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I’d certainly rate this better than the quick-fix Genmai tea bags I get at the Lotte, but the “green” part is not terribly fresh. On the other hand, the roasted flavor from the rice is very nice.

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I really enjoyed this blend, I like the Strawberry Rose champagne by itself, but wasn’t sure how it was tasted with the Dragonfruit devotion. I was very impressed with the turn-out to say the least, it’s a very western-style fruity tea, so I only suggest the blend if you are into that! Very delicious!

Side-note: This blend is resteepable

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Rachel Leah

I was thinking of purchasing these two today when visited teavana! I ended up with the orange chocolate sweet spice instead though. Maybe I’ll try this out soon.

Zach Guillian

Yeah, I believe the Strawberry Rose Champagne is on sale right now (75% off) so definitely check it out.

My friend came up with this awesome idea for a blend, I was skeptical but it’s actually really nice!

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drank Jasmine Oolong by teavanna
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I have been drinking this all day…. I had it first steep with just a bit of rock sugar and then the second steep I added Eversummer punch to the mix which is from Teavanna as well. I love the smell of jasmine and the taste was a great mix when I added the fruityness. The second steep was just as good as the first! It did leave a bit of a dryness to my mouth afterwards.

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