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Many, many thanks to ashmanra for this tea!!!!!!

These are very, very delicious black dragon pearls, particularly if you prefer the more leathery/slightly smoky side of things. There’s chocolate and sweetness and grain, but a distinct Queen Catherine-esque type light smoke. It’s distinctive enough to even come through on the second steep.

It was yummy and a great wake up this morning, but boy is it delicious with my red beans and rice with andouille sausage and smoked paprika leftovers I brought for lunch!

I love my uberchocolatey thepuriTea dragon pearls, but these are different enough, believe it or not, that I would stock them both!

Thanks once again, ashmanra!

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Longjing isn’t really my thing. I enjoy it on occasion, but I generally find it almost too savory for frequent drinking. Anyway, this one is fantastic. The aroma is very fresh, with strong, sweet, and slightly nutty characteristics. The dry leaves look to be of great quality: bright green, tons of fuzz, with a few pockets here and there sticking to the leaves. Almost entirely of buds, but there are some broken leaves and extraneous materials scattered throughout. All in all, though, very consistent.

I have found this particular version to be somewhat finicky to brew, though I particularly enjoyed it “grandpa style” (if anyone follows MarshalN), with minimal leaves, sipping from an open gaiwan, filling it back up with water once it gets a bit past halfway. Pretty much the traditional style, but I prefer it in a gaiwan instead of a glass. In this way, a clear, light-jade green liquor is produced that is crisp, light, and buttery, with the characteristic Longjing “chestnut” flavor. The aftertaste is sweet, fresh, and induces salivation.

Preparing it gong fu leads to too much umami flavors and an “overly green” taste (if that makes any sense), especially with too high a quantity of leaves. However, depth increases at least three-fold this way. This makes sense, but the level to which it increased was surprising to me. At any rate, this way or grandpa style both provided decent staying power throughout steeps. All in all I was impressed, and I am thankful for an opportunity to sample this tea.

170 °F / 76 °C

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The word “fragrant” in the title does not mislead; indeed, this tea is aromatic in many ways. The small, mostly black dry leaves exude a powerful aroma of citrus, cocoa, and that unmistakable “pure tea” scent. This balanced medley is interestingly persistent and found in the wet leaves, the liquor, and the empty cup/gaiwan lid. The liquor is bisquity and very smooth, with a lively and crisp texture.

Flavors open exponentially, with a slower start upon the cusp of the sip, quickly rising into a strong, full-bodied mouthfeel. While it develops quickly, the complexity is low. However, the depth is remarkable and is enough to lead to a cooling finish in the throat and a lingering aftertaste. In some cases with high amounts of leaf, the finish is drying and somewhat sour, while the general mouthfeel is sharp and slightly metallic. Hence, I have found that small amounts of leaves produce a more balanced, sweet brew, while packing the gaiwan seems to bring out more undesirable qualities, even with flash infusions.

Sweetness is pretty low-key, but after seven or eight steeps, I am able to steep out infusion after infusion of flinty sweet liquor with a simple, slightly malty, “tea” flavor. This ability to go the distance in steeps, its powerful cooling qualities, and its strong fragrance make this a really great Keemun.

Thanks, Teavivre, for the sample.

205 °F / 96 °C

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Backlog from yesterday.

Lately I’ve noticed that if a tea is described as having sweet potato notes, it is likely that I’m not going to love it. This tea is so highly reviewed I was hoping it would be the exception to the rule. Unfortunately, it’s not. I wouldn’t turn down a cup of this, but I also won’t be placing an order for it.

So far from my huge bag of samples from Teavivre, the Golden Monkey is the clear favorite.


Lol on the sweet potato notes! Me too!

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I got my big box of samples from Teavivre yesterday. I love that they give two sample packs per sample. That way you can try both brewing methods and there’s no figuring out how much leaf to put in.

I tried this first as it sounded good and I got a bonus sample of it in my order so I have a little extra of this. I really love fujian black teas. This one is no exception. There is just a deep rich flavor to them. I like fruity brisk black teas from time to time in the afternoon, but generally I prefer the Fujian black teas. I can’t wait to try the tan yang and the dragon pearls. It’s going to be a very caffeinated day!

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Once again this spring, Teavivre sent a box of amazing samples to try! Thank you, Teavivre!

I have held off on a detailed review of this tea because Huang Shan Mao Feng is one of my favorites, and here is one that purports to be “nonpareil”. I wanted to try it while I could focus on the tea alone, with no food distracting from the flavor.

With food is actually how we usually serve Huang San Mao Feng. The first time I ever tried it, I sipped it by itself and thought it was very mild and was not going to be a good choice with our meal, but I served it anyway and was surprised to discover that it went beautifully with the meal. The tea seemed to change to suit the situation.

With this batch, I put the leaves in my hand as the water heated and I breathed on the leaves again and again, checking them for the light, wafting aroma. At first there was very little, but gradually I began to smell fresh spring plants, and then….smoke. Not like Lapsang smoke, but more like a beloved grandpa was smoking some fine, cherry pipe tobacco and left the room ten minutes ago. So I guess a sweet tobacco aroma is what I was getting.

The liquor is pale. The aroma is soft, but it is mostly the ghost of the scent of buttered steamed veggies and a hint of nuttiness. I did not pick up on any astringency, and though briskness was mentioned I didn’t get that either. There was a mineral flavor that is crisp and clean to me, and I believe that is what makes this tea pair well with food.

When the tea is alone, the mineral flavor serves as the front of the sip and gives way to the mild, fresh vegetable taste and nuttiness. When paired with food, the mineral flavor sweeps away the taste of the food, cleansing your palate and allowing you to taste the gentle freshness of this tea even with the richly seasoned food that is sold here as “Asian food” at the buffets. So while I agree that this one is palate cleansing, to me it seems to accomplish that task through the mineral freshness rather than what I think of as astringency.

The leaves are so pretty after steeping that I had to eat one before drinking the second steep! They look Ike tiny string beans in the basket. There is a bite to the leaf even after two sweepings, and a briskness is definitely present in the leaf itself.

I am most of the way through steep number two. This still has nice flavor. The memory of the leaf I ate is still with me, adding a little kick to this as I sip. This is a mild tea, like my other well loved Huang Shan Mao Fengs, but they present mild versions of delightful flavors that are some of the most desirable flavors of green tea.

Mild, buttered steamed veggies, nutty, soft, the barest hint of astringency if you look for it, and delicious.

Thank you, Teavivre!


Gotta love Teavivre! This tea sounds particularly good, too :)

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This is a gentle cup, with the earthy sweetness of sweet potato, & kind of a yeasty quality to it as well.


This is waiting in my teavivre shopping basket. :)

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I’m enjoying a cup of this one, delicious, light & sweet. It really is tasty with an interesting earthiness & yeastiness to it, like sweet potatoes sprinkled with malt powder, or something like that. The main thing to remember with this tea is to keep the temperature on the lower side, it doesn’t like boiling water as much.


vanilla citrus spice is back :)

Terri HarpLady

I know! I already ordered some, LOL :)


haha i’m still trying to hold out for April….but let me tell you, April 1 is going to see 2 orders haha

Terri HarpLady

I was gonna hold out, but then I figure, “What the hell, why wait?”


i wait because i’m only allowed to order if i get down to my goal for the month lol although..at this rate, i still might actually do it haha

Terri HarpLady

Rules rules rules…LOL….sounds like you have your own version of Ms Theresa, hahaha


yeah. her name is sarah. snicker

Terri HarpLady

The voice of reason :)

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After breakfast tea. A nice rich sweet potato, enhanced with a yeasty/cheesy taste. Tasty!


Huh. Sounds like it’s infused with nutritional yeast. :)

Terri HarpLady

But in a strangely delicious way :)


Yeah! I could see that working in a tea.

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I drank this all afternoon. I went with a gongfu setup:
7G + 4oz porcelain teapot X 5sec (+5 sec for each successive steep)
This made for a very rich brew, malty, with a buttery sweet potato taste, some floral, and that yeasty/cheesy kind of taste. It just gave & gave! 7G was a bit of an overleaf, in retrospect, but it was tasty!

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Sipdown # 2 of the day was provided by Angel & TeaVivre. Thank you so much for the opportunity to sample this tasty tasty tea! A slightly floral sweet potato, with a yeasty cheesy kind of tongue thickening quality as well. Very lovely, & definitely on my list of teas to purchase when I make my next TeaVivre order! Delicious!

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I’ve been part of a couple of ‘group orders’ recently, including one from TeaVivre, which reminded me that I still have several samples that Angel generously sent me to drink & review. I drank this Tan Yang before, & I think it is the only Tan Yang I’ve had so far…maybe?

The dry leaf is lovely, delicate, & variegated in colors of beige & charcoal, with an amazing aroma that is rich, malty, & floral.
My water kettle & I were temperature challenged this morning. First the water was too hot, so I turned the stove off & walked away for a few minutes, then the temp was too cool, so I turned the kettle back on. Then it was too hot again, so I poured a cup of water & put the thermometer in the cup, blinked & it was too cool again. LOL. BTW, I use a cheap thermometer that I got from target, I think it’s this one.

Right now they are available on Amazon for .98 (plus shipping). They have 7 left in stock. I don’t remember what I paid at Target, but it was very inexpensive & I’ve been very happy with it! I put the stick part of the thermometer right in the hole (the whistler) on my kettle. It works out perfectly!

But I digress (I’ve always wanted to say that, hahaha)
This is an interesting cup of tea, kind of ‘cheesy’ tasting, it kind of reminds me of an aged cheese. I know that sounds weird, but it’s like a rich buttery aged cheese. There’s also a malty yeasty taste too it, & even an almost effervescent beer like feeling in my mouth, with a hops like tingle & slightly bitter undertone. This is an interesting tea, with some interesting taste combination.

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This is another lovely sample from Angel @ TeaVivre. Thanks so much!

The aroma of the leaf is very rich & buttery, & once steeped it yields a tasty cup with an essence of sweet potato & a slightly floral high note.
This is one of those teas that has a really rich middle range, with what I can only describe as a “cheesy” taste & feel, as in a fine aged rich cheese. Of course, being allergic to milk, it’s been 30+ years since I actually had any, and it’s taken me awhile to come up with a description of this, but it just hit me as cheesy, so that’s what I’m going with. A nice thick mouth, now I’m thinking yeasty & malty too.

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My next sipdown come courtesy of Angel & TeaVivre!
This is a lovely Dragonwell, sweet & green, with an almost cheesy taste too it. Everything I’ve enjoyed from TeaVivre has been of excellent quality, & this tea is no exception! Delicious!

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I used to drink a lot of Dragonwell at one time. This one is the classic embodiment of what a Dragonwell should be. The leaves are beautiful, flat, sage green, with a heady aroma of green-ness. They brew into a pale yellow.

The flavor is sweet & green, with a thickness to the mouth. Delicious.
Thank you Angel & TeaVivre for this lovely & generous sample!

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Mmm thanks teavivre for the sample. Very neat looking tea pearls.
I used 4 pearls for the cup. Loved the slightly smokey toasty type flavour. Have enough pearls in my pack for one more small cup:)

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Here’s another tea that I meant to review on Monday, & I’d like to thank Angel @ Teavivre for her generosity.

The dry leaf is a beautiful irridescent green, with a sweet & buttery aroma. Teavivre does include steeping suggestions of some of their teas on their website, for both western & chinese style steeping. For this session I used 3G in my test tube steeping, 30/60/90/120
The resulting pale yellow liquor had a gentle taste & fragrance of butter & chestnut, plus sunflower sprouts! Delicious!

Cameron B.

Yum, this sounds delicious! I’m going to have to order a giant amount of samples from TeaVivre in the near future.

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I have no idea what the count on my tea collection is right now, & I’m not going to do the math today. Sil sent me 38, I got 4 from Verdant, & their bundle box is also en route, so who knows, & really, today who cares?

This lovely green tea is gentle & buttery, with a rich flavor of sunflower sprouts, which I love. Thanks again to Angel & TeaVivre for this sample. :)

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I just realized there is a crack in my glass 12 oz little teapot, which I mostly use as a pitcher during gongfu brewings.
…sigh… the crack is by the handle, & it also leaks, a drop at a time. I have really enjoyed this little one. I always feel sad when it’s time to say goodbye to good teaware, but of course this also means I get to look around for a replacement…

This lovely tea is a sample sent to me from Angel @ TeaVivre Thanks so much!
The aroma of the leave is green, of course, but also buttery & rich.
I steeped the whole sample packet in my 12 oz (cracked) glass pot, at 185 for 2 minutes. It’s a delicate, sweet & rich little tea with a light fragrance. It reminds me of eating sunflower sprouts. I haven’t grown those in awhile, & they are just SO good, kind of nutty & buttery & freshly green. This tea reminds me of those, & it is a very nice delicate fresh lightly vegetal cup. Very lovely.
Thanks again Angel :)

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Although I like this one better than the lapsang souchong I got from Della Terra Teas, I’m starting to think that smoky teas are not my thing. In comparison the DTT Lapsang this one is more subtle about the smokiness and there is a silky sweetness that was missing in the other. There is no bitter burnt aftertaste either.

It probably doesn’t help my opinion of smoky teas that I associate the taste with the last time I had the stomach flu-I threw up a whole bunch of smoky bbq ribs. Well at least I tried another smoky tea and could taste that it was higher quality even if it’s not my favorite.

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Thanks to Angel from Teavivre for this sample.

The leaves (both dry and when initially wet) surprised me with their extremely bright green color, which inevitably led to a highly “green” liquor—very floral and herbaceous taste with pale-green liquor coloration, a crisp mouthfeel, and a general lack of persistent, full aroma. I’ll chalk this one up as another modern “green tea” tieguanyin and move on. The flavors were of the general tieguanyin spectrum, although were more subdued than those of other similar spring tieguanyin*, so I won’t go into much detail there. Instead, I’ll focus on the aromatic and textural qualities that set this one apart (for better or worse).

I generally prefer the autumn harvests of tieguanyin for their more pervasive aromatics and depth, especially with this kind of lightly- or un-roasted tieguanyin. I found the fragrance of this one to be quite lacking, as I alluded to above, which seemed to bring out the highest overall intensity after the wash and then fade quickly throughout the session. The scent on the gaiwan lid was fleeting after each steep, while my tasting cup had little to no lengxiang (lit. cold fragrance; the scent leftover after the liquor has been drained). However, I found there to be dimensions of the wet leaves’ fragrance that were unique, such as a deeply vegetal, “green wood” quality that was somewhere in the earthy spectrum of scents.

I found the mouthfeel and general “form” of the liquor to be quite enjoyable. I noticed almost no astringency whatsoever, and a long smoothness for each sip. Although the textural dimensions remained on the light side during the opening and development of a sip, the finish was sticky and somewhat thick, with a faint cooling sensation in the throat. With more leaf in the gaiwan*, a small tartness in the throat is detectable, although the information Teavivre provides for this tea indicates that it shouldn’t have this quality because of the lack of tuo suan during processing. Again, it didn’t seem to be there with lower quantities of leaf (as in half the sample pack per 100 mL of water), but it wasn’t a negative quality to me regardless.

*Using a bit more than half the bag will result in more intense/full flavors, at the expense of some smoothness, in my experiences. Both produce sessions that are good in their own right, depending on what qualities you desire. Teavivre seems to recommend the entire bag for gaiwan brewing, but for my preferences the cramping of the leaves at that concentration produces a sub-optimum infusion.

190 °F / 87 °C

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I spent the afternoon savoring cup after cup of this Shu. It really is a pleasant earthy & sweet tea. I felt like I was drinking the forest floor, a deeply decomposed leaf pile. Later it took on a cedar essence as well. This really is a nice tea. Thank you Angel & TeaVivre for this sample.

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About a week ago I was weeding my blackberry bramble, & as I breathed in the aroma of the mulch under the berry canes, it reminded me of Shu: rich, earthy, musty, damp, wonderful. I have 3 Oak trees in my yard, & every year I pile all the leaves in a very large bin, where they are allowed to break down for 18 monthes. I have 2 such bins, for alternating years, & the resulting leaf mulch gets piled under berry bushes, mixed into garden soil, etc, along with compost from my compost piles.

I haven’t been drinking a lot of puerh lately. I have plenty (believe me…), & I love both Shu & Sheng. I guess I’ve just been busy. Also, I’ve been sampling a lot of teas, & because I like to do long gongfu sessions with Puerhs (and oolongs), I end up just drinking one tea all afternoon, instead of several samples. Also, I’ve been running around on errands &/or gardening a lot lately too, so not a lot of time to sit around pouring gongfu steepings.

So today is the day! Tony & I have been in pajama mode all afternoon, & I’ve been enjoying this generous sample sent to me from Angel @ TeaVivre. Thanks Angel :D

I have a gaiwan at Tony’s, but no scale, so I don’t really know how much tea I put in there, basically the whole sample. It was a beautiful sample: nice dark fragrant chunks of teacake, beautiful brown with golden highlights. I gave it a quick rinse, then started steeping.
1st round, all combined in a cup: 10 sec, 15, 20, 25
2nd round: 30, 40, 50, 60
3rd round: transferred all the leaf to a steeping basket & steeped in the cup for 3 minutes.
I may do another couple of rounds at 4 & 5 minutes.

The resulting brew was a beautiful dark chocolate brown, rich with an earthy grounding flavor, smooth & sweet, with a pleasant qi feeling, & a delightful tongue tingling sensation. A perfect way to spend the afternoon.

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