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This is the very last of a sample sent for review by Teavivre. Thank you, Angel!

I wanted a good black tea after breakfast today and I wanted something that would go well with some Cinnamon Hazelnut Biscotti Babies that my bestie gave me in a Harney and Sons gift set for Christmas. I really wanted a Keemun but I am almost completely out of Keemuns (gasp!) and thought I would finish this sample.

Sitting here also makes me count my blessings. I am drinking tea that was a gift, eating biscotti that was a gift, and my pot is sitting on a warmer that was a gift, looking at a card by GMathis that was an unexpected surprise bearing a gift of great tea inside!

This is definitely good black tea. I went just over three minutes on steeping even though the directions recommend one to two minutes. They do say to steep longer if you like your tea stronger, I find that hong cha is typically drunk much lighter in Asia than westerners are accustomed to. Indeed, this wasn’t hurt a bit by the extra time, and could have gone longer.

It is everything I needed for it to be this morning. Smooth, fruity, sweetly honeyed. And it does pair nicely with my biscotti! It is mild for a breakfast tea, but I don’t use my breakfast tea that way usually anyway. I drink tea after breakfast.

A friend called this morning on her way to Raleigh and said she needed some Teavivre tea, and were they located in Raleigh? I told her no, they were in China, but if she needed tea I would order it for her. LOL! So now I need to make a decision on which Keemun to buy for my cupboard. This is the only Teavivre one I have had, so I will glance back at Missy and Dylan’s comparisons of all the Teavivre Keemuns and try to make a decision!


Isn’t this one super delicious?? I have only for about one cup left at the bottom of my jar, and I seem to hold on to it cause if I don’t, it means more tea purchase and , well, seems a little early to brake new years resolution…


It is excellent! I shouldn’t order any more tea for a long time, but I probably will. :)

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I don’t own this Keemun….yet….but the way my guest loved it today I may need to put it on my shopping list. I would love to try ALL of the Teavivre Keemuns!

This particular one is mild and smooth, with a silky, almost cedar fragrance. There are hints of sweet potato and a little molasses or honey perhaps. It reminds me a lot of Golden Monkey. This was my guest’s hands down favorite.

I think it was Missy and Dylan who compared a number of Teavivre’s Keemuns. I need to look at his reviews and narrow down the ones to try. They have several! As my guest said, “This one’s a winner.”


I miss those two!


Me too! :(


Me three!

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I decided to do a little experiment with this one today. Made by the recommended steeping parameters, it was a refined afternoon cup. I wanted to see if brutal western brewing would turn it into a hearty breakfast cup.

Last time: 194F and 2 1/2 minutes.
This time: 212F and 4 1/2 minutes.

This liquor is still very clean and clear and medium orange red, a tiny bit on the light side of color for a black tea. This is black tea as the Chinese enjoy it.

The test – did it bring out more cocoa, more smoke?

No, it brought out SWEET POTATO! BOOGIE BAM BAM! This is delicious! Seriously, I have Caramella Girls playing in my head from the first sip. Aromatic, steaming, freshly cut open baked sweet potato.


The resteep using these parameters is a bit weak for me, but more refined palates than mine won’t mind it.

So this still isn’t what most people would consider a breakfast cup, but it is great tea! Some keemuns are a little rough around the edges for me. This one is incredibly refined.




Here you go! I added a link to the video so you can LOL even harder! :)

Hesper June

Oh, My!
This little country bumpkin ain’t never seen anything like that before!


LOL! I had to check and make sure the right video had linked. It is a low res one since the originals have been pulled from YouTube. One of my kids likes to listen to K Pop and J Pop, and a bit of RomPop. I think this is actually Swedish with Japanese type animation. Did you know there is a J Pop artist who exists solely as a computer program, both the voice and body, yet tours as a holographic image! There are tons of translations and some truly terrible (to me) videos!

Hesper June

I might have to check out more of them, now that the initial shock has worn away;)


LOL! Well, if you really want to! It is mostly just silly fun, and sometimes my girls and I dance to it as we are exercising!


OMG I just got back here and saw the link.

^ ^ =0 o= !

Hmm, that Ascii art didn’t come off quite right…
Let’s just say I am boggled.

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This is a free sample provided for review by Angel and Teavivre. Thank you!

The dry leaves smelled amazing when I opened the package. This is really fresh.

The steeped tea is a very clear and clean medium orange color. It smells like grain, dark honey, and baked fruit, but these aromas are light and clean just like the color of the tea. The natural, fresh sweetness and complete lack of astringency make this a very pleasant tea indeed! The finish is light, sweet fruit and if there is any smoke here, it is very light, as are the cocoa notes. This is a great afternoon cuppa.

I went on the low side with leaf. Next time I try this, I will try it with two teaspoons and a longer steep time and see if that makes it more of a breakfast tea. As an afternoon cuppa, this is excellent. It is an elegant and genteel tea.

Thank you again, Angel and Teavivre!

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I’ve had a smaller rolled yunnan tea before (rolled a bit smaller than a pea), but I wanted to try these out because they seem a great serving size for a small vessel.

I went in expecting great things, because I do love yunnan tea. I did one pearl for my 100ml gaiwan. Meant to do about three to four minutes, went a little over… Would have been fine with a shorter steep, though.

Definitely more on the peppery side. There’s still an undertone with a bit of sweetness, though.

Boiling 4 min, 45 sec

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This is it, the end of this tin. I am okay, though, because I already ordered a large bag of their Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls so I was able to refill the tin as soon as it was empty.

We squeezed all possible goodness from these last pearls. Hubby and I had a Gongfu session on the floor by the Christmas tree with my tiny glass pot and the bamboo tray he gave me a few years ago for Christmas. I managed to use a liter of water on this teaspoon of pearls. The last steep had just the ghost of green tea remaining, with a whisper of jasmine, but somehow it retained the creaminess.

I checked their website and noticed that I have tried every one of their jasmine teas except for the jasmine raw puerh. I accept this as a challenge. I will try to acquire that one as a sample in my next order, and meanwhile I have the excitement of awaiting my latest order, which I saw today on the tracking is in Chicago. I stalk my tea on its way here.

Teavivre’s jasmine teas are like a drug to me, so calming and so soothing. They make a happy place for you and then fluff the cushions when you get there. The tea base doesn’t disappear under the weight of a heavy perfume, but the flavors instead co-exist in perfect balance. Even the economical Silver Jasmine Green, when paired with food, is excellent, though for drinking sans food I prefer the others. Still I can stretch my tea dollars with the Silver Jasmine Green.

I think I HAVE to have a Teavivre Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea and Silver Needle Jasmine White on shelf at all times.

Miss Starfish

Their jasmine tea’s are just fantastic aren’t they? Just, SO good! and I’ve also found that they keep going, and going, and going, regarding resteeps.

So lovely :)


We all need to have our cushions fluffed from time to time :)

Cameron B.

Aw, so cute, tea under the Christmas tree! I’m not a floral person, but jasmine is one of the few I enjoy.

And I totally stalk my tea mail, too! :D

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Congratulations to Teavivre for being named on the Top Ten Teas in the World list by Fox News! You deserve it!

I can’t believe I didn’t have this listed in my cupboard! I love love love Teavivre’s jasmine. The first jasmine I had as a newbie loose leaf drinker was not good – it was so perfume-y and fake it almost made me sick. I thought I would never have jasmine again, and then I tried Teavivre’s jasmines. I think I have had every type they sell. And it is almost a drug for me. I unwind and unclench and drift away when I drink it. Aaaaaaahhhhh.

I think my favorite is their Jasmine Silver Needle White tea, followed by Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls, then this one, then Silver Jasmine Green. The last one is excellent with a meal and so economical, but the others are my favorites for drinking alone.


agreed! congrats teavivre!!


I turned down jasmine the first time Teavivre offered a sample because of earlier experience with perfume fakery. I think I would reverse your top two and pick the premium over the white. Love them all almost equally except I haven’t tried the econo version yet. I have 100g of it but trying to get my out of control open stash whittled down a bit.


It’s nice hobnobbing with greatness, huh?


“Congratulations to Teavivre for being named on the Top Ten Teas in the World list by Fox News! You deserve it!” – Congratulations Teavivre!


ashmanra,thanks for your lovely review. And thanks you all. Teavivre will continue to share more and more good teas with you- tea lovers, as well as provide good service all the time.

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In my cupboard. Woot! Yahoo! Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh! It finally got here!

I served this at tea party today and as always it was DELISH! The jasmine smells like grape candy in this to me, incredibly sweet, and the flavor is just perfectly floral and not perfume-y. I really love both types of Jasmine Pearls they carry, who can choose just one?


Your tea parties always sound so awesome!


Thanks! We do have fun! Three teas and a cookie/pastry plate or two unless I happen to cook something. It is pretty fast and easy, too. Come join us sometime! :)

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This is a free sample provided for review by Angel and Teavivre. Thank you!

I am a huge fan of Teavivre’s Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls. They calm and soothe me, they are elegant, they taste like an indulgence, they are a must-have tea for me. So when I saw that they had added a new, even higher grade jasmine pearl tea, I was curious. Would there really be a noticeable difference in the two? Would it be worth the price difference?

We compared the pearls of each kind. These are slightly smaller than the Premium. Both show a lot of white streaks of the silver tips. Both smell heavenly. These may smell a tad sweeter than the Premium.

I made this in an 8 ounce gongfu pot using one tsp. as recommended. The first steep was very pale. The liquor has that sweet jasmine aroma and taste that I love – not perfume-y or cloying or artificial, just sweet and amazing. I haven’t seen anyone else mention it, but it seemed very creamy to me, bordering on a light butter-y feel and taste for the green base. Magnificent.

The second steep is darker than the first now that the leaves have unfurled most of the way. The flavor really isn’t diminished.

Yes, this is worth the additional price for when you want an extraordinarily special jasmine pearl tea. The Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls are very special and priced to fall in line with a tea you want to enjoy often. Both are excellent, the main difference I find being the creaminess of the Superfine. Both have just the right amount and type of jasmine flavor for me.

Thank you, Teavivre, for letting me try these amazing pearls!


So glad that you like this one too.


Oh my! I didn’t think there was such a thing as pearls better than Teavivre’s premium, now I am very curious and will have to try these as well!

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I had a craving for Chinese food tonight, or what passes for it around here. I know it isn’t really authentic. Since hubby had to go in to work because of an emergency (thunderstorm downdrafts brought trees down and crushed seven cars at the military base) I decided to just make some egg fu yung and noodles at home instead of going out.

I used my little eight ounce pot and made three steeps of this in all, though it would have kept going for more. I used only half the sample pack. I didn’t read the instructions because I CBA to go get my reading glasses. I made it at 175F and was very loose with my timing as well.

No matter, because it came out fantastic anyway. I saw olive oil used as a descriptor at the top of the page, took another sip of this last cup, and I totally get that. This is a pale tea in color but not in flavor. It is delish, and really can be adapted easily. Want a little bite for an after dinner tea? Hotter temp and more time. Want something sweet and smooth but with a veggie edge? Make it at 175F and give it about three minutes western style or less gong fu.

Good stuff and went great with my supper. A bit of chocolate now and I will be right as rain and set for the night.

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I received these wonderful samples from Teavivre, made notes on several, and then set the others aside because I was going off of proton pump inhibitors and was afraid green tea might be a trigger for stomach discomfort in the midst of rebound reflux. I shouldn’t have been afraid of this one. It is as smooth and sweet as can be and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

We had it with our meal of veggie lomein and orange chicken and it was a bit covered up. Now, long after the meal, I am sipping the tea that remained in the tetsubin and find it mild and soothing, sweet and slightly mineral. There is a hint of soft flower – orchid, maybe? Not overly vegetal, light and sweet and smooth without astringency.

The brewing parameters have changed since I had this four years ago but this is even softer. Excellent tea for stepping back into greens as I start eating and drinking more like normal again!

Thank you, Teavivre, for the wonderful samples!

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This is a free sample provided by Angel and Teavivre for review. Thank you!

Opening the little sample pouch, I was greeted by an exquisite aroma almost too fresh to believe. How can the camellia sinensis plant produce such diversity? I used the whole sample in my 22 oz. pot since the instructions recommend 1-2 teaspoons per cup. I steeped for two minutes and when I removed the infuser basket the leaves looked so tasty I wanted to eat them! They are dark green, swirled, and soft, looking very much liked cooked spinach. And the smell of the liquor is so very vegetal that you know this has to be good for you!

There is not a trace of bitterness or sour taste. The tea has good strength and is not so delicate as to get lost with a meal. (I am having my tea with some Chinese takeout leftovers.) This reminds me very much of a DragonWell. Delicious!

Thank you again, Angel and Teavivre, for the opportunity to try your excellent teas.

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This is a free sample provided by Angel and Teavivre. Thank you!

I made this western style tonight to enjoy after supper. Hubby joined me having tea and greens are a bit iffy for him still, being a Tetley-with-milk-and-sugar kind of guy, though that is gradually changing.

The dry leaves had that rich buttery veggie aroma that makes me giddy. I knew this was going to be a treat. I used 194F water and gave the first steep 1min. 30 sec. and the second steep 2 min.

The liquor was a light to medium yellow. The aroma is sweet buttered veggies. The taste is so smooth and sweet. Hubby drank four cups. Not my tiny cups, the medium sized 6 ounce ones! And I had….erp….about six of them.

This resteeped very well. I agree with the person who said that if you like Lung Ching (DragonWell) you will probably Iike this one, I think this is slightly milder, but definitely worth having on hand if you like buttery sweet and smooth green teas.

Thank you, Angel and Teavivre!

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I think Missy got this with her last set of samples from Angel, so thank you to Angel :)

Hoooo boy, this hit my tart button good and hard. Wow. I think this one needs a couple gallons of sugar and some ice before I think I’m going to want to keep it around. I’ll have to grab a bit of this and try it sugared up. Until then… I think I’ll skip a number :)

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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When I saw this listed as a new tea on the Teavivre website I was hoping to try some. I got my latest order from them and as if they knew, there it was. When steeped it gets dark quickly and I gave it a whiff every minute or so to check on it. My first sip I knew this would something special. I has all of the marks of a very fine tea. Flavor. Aroma. And an incredible energy. Definitely a tea that I will order. This is truly a must-have.

Jim Marks

Is this the Fujian version of a Yunnan golden?

Charles Thomas Draper

Jim I do not know for sure I would say yes.

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So the last (and first) time I tried a milk oolong, I was put off by its “so-strong-it-must-be-artificial” milky flavor. I was still curious to try other milk oolongs, but finding one that wasn’t artificially flavored I could tell was going to be difficult, as the definition of a “milk oolong” does not seem to be set in stone. So when I noticed Teavivre had both a flavored and unflavored milk oolong, I figured hey, there’s no way the unflavored version could be flavored! I know, that sounds silly, doesn’t it.

This really is interesting, and definitely not artificial in the subtle flavor. I can honestly say it’s like nothing I’ve had before. It does have a very creamy, heavy feel to it, and is just slightly floral without being perfumey. It also has another flavor, one I can’t quite identify, but it reminds me of….a nice hotel room (I swear I have the strangest “flavor notes” ever…).

It’s good, but to be honest I probably should have picked a different tea tonight— I’m just really not feeling oolong-y. Gladly Teavivre is generous enough in their sample sizes that I have enough to try this again on another night (or three) when I can appreciate it a bit more.

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Free sample provided by Teavivre for review

Many thanks to Angel and Teavivre who contacted me about doing another round of reviews. The shipping was REALLY FAST this time-8 days to my door! And of course, practically before I opened the box, Angel messaged me to make sure everything was okay with the shipment. Teavivre is really on the ball and I love it! I received approximately 16-21 grams of every tea in individual foil bags all inside one large re-sealable foil pouch.

This tea is first up, it being a Keemun (which I really enjoy) and a new tea being offered by Teavivre.

The dry leaves are long, a dark chocolate brown, and twisted to be very thin, with just a couple of light brown leaves mixed in. The scent is very fruity, similar to some FF Darjeelings, but without the accompanying “weedy” smell.

First Steep (Infused One minute @195) The liquor is predominantly orange with touches of red and brown. Brewed leaves smell more fruity and a little floral-a bit like a Ruby Black. Flavor is smooth with a fruity finish. No smokey or chocolate notes really. I did catch a couple tannins while splashing this around the back of my mouth.

Second Steep (Infused for 2 minutes) Brewed leaves are really starting to smell like a Ruby Black now-according to my notes, that means a little malty and a little of some type of mint. The flavor is weaker. I’m catching just a tiny hint of smoke and chocolate. Tannins are a little more noticeable. Mouthfeel is almost light.

Third Steep (Infused 3 minutes) Brewed leaves smell more like Ruby Black than ever-crowding out other notes. The tea is now starting to taste a bit like Ruby Black, although overall the flavor is weaker.

As always, this is a high quality tea from Teavivre. If you have wanted to try Keemun, but are afraid of smoky notes, this is your tea. However, if you really enjoy the distinctive smoke and chocolate notes, you may miss that with this cup.

195 °F / 90 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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Another very flavorful, fragrant, jasmine tea from Teavivre… but this one is green!

Thanks again to Angel and the team! Or wait, did I buy this one? Hrmm. Ah well, thanks to them anyway!

Compared to the pearls, I think this one is just a little bit less awesome. The jasmine is much stronger in this than on the pearls, and the green tea seems a little less delicate, a little stronger.

Missy and I both prefer a tad more subtlety in our jasmine teas, so I believe we’re going to be sticking with the pearls. However, this is a very strong contender.

195 °F / 90 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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This was a sample (to Missy!) from the wonderful Angel and the Teavivre crew.

The first thing you notice about this tea is WOW, JASMINE! It is very heavily fragranced, they definitely do not skimp on the jasmine for this particular batch.

The tea itself brews into a beautiful, placid, lightly yellowish-green color. You think for a second that maybe you haven’t brewed it long enough. Especially when you pour it into a big red mug!

The flavor is a really strikingly powerful sweet jasmine flavor, with a secondary flavor that sits somewhere near golden apples. Sweet and fruity, powerfully so. Beneath that, there is a lightly hay flavored, dry white tea taste, with a hint of that brushy-pepper aftertaste that I associate with many white teas.

Overall, a very tasty brew if you’re fond of jasmine. I think I prefer Teavivre’s jasmine pearls to this, but in general I would prefer most green teas over white, methinks.

And after one 2-minute brew, these leaves barely look touched. You could easily go two or three brews off these babies.

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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Deep breath…Here goes my first puerh!! I am excited! Thanks to Teavivre for the sample!

I snip open the sample packet and take a deep whiff. Very surprising! I was greeted by a wonderful savory, mushroomy, brothy aroma. The anticipation is really building now, I absolutely love mushrooms!
I measure out 4 teaspoons for my 12 oz glass cup and set the water to boil. I rinse for 15 seconds; pour off and steep for one minute.
The liquor smells much like the dry leaves. It is a very dark reddish brown. My mouth is watering!
I take a sip. And another. Right now it’s so hot I can barely stand to sip it but I can’t stop myself. It tastes like it smells- like buttery mushrooms. Actually reminds me of the mushroom onion soup they serve at Japanese Hibachi restaurants. Without the onion.
As it cools I am getting less sautéed mushroom and more earthy mushroom. This is my first earthy tea. Interesting! The more I sip, I like.
Whoa..the next sip the broth factor really amped up. It is salty and nummy! Holy carp, and there’s a savory juiciness that stands up as the aftertaste.
This tea really reminds me of something and I can’t pinpoint it! It reminds me of home, i think. Home cooking in Minnesota..visiting Grandpa and Grandma at the northwest angle..eating Grandpas amazing food outside next to Lake of the Woods..I think I have it. It tastes like my Grandparents’ log cabin smells. And it really reminds me of a wonderful fish soup a Laotian friend made me once. The liquor isn’t fishy tasting, but for some reason it brings me there. I think it’s the saltiness.
2nd steep: 1:45 seconds. It’s pretty similar to the first steep ( which is good) so I am going to try an experiment with sweetener and milk. Which is unusual for me, I almost always drink my tea plain nowadays. …I like it with a bit of raw sugar, the sweetness is more in the aftertaste. Now for the milk..and it’s delicious.
Well, I’m pretty happy. I won’t rate it until I have had the opportunity to try more puerhs. But if you’ve never had puerh before, and you like mushrooms, try this!

Boiling 1 min, 0 sec

Someone please educate me: I see puerh often described as sheng or shu. Anyone know if this tea falls in one of those categories?

Invader Zim

Raw puerh is also know as sheng puerh, what you have is a ripe puerh, aka shu. I can’t tell you much about puerhs, I’m just attempting to dip my toes in now. Here is a link to a discussion that may help you out for shu puerh:


Here is one for sheng puerhs:



Thank ya!


This pu’erh tea we sent to you is Shu

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