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Recent Tasting Notes

Before I start on my new samples, I knew I completely forgot this one from the last round. Thank you for all the samples once again, Teavivre!

I’m supposed to be in class right now but I just feel sick and I don’t know why. It probably more has to do with the weather…while I appreciate getting rain it’s just so annoying when it’s just overcast for days. At least more lilies have bloomed since yesterday

This tea is really pretty to look at, with its thin leaves. It has a bit of a smoky, spicy scent to it.

Brewed for 90 seconds for the first steep. This has everything. Seaweed, veggies, sweetness, smokiness. I’m thinking I need to at least try asparagus, because all these teas I like that have the flavor according to other notes, I’d like to confirm that with my own taste buds and that’s kind of hard when you don’t eat the stuff. Of course I am probably like a month too late for any, but if that’s what the taste is here, I’m willing to try. I mean, I drank a foie gras milkshake last week just to find out what it tastes like. Probably not the best way to find out (you know, those weeks in France would have been a better time) but still I had to try it once.

I can’t figure out if I want to describe the last note as smoky or spicy because it’s like it changes with each sip. It’s not very smoky, or very spicy, almost just like a roasted mild pepper.

I prefer sweeter greens most of the time, but right now I really could go for a savory, vegetal one like this. I will give it another steep soon.

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Yoga, then Chinese Flute radio on Pandora, candles lit, and tea with hubby. He likes this one! I never thought I would see the day! Mr. Tetley-with-milk-and-sugar is drinking oolong plain and liking it enough to keep refilling his cup and to tell me that yes, please, he would like a resteep. I am gurgling from all this tea, but I was feeling rather dehydrated after our jaunt in the rain and thunder today to set Fluffy free over an hour north of here, then shopping in Raleigh. I need this before the coming week hits – back to (home)school, orthodontist appointment for youngest, and a Stampin Up workshop for 21 people to conduct.


Do you use a particular curriculum, or do you make your own? I am researching a couple years early for my toddler; are there any curriculums that you didn’t like?


In the early years, I found the little books from Dr. Ruth Beechik very helpful – A Strong Start in…various subjects. She shows how you can teach your children without spending a fortune on a curriculum. ( Some require text book, teacher book, quiz key, test key, quiz book, test book…and that is for one subject!) You Can Teach Your Child Successfully was a great book. To teach mine to read, I loved Alphaphonics and very much disliked the Abeka style of teaching reading. They do it backwards, in my opinion. I loved Saxon for math, very thorough. For a philosophy of the way to teach, read The Charlotte Mason Companion: A Reflection in the Gentle Art of Learning. Using the narration and dictation methods worked wonderfully for us. And if your child is male you may especially want to read Better Late than Early, a great book on the different rate of development of boys and what they need and when. For the early years, I loved Learning Language Arts through Literature – great program and works beautifully with the Mason method. Later on, the Abeka curriculum offers the most demanding, most thorough grammar and composition program you can get. All of my children are very good writers, and I credit the toughness of that curriculum. It was recommended by a professor at The College of William and Mary as being the best and hardest be out there, so of course, I bought it! :) There are thousands of great choices!


I need to take your Stampin Up course by correspondence!


That would be fun! Maybe we could Skype you in sometime! :)


Thanks for the info! :)

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Two friends joined me for lunch today. One said she was interested In learning more about oolongs so I got my gong fu set and tray and prepared this tea. Liberteas sent such a generous sample that I have enough to drink it yet again! Thank you!

The first thing one of the ladies said was, “I taste peaches at the end of the sip!” They really Iked this, and are well on their way now to liking all kinds of tea! They were fascinated by the way the taste changed with each steeping, and by the time they left I had a list in hand of what they want me to order from Teavivre for them!


It’s awesome how you’re spreading the tea love, ashmanra!

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I just shared steeps two and three of this with hubby. We are using my glass gong fu teapot tonight. This is really good, very civil oolong. No strong toastiness accosting you, just a mild reminder of the heat once applied to the leaves and the beautiful berry and fruit scent it defends itself with when the leaf hoppers attack! This is so going on my next order. I think hubby agrees, and I have a friend whom I know is going to ask for some as well!

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This is a sample shared by Liberteas. Thank you!

I believe this is my first ever Oriental Beauty. If this is indicative of others, then I have really been missing out, because this is FANTASTIC! The roasty taste I normally associate with oolongs is much more muted here, and this is FRUITY! I gave it the longer steep time, so there is a little bit of astringency, just a tiny drying and maybe a slight tart berry flavor with the stone fruit taste. Doggone it! I am going to have to place another big Teavivre order! Oh well, I was ordering tea for a friend anyway!

Thank you, Liberteas! I love it!

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Heh heh heh. Hee hee heeeeee. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! ANOTHER CONVERT!

Last night was Writers’ Group night at my house and copious amounts of teas a are always consumed. The writers range in age from 16 to 68. Lots of the young people are getting into good tea and that makes me happy.

One of the college students brought his mother last night. We had met only once before but I knew she was interested in trying some good loose leaf tea. She drinks flavored Lipton and Celestial Seasonings and told me that she is not very adventurous when it comes to food and drink. I let her smell several different puerh teas, which drew a rather deadpan expression and “yes, it really does smell….earthy.”

So what did I do? I gave her the tea that scares a lot of hard core tea drinkers! Puerh!

I set up a bamboo tray on the floor by the Christmas tree. We had Jasmine Silver Needle first to get her feet wet, and she liked it. Then I cleared away, got a new pot out and started this.

She liked it best! And says she is bringing a young lady with her next time who is also eager to try new tea. She liked the creaminess and natural sweetness. I have another lady coming Monday who had tea with me a couple of months ago and now she wants her adult daughter to get into it. Loving all these padawans!

Also, every like and comment I have made on Steepster today has disappeared, so maybe I typed this note in vain….

Cameron B.

Adorable, tea party under the Christmas tree! :D


Wow, that’s impressive! Kudos to her for being so open-minded. It took me quite a while to try pu-erh, and yep, can’t say I am a fan haha.

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I am feeling particularly blessed this weekend. I don’t know why other than that I have taken time to think about it. I am feeling more energetic now and more like myself since all the surgeries. I have family that I really enjoy being with. I have a miniature farm in my yard, and I always wanted a garden and chickens and a good dog. We have good food to eat, and lots of desserts right now because it was hubby’s birthday over the weekend. I have nice people in my life like K S, whom I have never seen face to face but who sent me some of this tea because he knew I loved it and it is sold out. There is a lot to be thankful for, and that is only the beginning.

I think I really started feeling this way when we had our birthday dinner and had tea afterwards. First, my son’s new-ish girlfriend wanted to try Hot Cinnamon Spice tea, and she loved it. Then I found out that my son, who used to hate ALL tea, has gotten her drinking puerh, and when he asked if we could have some after dessert I was thrilled. It is so peaceful to me to sit around the table or even on the floor with a kettle and make steep after steep of a good puerh, filling and refilling the cups. And this time, we were joined by…YOUNGEST DAUGHTER! Yes! She gave up sugar and milk in her tea a couple of months ago, and is now trying lots of new kinds and broadening her horizons. And she liked it!

This is the puerh I usually gave people who were drinking it for the first time. It has the trademark characteristics found in most shu – horsiness, earthiness – but none of the bad traits like fishy odor or bitterness. The creamy cedar note in this one is what endeared it to me so. You get the rich earthiness with the aroma of horse barn – mmmmmmm! – and then that bright spot that still manages to be mellow.

Something about drinking puerh with family and friends feels like an extra special bond to me.

I have much to be thankful for.


Just great, I enjoy tea with my son too. Hopefully they will appreciate tea habits even more as the years go on, both as a family tradition and for well-being.


Lovely review :]


Very nice! good to hear you are well!


See, this review was worth the last known bit of this tea on earth. lol Glad I got to be a part of your blessed day!

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Someone I knew many years ago has been back in touch and had expressed an interest in trying puerh tea. She came today to get some eggs so we sat down for a quick gong fu session before she had to head out of town.

When people tell me they don’t really like tea or that they are afraid of puerh, I like to start them with this one. It is just so good and smooth and sweet! She really liked it and wants to know more. This is probably my all time favorite puerh.

She told me that her son-in-law has a Yixing but she doesn’t know what he drinks, just that he grew up drinking tea and his mother was very much into natural remedies and such, so I got a handful of Teavivre samples together and sent them with her for him to try,an d I am sure he will share a cup or two with his mother-in-law! I can’t wait to hear how he likes the teas I sent. I love introducing people to Teavivre. :) They are amazing!

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A dear friend from Charleston is in town and I picked her up to have lunch with me today. She has mentioned in the past that she really only likes sweet iced tea but I knew she has never tried any unusual or high quality loose leaf teas. So I made lemonade to go with lunch but asked if she would like to try something special for after, and she was game.

Guess what? She loved it! I used my small porcelain teapot and resteeped about eight or nine times. She was so surprised that the tea didn’t need sugar. I made it really strong, which is how I like it, because she said she likes her coffee strong. The first steep was pretty dark but I didn’t do a rinse so the leaves were not opened up all the way.

I had added about 1 1/2 teaspoons of loose tea to the pot and just set the Krups pot on the table. Yes, the water is cooling the whole time, but I have never found it to adversely affect the taste of the teas I do this way.

The second steep was nearly black and had a lovely earthy flavor. No horsey, no fishy, no shrimpy. The cedar oil taste is my favorite part of this tea.

The last steeps were medium dark and the cedar flavor was joined by a pristine mineral taste like primordial dew. Oh my goodness, I love this tea. I keep watching the website because it has been out of stock for a while, but I will positively be ordering more when it comes back.

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This is my favorite puerh without a doubt. If I have a new guest coming to tea and they say they already like and drink tea, I often serve Harney’s Paris or some other flavored black that I feel is a sure thing. If they say they drink coffee and don’t really drink tea or know anything about it, they get this!

A few days ago, a lady I haven’t seen in five years posted that she needed feed bags for a project. I offered her mine and told her to stop by when I have time for tea. She said she didn’t really drink it and to surprise her with something unusual and adventurous. I made this!

When she arrived she told me that she normally took her coffee with milk and sugar, and that was how she had tried her grocery store greens that she dumped out. But she tried this puerh with nothing added and nearly swooned. She loved the cedar-y flavor, the smoothness, and the creamy mouthfeel. We had about eight steeps and honestly, I think the last was my favorite. We swished it around and such a sweetness and bright yet mellow flavor was there. It was pure delight.

This is one of the teas that must ALWAYS be on hand.


Interesting – onto the shopping list it goes.


This one is so good! I only have one serving left, and I’m hoarding it. Sadly it’s out of stock.


I’ll have to dig mine out when I get home. I haven’t tried it but it’s in my cupboard!


Sounds great!

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My son, my godson, and my son’s girlfriend all came to stay for the weekend, and my son asked if he could grill and invite a friend he knew from church. The friend asked to bring several family members and it ended up being a really fun day with some really nice folks.

Hubby does not eat cow because he doesn’t like the texture of beef, so I was pretty happy that my son was grilling portobello mushrooms to serve like burgers. They were delicious!

While we were waiting for the food to be ready, I started talking to the two young ladies, who turned out to be very curious about TEA! Yay! We talked and talked and talked about tea, and when they said they were adventurous and had never heard of puerh, I decided we had time for a gong fu session with this lovely tea.

The first steeps were inky black, because I like my puerh strong! I did not rinse and we started with one minute steeps or perhaps a little longer. They said they could detect the aroma of mushrooms, and had a lot of fun experiencing the changes in color and taste of the tea. We got seven good steeps before the color and flavor had weakened too much to enjoy.

I have invited them back since they were interested in lots of different types of tea. I hope they will take me up on the offer!


Oh, there are so many things I like in this review!! Family and friends gathering, people interested to learn about tea, sharing about tea knowledge, and let’s not forget Portobello burgers, yum! What a fun day it must have been :-)


Oh, it was delightful! I am so glad my son invited them and glad that his friend brought so much family along, because I think it made everyone feel more at ease because no one felt like a stranger! I will have to keep that in mind for future events. This was our first time aging portobellos and we loved them! I think they will become a staple. The girls were typing notes about Teavivre and Steepster into their phones when they left, so I hope to see them here soon, as well as at my house for more tea!


Love it.

Josie Jade

Sounds like a wonderful day!

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Last night I steeped these leaves for one pot of hot tea. Then, thinking about Bonnie’s puerh reviews, I put the leaves in my Bodum iced tea pitcher, filled it with filtered water, and out it in the refrigerator. By the time I was ready for bed, the water in the pitcher was as black as cola and even had bubbles along the sides that made it look carbonated. I decanted the first cold steep and put in more water to see what would happen.

When I got up this morning, the second steep was still pretty pale so I poured a bit in a glass and it was very weak though good. I added a bit of it to that ultra dark first steep.

I tried a glass of that mix, and Oh. My. Goodness. This is the most refreshing thing I think I have ever had to drink in my life. Sometimes a fine white or green tea will have a taste of snow melt to me. This is a whole glass of icy cold fresh pure snow melt with the loveliest aftertaste. Pristine. I really really want to do this some more. This is going to be amazing in summer heat.

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My best friend really loves puerh tea and I wanted to have some more today to keep trying to counteract all the holiday food, so I invited her over. Of course, I made apple dumplings to go with it, so how much did it help? LOL!

The instructions on the bag call for a great deal of tea and a rather short steep of 1-2 minutes. I put a bit less tea than called for and steeped it just over two minutes. The resulting tea is rich and dark dark dark – as dark as coffee. But it is oh so good. There is a cedar oil aftertaste to this one that I love.

Bonnie mentions cold steeping her puerh, so I only made one pot with these leaves and then put them in cold water in the refrigerator. It is already so dark! I can’t wait to see how I like it.

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I ate way too much from the snackie plate at writers’ group tonight and my tummy was not pleased. I had one guest and her daughter still here and asked if she would like to try some puerh. She likes a lot of different foods – more than I do – and experiments a lot when cooking, so she was game!

We only made two steeps of this, but that was enough to make my overstuffed belly start going again. My guest liked it a lot, said it tasted like leather (good for her!) and noticed the oil in this one. I love that about this puerh – the “cedar beams polished for a hundred years” coating that forms on your lips and in your mouth.

In spite of all this caffeine in all this tea, I am being lulled to sleep by all the L-theanine.

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Wheeee! My tea arrived from China! It was rather awkward, too.

We have a digital keypad lock on the front door, but my son forgets since he moved out after we installed the new one and still locks the knob, thereby locking himself out. He told me he was going to his car to get his iPod cord, so when I heard a knock at the door I thought he had locked himself out again. In a silly, high voice, I said, “Who is it?” a male voice said, “Mailman.” I said it again, thinking my son was playing around. Again, “Mailman!”

I opened the door to let my playful, funny son in, and….it was the mailman. I was so embarrassed. He wanted me to sign for my Teavivre package. LOL! I hastily explained as I signed, but he didn’t seem overly amused. :)

So now, I made a big pot of puerh to share with my son this morning because I don’t have to hoard the last of my sample anymore! I can have all the puerh I want.

I put three teaspoons of tea in my 22 ounce Beehouse pot, poured boiling water over, and steeped 4 1/2 minutes. Second steep at five minutes is every bit as good. If anything, the rich, polished cedar beam taste is more prominent. This one is only lightly horsey and not fishy at all. Second pot is almost all gone, and I plan to make a third steep. Excellent tea!


He heee I do things like that all the time, too. Especially involving the caller ID at work. I will be really silly answering the phone with someone but whoops! the department chair used his assistant’s phone and I just said something incredibly lou lou bird!


When somebody forwards calls at our work, the co-worker’s name still shows up on ID … I’ve gotten myself in trouble that way, too!


There’s got to be a knock knock joke in there somewhere…puerh.


Sorry, friend…I’ve been trying for 20 minutes and can’t come up with a punchline.


Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Puerh who?
Puerh little me wants to get on with my rounds so would you PLEASE open the door, scary lady, and sign for your package?


Good one!

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This is a free sample from Angel and Teavivre. Many thanks for sending me this new tea love.

I had a guest today who I don’t know terribly well. It is someone I knew briefly when I was young and have only seen once more in the past thirty years. This gentleman and I have become Facebook friends over our love of dogs and he asked if we would be willing to dogsit his new puppy on Tuesdays. Today was a test run to see if the puppy and my Sam would get along (they did) and he said in advance that he wanted to try some of that tea I talk about on Facebook!

He has only had Lipton tea and said he drinks it with milk and sugar. I have found puerh to be a safe bet with people who love coffee, as long as you give them GOOD puerh. We pulled out the gongfu set and began.

He listened to my spiel about puerh, then sipped. His surprise was undisguisable. Right away he told me he liked it, and it didn’t need any milk or sugar. He loved how smooth it was, saying that he thought tea was drying, and this one wasn’t! We drank cup after cup, and made steep after steep. Several times he stopped talking about other things to comment on the tea. I must say it seemed uncommonly good today.

I don’t have a lot of this left, so I really need to finalize my order so I can get a big bag of this in. I have been waiting for my new samples before I place the order because as sure as I go ahead and order I will find more in this new box that I have to have some more of!

Right now, this is my “puerh I must have on hand.” Delicious, polished ancient cedar beams, thick mouthfeel, wonderment!

Jim Marks

These really are very good leaves.

And tea always tastes better when you’re serving someone.

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I am still in ecstasies over this tea! I shared several steeps with hubby tonight. Everyone’s tastes are so different. Hubby says he still prefers the Ripened Aged Puerh Mini Tuo Cha from Teavivre, while this one is positively transporting me! I am eager to get my son’s opinion when he comes home this weekend. I hope I can sleep – this is an awful lot of tea at bedtime! O.O

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I saved this sample from Teavivre so I could share it with a friend who loves puerh.

Oh my goodness. I think this may be my favorite puerh to date. I didn’t know anything could unseat their Ripened Aged Mini TuoCha, but I think it just happened.

The first sip of tea transported me to a cathedral built of stout wooden beams that have been polished lovingly with Murphy’s Oil Soap. There is the scent of clean wood mixed with a sense of antiquity here. And after the sip my mouth is cool and tingling! The warmth of the dark puerh flavor transforms into sunshine in the mouth!

Because we were conversing, I didn’t get to give this all the attention I could have, but I have enough to drink again, and again, so I can try to be even more detailed. This is indeed a puerh fit for an emperor in my book. Definitely ordering this one.

Thank you, Teavivre and Angel!

Jim Marks

What amazed me with this tea is the depth of flavor it produced despite how little processing the leaves appear to have undergone.


I am definitely putting this on my next Teavivre order!

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This is the last of my teavivre samples, and unfortunately my least favourite. I am a tisane fan most of the time, and I love me some good fruit blends, but there was something in this tea that I did not like at all. I’m guessing it was the roselle. I found this tea to be almost unbearably bitter. I brewed it as per the package instructions for about 10 mins, and am thinking that was probably too long. I found the bitterness really overwhelmed the other fruit flavours, so I can’t comment on the rest of the blend. I will have to try again and brew for less time, but my first impression is not great, as I couldn’t finish it (a first for me…). I will try again before giving it a numbered rating, and I hope that it was just a brewing error. If not, then I guess I shall stick to what teavivre does so well, its greens, whites and oolongs!

Boiling 8 min or more

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Uh-huh! Did you see what I just did there? I clicked “Add to Cupboard!” Because I got my Teavivre order! (Well, actually there is another one already on the way, and on Saturday I am ordering that Silver Jasmine Green tea that will be on sale but let’s not talk about that, shall we?)

I have had three monkey picked oolongs – one from thinkgeek, one from Teavana, and this one. This one is the best. Nuff said.


The sale got me today, Premium Jasmine Pearls!


It would have gotten me, too, except I already have my second batch of those and an order of the Superfine Downy Pearls is on the way cuz I HAD to top up my order for my daughter’s tea to get the free shipping. :D

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Back logging: This is – oops, make that WAS – a sample provided by Angel and Teavivre. I finished it today but the full pouch is on its way and I intend to drink the heck out of it!

I have had three Monkey Picked Oolongs and this is my favorite. The others were Teavana’s and thinkgeek’s, both of which were very good. Teavivre’s has a little something extra, though. That deep baked flavor of fruit, sugared by Maillard reaction is front and center and just makes this such a rich, warm tea.

I am very glad I will be clicking Add to Cupboard very soon!

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I think this was my favorite tea of all the ones we drank today. I was still eating my peach dumplings when this one was poured and my first sip made me grrrrowl with happy tea pleasure. Wow, this was extra good today. Sigh. Another one for the next order.

Thank you, Angel and Teavivre for the generous sample. It was ah-maz-ing!

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It was hard to move onto another tea after enjoying Teavivre’s Jasmine Silver Needle so much yesterday, but I am glad I tried this today.

Sometimes Tie Guan Yins are a little….harsh…in the aroma to me. This one is much smoother than some I have had. The first impression is of a dark, baked scent, not smokey, not ashy, not harsh, but comforting, like your grandmother’s iron skillet has some slow roasted delicacy in it, an exotic vegetable that has been cooked low and slow to develop wonderful dark tasting sugars and caramelize. The taste is growing more fruity as I sip, with a hint of the frosty note I find in some white teas. This is a monkey picked to love!

Thank you, Angel and Teavivre for this wonderful sample!

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After my last tasting of this wonderful brew I iced the remainder for the next day. As I looked at the beautiful color through the Mason Jar I thought this tea would be a perfect candidate for cold-brewing. I put the two jars side by side as I watched the slow process of cold brewing. The darker iced and the lighter cold-brewed. I brewed this for several days and the result is stunning. The aroma and flavor are on par with some of the finest teas I have ever had. Period. Flavors of citrus and pineapple and, ahem, cannabis. I beg you to try this one. One teaspoon and let it brew for 3 days and wham. A sensory delight.


I’m with you. Some of my favorites are cold brewed black and puers that make your toes curl like you’re on the ride of your life on a long board!


Charles, thanks for the tip, will definitely try it. One teaspoon is not a lot, in how much water?
P.S. to Bonnie: now I want something that will make my toes curl!!

Charles Thomas Draper

The jar says 16 fl oz

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