to an end. Monday is the final, and then I just have clinicals. The review for the final is a 90 page word document!

However, I wanted to take a break to talk about this and a few other things. I won this, a bottle of Half & Half Green tea with Lemonade, and a Tea’s Tea bag from Awkward Soul through her giveaway on her Oolong Owl blog. Thanks so much, Awkward Soul and Tea’s Tea! I’ve already had the tea with lemonade. I wasn’t sure if I should make a new thing just for that, so I’ll just say my thoughts here first. I enjoyed it! I’ve had a few different brands of tea with lemonade. This one was pretty good and seemed less in your face sugary, though still sweet. There wasn’t anything that reeeally stood out, but I still enjoyed it.

As for this tea, I was really surprised and enjoyed it a lot! Bottled/canned teas have trained me to expect things that are slightly tea flavored, but mostlt sugar and juice. Even though this says “unsweetened” in big letters right across the top, I was still braced for a sugar punch to the face. I was so surprised it almost tasted bad at first, because I wasn’t expecting it! After I got over that shock, I was able to actually try the tea. The green tea is the main flavor to me. The jasmine is there, but subtle. It’s handled well and not overwhelming at all, for those people who are sensitive to floral flavors. Overall, I really enjoyed this! I’ll have to look into more bottled teas, and see if anywhere nearby sells Tea’s Tea products


Good luck with your final!



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drank Green White Tea by Tea's Tea
600 tasting notes

A review of Green White Tea by Teas’ Tea

I had this drink today and it is without caffeine and has a very subtle grassy flavor for an after taste. It is dry and crisp like white wine yet sharp, not unlike white cheddar. I mean it is a most tender and delicate cup of ice tea. And it does not quench one’s thirst. This tea should be drunk for indulgence in wanting something cold and dry.

I think this would be a great tea to have with cheese and grapes; as they are all very similar; one has these things when wanting to have a snack.

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drank Green Jasmine by Tea's Tea
120 tasting notes

Bought at a Japanese market. I’m always on a quest for a good bottled tea, and at $1.69 this is pricey, but not excessively so. I grabbed it out of the refrigerated section so it’s nice and cold.

Green Jasmine is very refreshing. It’s literally just jasmine tea – no extra sugar or honey or random “flavors” added – with the floral notes of jasmine dominating. It doesn’t have a strong aroma, but what you can smell is (of course!) flowery. The green tea provides a nice complement to the flowers, making a very balanced flavor, but they are so well blended that it’s difficult to distinguish flavor components.

The only other bottled jasmine tea I’ve had has been Adagio’s Jasmine Anteadote (which I’ve logged if you want to read about it) which had a much stronger floral flavor. Green Jasmine leaves a slightly bitter note in the aftertaste, but it’s very satisfying overall.


The super markets around me have these! So good, totally worth it. I think it was a bit cheaper when I bought it though.


The Japanese market is always totally overpriced. It’s in a wealthier neighborhood, and nostalgic immigrants are happy to pay the marked-up prices. But to get to a cheaper market, I have to drive all the way across town. It’s a tossup!

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drank Green Jasmine by Tea's Tea
911 tasting notes

I’m pleasantly surprised by this one. Usually bottled teas are just a little… meh. Adagio’s black tea and this one buck the trend. Yum!

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drank Green Jasmine by Tea's Tea
28 tasting notes

Filed up another glass of this tonight

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drank Green Jasmine by Tea's Tea
28 tasting notes

I’m drinking this with my lunch, like every lunch. It’s refreshing and goes well with rice or tempeh dishes.

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drank Green Jasmine by Tea's Tea
181 tasting notes

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