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I am a roasty kind of girl. So I was excited to receive a sample from Teavivre of the heavily roasted Iron Goddess. I also have the “regular” Iron Goddess, so I decided to compare the two. I have previously tried the regular version.

The dry tea of both varieties look very similar to each other. The heavily roasted is a bit darker green colour. They both smell very similar with the roasted being a slightly stronger smell.

After brewing, the regular version is a light greenish yellow colour, the roasted is more of a brown green colour. They both smell the same with the roasted being a stronger smell. Both very floral.

But that’s where the similarities end. While I find the regular version to be quite floral, light, slightly sweet grass type flavour. The roasted is a stronger, woody type flavour. Only slightly floral. Less sweet. Reminds me more of butter. There is definitely a roasty flavour, like roasted nuts.

Both varieties are good, but I think I would always go for the roasted version if available.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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I went to fix myself this tea this morning and realized I had TWO cups’ worth left, not just one like I thought. This morning I put the tea through my accidental “steep it way longer than 5 minutes” test that seems to be becoming a trend…

It’s still great, and if anything, the longer steep time brings out the rose flavor. I’m upping the numbers on this. Anywhere below 95 is just not accurate anymore.

If I get one Teavivre tea in my splurge, it’ll be this. This is one of the rare teas I can’t get over my awe of.

…I did place my first Butiki order last night too.

8 min or more

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It’s been a bit since I’ve had this one! (Mostly because I couldn’t find it, and when I did, I put it in a tin then forgotten I’d put it in the tin.) This is my breakfast tea while watching Family Ties on Netflix (ahh so good!!!) As I think I say every time I drink a dian hong, I have to remember to drink this slowly to get the flavor progression. Otherwise there’s still the tasteful rose flavoring. I feel like I’m just repeating what I’ve already said about this one. But it’s the kind of tea that we get obsessed with tea for. Definitely restocking on my impending tea splurge…

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Backlog from yesterday. Had a cup at home, then drank another cup throughout my work day.

And now, a summary of my weekend.

FRIDAY: Went for a pretty awesome bike ride with my parents. We did… 8 or 9 miles? Which is longer than my normal trip, but it felt like I got a lot of exercise without being killed. Doc says I need more regular exercise to up my good cholesterol, so there ya go…

SATURDAY: Worked. And while I was at work, I sprained the CRAP out of my ankle when I tried to do a running vault over merchandise to answer the phone, only to land entirely the wrong way. It even made me cry. And then I left work 1 hour early to drive to Indianapolis (I tried to leave earlier, but the part-timer made this slightly judgmental comment and then we got really busy anyway) to visit a friend. It rained all the way from the state border on, of course right after it got dark.

SUNDAY: Friend and I went with her parents to see a dinner theater matinee of Les Miserables. It wound up being actually really cool, since it was a much smaller production than that show normally gets, and once I got over that and the mostly-synthesized orchestra, we got really into it and raved about it all the way back to her place. And then I drove home, and as soon as I crossed the state border, it got dark and rained.

And now I am sitting at home, going back and forth between Epsom salts and an ice pack on the ankle, which is not a pretty sight right now. I’m considering making tea, but I’m not sure. I did have three cups of coffee during the show, anyway. Ah well!

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This is a backlog from Friday because Cup 2 proved my review of Cup 1 to be a boldfaced lie. :P And 1) my computer was Down With the Sickness and 2) I was busy helping my parents last-minute clean the house for a rare visitor. For the longest time, my parents were self-conscious about the house, but since we’ve gotten a lot of things redone, it’s a much nicer-looking place.

You know how I said I couldn’t taste the Dian Hong flavor progression? Lies! Once the tea had the chance to cool and mellow a bit, I realized the brightness I was getting at the beginning of the sip was partly due to that Bailin Bongfu-esque earthiness, which tastes slightly citrusy or something when you have rose flavoring. As it stays on the tongue, it does darken and malten (it’s a real word now!), you just still have that floral overtone. And even that mellows out a bit as it cools. It’s really quite a pleasant cup. I’m considering it for a restock once the sample’s gone.

But my favorite part? The wet leaves with the rosebuds. They really do smell like roses!

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Writing this on my phone because my computer is Down With The Sickness. Oh nooooo…

There are little rose buds in the tea! Not just leaves, but full-on rose buds. It’s precious! I even had to show my mom. Apparently rose hips are a source of Vitamin C?

The dry leaves definitely smell sweet and rose like; the tea smells like a sweet Dian Hong. The flavor of the rose is unexpectedly bright. It’s kind of perfume-like, but there’s also some vegetable it’s reminding me of. There is maltiness late in the sip, but besides that I really don’t get the Dian Hong chameleon-flavor in this tea, although I can tell it’s a black base.

No numbers for now. This may be one to get used to.


Sounds interesting!

I hope your computer recovers! :O /0\


Thanks, me too! :/

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This is one of my favorite teas, and so delicious on this wintery day.
Buttery sweet potato with orange and pepper. So rich and tasty!!
Going to re-steep for another cup as this one went fast!

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Bright, clean and crisp sweet potato and sweet citrus; little malt. The wet leaves are the most beautiful I have ever seen! Glowing golden honey!

I like this tea plain (no milk as I sometimes have).

Thank you Angel and Teavivre for this lovely sample.

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Dry leaf smells of fresh sweet hay – so comforting somehow.

Brewed, the first sip is a bit brisk but smooths as the cup cools. Flavour is bright with earthy sweet potato, and then a lingering orange citrus aftertaste which develops more as the tea cools.

Second and third steeps do not have the astringency of the initial cup and tastes even more of orange and sweet potato.

That bit of briskness is leaving a dryness in my mouth and throat- although it could just be due to how I feel today.

This is a very good, flavourful and tasty tea, and I will try it again another day when the bright citrus note won’t bother me so much.

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wow….am I really the first to rate this??

ok…. no pressure or anything…

Ok well hot….it’s pretty strong in flavor…little spinach…vegetal?…but def smooth. Sort of a thick mouthfeel if that makes sense. It smells slightly sweet and floral. The main taste is that strong spinach leafy taste…but then it develops into more of a floral….

Letting it cool a bit more…

hmm….it’s allright…nothing too special. Maybe I’m just expecting more for some reason. It IS brisk tho.

Second steep. Less spinach taste but now it seems almost bitter. It’s odd.

It’s not a bad tea…but nothing I think I HAVE to have.

I’ll have to give it a couple more tries before I can rate it

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No notes yet. Add one?

195 °F / 90 °C 1 min, 15 sec

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Oh this is a perfect tea for a cold and rainy afternoon. Soft, warm, a hint of buttery osmanthus and of course the gentle, inconspicuous milk note. The green of the unfurling leaves matches the few mossy things left outside in the fog that haven’t been swept away in the coming of winter. The aroma of the brewed tea is comforting and restful. I think I’ll have another steep or three (and it will be a re-order for sure). Stay warm, friends!

Flavors: Butter, Milk, Osmanthus

Boiling 1 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Ooooh! I loved your tasting note.


Thank you! :)

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Dry: Tightly rolled dark olive colored leaves with lighter stems peeking out here and there. Smells fresh, a bit buttery, and vegetal without being grassy or hay-like.

Steeped: Pale clear light olive liquor. The leaves unfurl while brewing and show how large and lovely they are. Like with most quality oolongs, make sure there is plenty of room in the infuser before steeping. Smells just like the dry scent with a creamy aroma noted once brewed.

Taste: I’ve never had other flavored or unflavored milk oolongs to compare to, but I have been enjoying this tea. It is vegetal, buttery, every so slightly floral, and smooth. I am not getting milk taste per-se, but an overall creaminess to the feel on the palate. It is a rich and pleasurable oolong to sip and I am glad I purchased a larger size tin to enjoy it all the longer.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

i found this blend very comforting. =0)

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From the HHTTB

I’m not sure who put this in the box, but the box is WAY TOO BIG & FULL.
So thank you!
This tea is yet another example of the excellent quality of teas the TeaVivre produces, & although I don’t drink as much green teas as I used to, this is very nice. Its a delicate green & the jasmine is there, but very lightly. A very nice & refined cup!

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I feel like I wasted half my sample – I didn’t realize that I was supposed to steep this at 85C and so I dumped my poor leaves into boiling water as I would most black teas.

/0\ Ok. Never assume anything. Let’s move on.

This tastes fine by the way, but I’m not rating/reviewing until I do it “properly”.


This is one of my favourite teas of all time. The lower steep really smooths out the malted flavour and sweetens it up. :)


I meant to say lower temp steep.

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I have really grown to love Keemun black teas. This one did not disappoint. It’s got all of the characteristics one might expect from a keemun, but this one seems a bit more refined than the usual fare. It’s definitely on the light side for a keemun, but at the same time the flavors and aromas are noticeable. The smokiness is there as expected, but the dominant aroma in this cup is unmistakeably floral. Those are the aromas at the forefront, with subtle malt, hay, and cocoa notes floating in the background. The finish is slightly bitter and dry, in a very enjoyable way, with very slight cherry/strawberry notes at the tail end. Despite all the flavors that sometimes indicate a heavy drink, this one leaves me feeling refreshed.

Very good. Many thanks to the wonderful people at Teavivre.

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Very good tea! Today I am getting a more roasted nut vibe from my last sample pack along with the smooth green savory broth. Excellent for an organic Dragon Well. I am so glad I ordered a large tin of this or I would be writing another sad sipdown note this week, lol.

185 °F / 85 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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Was in the mood for a straight green while I try (once again) to get started on my last paper for the semester. It is a family case study with regard to health policy, so pretty boring to research and write about. At least to me. :/

Anyhow, I was happy to find one more sample bag of this hiding behind the flavored matcha. I used a little bit less leaf than last time and it is still great. Fresh, sweet, and a bit buttery with that hint of water chestnuts that I like so much- just what I wanted this fine afternoon.

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 45 sec

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Dry: Bright green flat leaves/buds, quite large. Measuring this one would probably be best by weight if you want to be exact, but it seems pretty forgiving as far as green teas go. Smells fresh and crisp from the bag with almost a spicy or sparkling note.

Steeped: Pretty pale green clear liquor. Rich buttery spinach aroma; I am excited about this one!

Taste: This one does not skimp on flavor at all. Rich is the word I would go with for aroma and taste both. It is vegetal, buttery, and a bit nutty with a thick and smooth feel to the tea itself on the tongue. I agree with another review that it is almost like the water from water chestnuts meets a quality green tea. I am enjoying this one quite a bit and it is holding up nicely to multiple steeps of 1m, 2m, and 3m. Lovely tea and organic, too!

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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Free sample from Teavivre. Thank you.

The bright green, flat leaves instantly tell me this is a Long Jing. The aroma of the dry leaf is grassy and pleasant like a spring meadow. Upon steeping, the aroma becomes savoury, as I would expect. It sets my taste buds tingling. The liquor is a lovely greenish yellow colour with a delicate savoury aroma. It is not as robust as others that I have tried, promising a delicate, more gentle experience. Sipping the tea I notice the nuttiness first and the warmth on my tongue. The aftertaste sparkles, for want of a better word. It is sweet and tingly. I think I prefer this to the other Long Jings that I have had. It is less ‘in ya face’ and has greater depth. The non-pareil label is definitely well-deserved.

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 30 sec

Well expressed. I hopped on your description and could almost taste the sparkling finish.


Thank you, Bonnie.

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This is a great clouds and mist green. Refreshing is definitely the biggest word that comes to mind. It’s got a solid sweetness too it, balanced by a fairly assertive but well-balanced vegetal intensity reminiscent of a Japanese green. It is a very “brisk” tea as well, there is a pleasant bitterness on the finish that leaves your mouth feeling very clean and refreshed. This would be a great everyday green, I imagine it would be great cold-brewed. Very fair price for a solid casual green tea.

Thank you to the ever-generous Angel for the sample.

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Thank you Teavivre for this sample tea!

When you open the silver packet of tea, the rose fragrance is potent…released as it should be from a properly sealed container (which Teavivre does so well with much care).

The rose scent can be a bit off-putting. Even I was wary…and in my mind I spoke to myself “Oh no, a perfumy tea!” But I was wrong.

I had Eric brew some up (I tried it first at home and was excited for his reaction at the tea shop). He said out loud what I had thought when he put his nose down into the dry leaves…“A perfumy rose tea!” And when he sipped the tea, “Huh, it doesn’t taste strong rose, in fact this is really good!”, said he.

George lumbered behind the bar…with his “Watcha drinkin”, rinsed out a cup and poured from the gaiwan after sniffing and saying the third “Oh wow ROSE!”…then “Huh?…this isn’t strong like I thought, it tastes Yunnan Black, really good, almost Golden Monkey.” And off he went out the door. (He owns the shop)

I like having other opinions after I’ve made my own. Makes me chuckle to see other people have the same reaction…like I have a secret that I’m springing on them.

My Black Tea loving friends are thumbs up on this rose tea. I think it’s the best Rose Black I’ve had too.

Very, very fragrant aroma…lovely not icky strong scent that fools one into thinking the taste will follow and be rose too but it doesn’t go there.
The flavor is hearty with a HINT of floral not a bouquet just the way it should be. Plenty of body and robust flavor in the tea. Not girly, fru-fru or tea-party-only tea.

I’d share this with a man (if I could find one).

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The rose taste is present but not strong nor does it taste like you are drinking a bottle of perfume. The tea is not bad, just not for me. I have determined I just don’t like the flower taste in a black tea.

Boiling 5 min, 15 sec

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