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(Received this in a swap 5 months ago, but for the life of me I can’t remember who sent it! For that, I apologise, generous giver.)

I like to call this the “hippopotamus phase” of pregnancy—I’m 38.5 weeks pregnant which means that baby could arrive at any time… so they tell me, I’m not going to hold my breath though, considering my daughter was born 3 days after her due date (I was in false labour though for 2 days, fun times!)—since I’m very large and cumbersome and everything seems to annoy me, especially my 2-year-old. If I could, I would spend all my time at a swimming pool or spa, just floating my girth in weightlessness (I can see why it appeals to hippos). Instead, I’m stuck indoors with my tot, who is at the “Why, Mamma?” stage wherein everything I ask her to do requires an explanation. Also, here in Regina, SK, Canada we’ve received a record amount of snow… more than 6.5 feet. It’s supposed to be “spring” but the snow just keeps on falling and not melting, also not conducive to diminishing my grumpiness.

So, I drink tea… a) in order to appease my doctor and get more fluids in my system and b) because it’s still #$@*ing snowy outside and I crave comfort. Tea = liquid comfort.

This tea reminds me a lot of DAVIDsTEA’s Nepal Black, in almost every way: malty, easy-drinking without anything added, slight honey undertones. The only difference would be it seems to be slightly more astringent, but then again I brewed it with slightly too hot water, so that might have something to do with it! It’s delicious though. Delicious in a pure, unadulterated kind of way… plus, when I drink it without milk or sugar my daughter doesn’t feel the need to down my entire cup when I’m not looking. Because sometimes… you don’t want to share.

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Ooooh, hopefully new baby arrives soon, so you can feel less hippo-like! (And instead, get no sleep?) Haha :)


I hear you on the snow part. Lousy smarch weather! Hope your baby comes soon!

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Another puerh sample that my husband go into when I wasn’t around. He reports that it was very good. Being a 2012, it would be fun to get some more to age awhile. Fortunately, I have one more sample, so will report later.

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This is lovely Jasmine white. Some jasmines have a soapy flavor, probably because they are artificial, but this one is very nice, not too heavy on the jasmine, with a sweet & clean flavor. I shared it with a student, & she loved it so much that I gave her the last bit of it, enough for another cup, to enjoy at home.

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This is a beautifully fragrance white tea. The flavor is delicate, as white teas are, & the Jasmine scenting of the leaves is quite aromatic, but in the flavor it is not overpowering, but rather balanced. I’ve been working in my office all morning, (I can actually see part of the floor!), the this tea provided a nice relaxing break.

Thank you to Angel & TeaVivre for this sample, which was very generous! I’ve drank it a few times, & still have enough for at least one more session!

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I’ve been rummaging through my samples, & realized I still had this one from TeaVivre that I hadn’t tried! Thank you Angel!

I’ve been working at my desk, I’m really trying to get caught up on so many things: phone calls, bill payments, organizing crap, etc blah blah. I booked a gig while I was sitting here, I also booked a gig for one of my advanced students. I’m looking for a cellist & flute player to do a wedding with me, etc.

Throughout all this, I’ve been sipping this delightful tea. It’s delicate, but not flavorless. The heady aroma of Jasmine, the sweetness of silver needle white, and a certain buttery quality. A very soothing & gentle tea to help me relax while I play the entrepreneur/office manager.

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Actually having a cup of tea this morning. It is gloomy weather out today and it is making me feel a little sluggish. Finally figured out what I wanted, which was something comforting. I can think of nothing better than this. Warm, nutty, lightly earthy. Makes me think of home.

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Had two steeps of this when I was making chocolate chip cookies. Tasted enough like a cookie to let me not eat all of the cookies in sight! I would have had a major stomach ache since I made a little more than four dozen cookies. With just one batch too, but they are good!

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Awe. Last steep isn’t as strong as the third one was. I knew I should have let it steep longer than four minutes for the last one. Oh well, I knew this had to be a staple when I did actually brew it the next morning and then went back to it after I got back home from my fiance’s house. It is still nice even though it is a little weak.

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I think this might be becoming one of my favorite oolongs. I keep picking it up when I feel upset or when I want to relax or even when I want to have something that will comfort me as much as a hug from my beloved. I just have really save feelings when drinking this and I don’t know why because I never had anything like this when I was little.

I used a little more leaf than usual and the taste was stronger. It wasn’t the normal cracker taste though. It was nice and bready, but it also had a delicate sweet aftertaste to it that I enjoyed a lot. There is probably several more steepings left in this and I might have at least one more before I get completely in bed, but I will probably have more in the morning with breakfast.

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My roommate ended her stay with a few cups of monkey picked Tie Guan Yin. She said this one was the heartiest of the teas she had, but also the most comforting. I have converted her to the use of the french press as a tea steeper. She was asking where I got mine and I could see that she was thinking of picking one up. I also gave her several tea companies (including Teavivre on the top of my list since she loves the tea so much)

Thank you Angel and the rest of the Teavivre team for having awesome teas that I am able to convert my friends with! I am almost caught up with my backlog of tea sampling that I fell behind on.

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I didn’t get to have my leftover leaves in the morning, so I am having them now. My feet are so sore from work, but it feels good to have a job again.

The third steep still tastes like buttered toast to me. I am getting a little more of the floral that I tasted in the plain Tie Guan Yin, but the baked flavor is still strong! It tastes really good. I think I might have found a new favorite oolong for a while.

I needed that smooth, sturdy pick-me-up today.

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