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This is one of my “if you could only have ten teas” cupboard staples. Heck, it is in the top five! This was the third tea of tea party and at the first sip I sighed, my shoulders relaxed, and too tight muscles began to melt.

I. Love. This. Tea.


Love Jasmine Dragon Pearls also. I just ordered a POUND of them from Ovation’s liquidation sale (Yikes!).


Jasmine Dragon Pearls is one of my favorites too… Definitely something I want to keep a stock of. :)


Mmmm, I agree, this one HAS to be in my cupboard!

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After getting so utterly wrecked and sore last night from cooking and cleaning, I feel great today. I also have been very lazy and have done little.

I have just finished the fifth steep of one teaspoon of these little pearls, and I must say they have added an elegance and enjoyment to this day as few things can.

The jasmine flavor is still present though fading, and the green base is showing its pedigree. It reminds me a great deal of Huang Shan Mao Feng. This is exquisite, and is one of my panic teas. I panic if it starts to get low and I place an order!

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Throughout the day today the memory of the taste of this tea haunted me. As I cleaned the living room getting ready for tea party I could just taste it. I really hadn’t planned to make this one but I started craving it. Why fight it?

This is absolutely heavenly. The green base is so good. I have had other dragon pearl jasmines that had a artsy or astringent base. This one is excellent and sweet on the tongue. The jasmine is a soothing, lovely addition that weaves a cocoon of weave around me. There is no perfume-y or soapy taste, just sweet, glorious jasmine and good green tea.

It is pretty economical, too. I used one tsp. of pearls and resteeped them and combined the steeps in a larger pot to serve it today.

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Backlogging from last night: We skipped a week doing our Chinese buffet take out so I was especially ready for it last night. For less than twenty bucks we got six meals, and enjoyed really good tea with it instead of dining in and having…water, because I am NOT taking their bagged black Lipton! LOL!

This was my tea of choice. This is the most soothing, delicious, smooth green tea with the most beautiful jasmine aroma. I was getting a little anxious that I might use up my favorite jasmines, but at last one of my orders has finally arrived in New York, so I could prepare a pot of this without fear of running out too soon. The one I ordered first is still showing as being in Hangzhou. Hmph.

Hubby used to drink just sweet iced tea, then started loving hot Tetley with milk and sugar and sugar and sugar, LOL! I watched him last night down a cup of this and reach for the pot and pour another. He has found a number of greens that he really enjoys and I am soooo glad! This is kne he really likes. He still doesn’t know the names of the ones he likes. I just have to keep track!

Daniel Scott

Hot Tetley with milk and sugar and sugar and sugar. I know that one! I used to drink that one all the time. :P


I still lightly sweeten my tea. My brothers brew sugar and sugar and sugar then wave some bags over it. Hurts my kidneys to drink their tea… erh sugar water.

Yogini Undefined I used to drink my tea like that as well too when I was younger..gallons of sugar lol!

I used to drink all my teas sweetened too, but, I slowly transitioned away from it by adding less and less, and now I can drink tea straight and I prefer it that way usually … although there are some teas that benefit from a small amount of sugar. I wanted to retrain my palate, and it took a while, but I finally managed it and have been drinking most of my teas sugar-free for about a year now.

Daniel Scott

Nice job, LiberTEAS! I kind of want to do that too. I have gotten down to a bit less than a tablespoon per cup, but no lower, generally. Still, that’s down from (mumblecough) amount of sugar, so…


My mom used to put three cups of sugar per gallon of iced tea! She balked when I cut it back to two. I started out sweetening my teas, but two friends who drank their coffee black started having tea with me, and they drank their tea without sugar, too. I was ashamed to put sugar in…made me feel like a little kid! – so I quit adding it in front of them and eventually just got used to it without sugar. Now I like it best without sugar, except one or two out of a hundred teas! Hubby will get there eventually! He has made a great start.

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I got so excited about the guests liking the tea that I asked youngest to make one more pot! This is a no fail tea as far as I am concerned. It is so good that everyone I have served it to has loved it.

Tonight was no different. One guest had tried it here cancel before and wanted more. The man whose wife is Japanese said it was very good, and he said he doesn’t praise much tea so if he says a tea is good, it is a big deal.

I had two cups. I had made several teas, all decaf, and here I go drinking two cups of caffeinated tea before bed!!! Ah well, Teavivre says on their website that this one is low in caffeine. I sure hope so.

Ooh, I may have to try my sample of this tomorrow!

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Yesterday I did a wee bit of shoveling-up some grass that had overgrown one of my beds outside while it was over 100 degrees for about a month and I couldn’t take the heat to work in the yard. Last night, my back told me it wasn’t very happy with me. Today when I turned to take the kettle off the burner for geometry tea, my back said NO! And I screamed! Lots of time on the heating pad, lots of ibuprofen.

There is a good part – a silver lining to this cloud. We have always had a tight budget because we made the choice for me to stay home with the kids. My income is tiny. Whisper “tiny” to see how small it is! :) For many years we literally only ate at a restaurant twice a year…our anniversary and my birthday. But last month, we started a little tradition of just hubby and me going to the Chinese buffet. The food was plentiful and good, but they only have cheap black tea, so I just made green tea when we got home and we drank it together. (The kids are old enough to stay home alone and don’t Like Chinese food.)

Tonight I told hubby that I just didn’t think I could go. My back is tight and not hurting quite as much, but sometimes when I stand, I scream. I didn’t really want to do that in a big restaurant. Hubby said he would go and get take out. They weigh the boxes. And guess what? It was cheaper to bring it home than to eat there plus you save the tip money AND I made two pots of this great jasmine tea to enjoy WHILE we ate, not just after! I had been worried about whether our budget would allow us to continue our Chinese food night tradition, but this is very do-able! Plus we have leftovers for tomorrow! Hooray!

I had my tea buying ban in effect, but then youngest needed Lapsang so she can do school, and I NEEDED to hit the free shipping mark, so I ordered some of the newer Extra Fine Downy Jasmine Pearls. :) They are on the way.

Oh, and here is today’s geometry doodle. Maybe I should tell her to be a drama major! :D
http:[email protected]/7851952248/


The saddest doodle ever!

Hope the screaming back sudsides quickly.


Sorry about your back. :( I wonder of some gentle back stretches will help? Like lying down and hugging your knees to your chest. If you feel up to it, try rocking gently side to side. Feel better soon!

Also, awesome drawing! Quite possibly one of the most expressive stick figures I’ve ever seen. haha I’d say art or drama both make sense here. :)


lol she should be! I hope your back feels better soon


I hope your back is feeling better soon. At least you had Chinese and good tea to cheer you up. Love the doodle. It fits perfectly with this morning’s Strindberg theme: http://www.strindbergandhelium.com/


Chinese take-out is just so good sometimes!
On no, your poor back. Feel better soon

I will be waiting to hear how you like the extra fine pearls compared to these ones.


Already reviewed them side by side! Teavivre had sent me a sample and they were so good I already ordered them. I’m afraid I drink my jasmine pearls so fast I have to reorder often! I have a opulent of friends who enjoy drinking them with me so that helps the bag empty quickly!


Oh goodness. I found your post about the comparison and I had commented on it. Awesome. I am gonna have to make an order to try those extra fine pearls!


They are both so truly excellent it is hard to choose, and I just had their jasmine green tea and am kicking myself that I didn’t order that, too. Next time!


Roughage: I just showed her the video – she had a good laugh!


Glad she liked it. There is something quite endearing about Sweden’s most depressing playwright being teamed up with a talking helium balloon.

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I haven’t had this one in a few weeks, and last night’s trial of Mighty Leaf’s Jasmine tea in bags made me question whether this was really as good as I was remembering.

It is. Ordering my third pouch now.

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A friend invited me over for brunch and conversation today. I asked if I couldn’t bring anything and she said no, then changed her mind and told me maybe I could bring some tea since she had heard a lot about it. I chose this and Genteel Lady and thought we could either choose just one or try both.

When I was taking the teas out I asked if she drinks green tea and she said no. She didn’t like green tea. We tried Genteel Lady first but she kept looking at the Jasmine tin. Then she decided to just sniff it. Then she decided perhaps she could just try it.

She could not get her face out of the cup! Sniffing and sipping, over and over. Once again, I find myself placing an order with Teavivre from someone who has fallen in love with their tea! And a green, at that! Hooray! The tea-vangelist strikes again! :D




I don’t know, it’s kind of like shooting fish in a barrel with this tea ;) Seriously, they need to put you on the payroll.


K S: I would love to be on payroll, but I think I have a big cardboard sign that says “Will Work For Tea.” LOL! This is the second person who has asked me to put this tea for them on my next order. I guess I had better order soon. She sounded pretty well hooked. The whole progression was pretty funny: no, I don’t drink green tea, well, I can just smell it, maybe we should make some, can you get some of this for me? LOL! Fish in a barrel is really accurate here.

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Finally, after twenty minutes of waiting for this to load, I can review my last tea of the day. Last night I saved my pearls. Tonight I added a teaspoon of new pearls since I had made it on the light side last time. I unashamedly drank the whole pot by myself. This is my quiet tea, my happy place tea, my meditative tea. Always, always must have on hand. I will be taking some to a new “tea friend” to try when I get my stitches out at Duke next week, because he has been paying $6 an ounce for the Teavana ones, while these are less than $4 an ounce. When you drink a lot of it, that is a significant savings if the quality is as good, and I think these are better.


It is surprising how affordable and delicious these pearls are! I agree with you. These must always be in my stash.


I’m getting my office hooked on these gems

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I just received my refill of this one. I said I didn’t want to ever be without it and I meant it! My oldest daughter and I shared a pot this morning, she who drinks tea because it is good for her and not because she likes it. She picked up her cup as we talked, took a sip, interrupted herself saying, “Oo, that’s good!” and kept talking. Yep. It really is.

Sweet daughter had come by to bring me a big bag of Lindt truffles to make my face feel better! :)
We had a mocha one with our tea and it was yummy!


She has almost joined you on the dark side. Use the force Luke.

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Yesterday’s tea to take to work. I have decided that I don’t want to take a really special tea like this anymore unless I can pour it in a cup. Drinking it from a closed top container makes you lose the enjoyment of sniffing the aroma. This was great, though….too good to take to work on a busy day when you can’t appreciate ow excellent it is.

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It has been a stressful week. I am dealing with the public at early voting, still teaching my music students, and my mother-in-law had trigeminal neuropathy seizures again late Tuesday night and we rushed over to help, ending up calling an ambulance and sitting in the emergency room until all hours and not getting her home again for two days. Tonight I was considering trying some Kava tea (a free sample that came from Yogi but looks scary so I will probably never drink it) or some Get Some Zzz’s. Then I realized I just wanted to relax, and all that takes is a really good jasmine tea…just like this.

I was placing a Harney order for someone else and thought about ordering their jasmine pearls a.) just for ha-ha’s, b.) for comparison, and c.) because shipping was already covered, but when I saw the price I knew Teavivre was going to continue to be my source for Dragon Pearl Jasmine. Delicious, soothing, comforting, and very affordable. Maybe someday I will try another, but this one really massages the soul and is a great price.


I Timothy 6:17 … God gives us all things to enjoy, eh? Especially good tea when you’re frazzled. (Bewleys this morning during a noisy thunderstorm!) Praying that your m-i-l is comfortable and healing.

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I really intended to resteep my Tropical Green tea by Harney and Sons, but when I ran some things out to the recycling can I was hit by the scent of jasmine. Sure enough, the vines have just started blooming enough for its perfume to envelope me on a quick jaunt out the back door. I knew I still had leaves that had only been steeped two or three times, and the scent of the vine made me want more! Plus, I really shouldn’t keep these leaves much longer! I usually only keep them for about 24 hours resteeping for as long as they will handle it and these have hit that deadline. So jasmine it is, and the Tropical Green will be for tomorrow. When I take it to my neighbor I will use fresh leaves, not a resteep.

In my quest for a decluttered tea shelf of only the very favorite teas, this is another that makes the cut.


I wonder which of us will actually reach that lofty goal (decluttered shelf). Just so many to try… :)


Sigh. It is a noble goal, but every time I tell myself I am not getting more tea, I see more tea and then I want more tea, and then I buy more tea.


Impossible task to declutter the tea shelf. Considering I have well over 100 teas in my cupboard! This jasmine pearls is one I will have in my cupboard from now on though!

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This smelled so heavenly last night that my eyes rolled back in my head in ecstasy. I had to resteep those pearls this morning. I am usually a stay at home homeschooling mom who teaches music lessons at home, but right now I am working for three weeks for the Board of Elections, as I always do when there is an election. I made my resteep, put it in my JoeMo XL and had loveliness to sip as we began early voting. The scent of this tea is so sweet and soothing I just feel tension ebb away when I inhale and sip. This one HAS to stay on hand. Since it resteeps so well, it is well worth the modest amount they charge for it. I think the price is excellent for a tea of this high quality.

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Continuing along the vein of yesterday…my neighbor has a broken foot that needed surgery. We are helping him with this and that. Yesterday I asked if he drinks tea, and he said he drinks some grocery store bagged greens for health. bwahahahahaha! A new victim!

Since he loved the Silky Green yesterday, I took this one today. He LOVED it. I mean, he LOVED it. He kept exclaiming over the aroma, and how sweet it tasted. Both days, he couldn’t get over the fact that I had added nothing at all to the tea. The jasmine really does lend a sweetness to this already smooth green base. He is already talking about ordering some loose leaf teas next time I place an order, and wants to try puerh and a few others over the next few days.

New tea converts are SOOOOO EXCITING!!!!


You’re like a missionary. :) good job!



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Hubby drank tea with me again last night! I can not convey how soothing I find a good jasmine to be, and this is one of the best I have had. We made about six steeps from two teaspoons of pearls in an eight ounce glass pot. The jasmine does start to fade a bit after several steeps, but it is still there, and the green tea base was still going strong!

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We drank this on the heels of Chun Mei tonight, and as much as I liked the Chun Mei, I must say this tea blew me out of the water. The sour Chun Mei with its sweet aftertaste only intensified the sweetness of this jasmine beauty.

We made this one gong fu style and got about five steeps out of it before running out of hot water. We were not yet out of flavor though, so the leaves have been saved for another pot tomorrow. This one has to stay on my shelf, not matter how ruthlessly I try to cut my tea inventory. Smooth, sweet, silky, this is a great tea.

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On Valentine’s evening, I asked hubby to join me for Teavivre’s Two Dragons and A Pearl flowering tea since it was a special occasion and he had given me a glass pot. I was very surprised last night at about bedtime when he asked if we were going to drink tea again! He is a Tetley kind of guy and I knew this was a sacrifice of LoVe! :)

I chose this tea because it is one of the main reasons I wanted a glass pot. I love watching the pearls turn into ittle pinwheels as they open up.

This has such a wonderful, natural jasmine flavor. It sweetens the tea without dominating it completely. The steeped tea is yellow, and remained about the same color through five steeps. Each was also delicious. The green tea base is mild and smooth with no bitterness or bite.

I am hoping that the “tea together before bedtime” thing is going to become a ritual! :) Or at least a frequent occurrence.

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I woke up this morning to find the tea table decorated with bouquets for my daughters and me, new tiny teacups and saucers, and a new glass teapot! EEEEE!


Yes, I have a thoughtful, romantic hubby. Yes, I do appreciate him! Yes, I try to be as good to him as he is to us!

I KNEW this tea was going to taste even better in a pretty glass pot, and it does! Actually, it tastes the same, but I love being able to watch the pearls open up. I really have to, HAVE TO, keep this tea on hand. My first experience with jasmine from another company was not good at all. In fact, I am surprised I ever bothered to try another, but I am glad I did.

This jasmine is just right for me and the base is incredibly smooth and silky. It resteeps nicely, too.
I am so glad I put this in my first Teavivre order.


Nice! Happy valentine’s day. :)


Beautiful teapot! (sucker for green glass so bookmarked and now trying to put out of mind for now, lol). So happy for you! (can feel the happiness this far away)


Happy Valentine’s Day, all! It is a great day to focus on all the kinds of love in our lives!


That is so awesome!


Sooooo cuuuuuute!

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Oh yes! I loved clicking Add to Cupboard for this one!

Three steeps shared with oldest daughter today. Magnificent! The base is so smooth, the jasmine so soothing, and even on the third steep it still had lots of color and body. We were making 16 ounce pots, not using the gong fu set, so I feel pretty good about the amount of tea we coaxed out of those pearls.

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I am so glad that I have this on order and it is on its way. I still have enough of my sample to make it one or two more times, but I do NOT want to run out!

I made this in glass for the first time because I wanted to watch the pretty pearls open up. The container was very large, though, and I think I underestimated how much water I was pouring in. The tea looked very pale, but it was still delicious. I resteeped right away with a lot less water and combined the two steeps. I am getting the glass teapot from purepuer.com especially for this tea and Teavivre’s flowering teas.

This has been a perfect tea for today. It is sunny and about seventy degrees outside, the windows are open, and the girls and I have a tea tray in the middle of the bed on my big fluffy down comforter so we can sit in the cross breeze to do our afternoon reading and have tea and cookies. Feeling very blessed.

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I have been looking forward to trying this one! I steeped this in a gaiwan, keeping a tetsubin of hot water over a warmer nearby so I could resteep easily.

This is only my second jasmine dragon pearl green tea. The first was not a hit. I gave it away.

If you try to take this one away from me, you may draw back a nub. Just kidding! But it is very good. The first thing that impressed me when I opened the inner pouch was that the aroma was equally jasmine and buttery vegetable green tea. (My other one and the jasmine black from SS that I have are just knock-you-down, artificial jasmine.)

The steeped tea is much lighter in aroma, the jasmine subtle and the tea standing forward equally with it on the first steep. (I am sharing with youngest so I decanted into some smaller cups and started resteepng right away.). This is mild and smooth on the sip, with a nice little green bite at the end. The jasmine doesn’t overpower and doesn’t fill my nose and sinuses like someone who wears a gallon of cologne and makes it hard to breathe. It is a ight and lovely addition.

The pearls are ADORABLE at the end of the first steep, having unrolled about halfway. They unfurled fully by the third steep. I agree with the other post that this would be so pretty in a tiny glass pot. I have a glass pot but the infuser broke. I think I will buy a borosilicate glass one.

On subsequent steeps the jasmine is a little more subtle and the green tea is a bit more prominent.

I took this to four steeps without a significant reduction in flavor. Delicious! Thank you for another wonderful tea experience, Teavivre!


I can’t wait for my package from Teavivre to come… I’m really looking forward to trying this one.

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