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Oh boy did I have too much caffeine today! 4-5 large cups of black tea. Last sip at around 5pm. I am still feeling shaky. Why didn’t someone stop me! So what to drink tonight? Thankfully, Angel sent me a sample of this lovely herbal! I’m always up for caffeine free stuff! But what the heck is a camellia anyway? Camellia sinensis is the tea plant, so is this tea its flowers?
Wikipedia to the rescue!
I can’t believe I used to go to the library to use Encyclopedias and books to do research.
So from what I gather, this may not necessarily be the flower of Camellia Sinensis but any of genus Camellia’s many species. In any case, it’s a beautiful flower.

The dried buds are light as feathers and smelled like sun dried hay and honey. The brew is sweet and reminds me of chrysanthemum, but less herby. I actually like this a whole lot. I can see the dried persimmon after taste Teavivre is describing here. Nice.

Now let’s hope this helps me push the caffeine out of my system so that I can sleep tonight. :(


I could be wrong here, but, I don’t think that this is completely caffeine free, since it does come from the Camellia Sinensis plant … but, it is certainly lower in caffeine than the leaf.


You might be right! Well that sucks… I feel stupid now. haha

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Water: 8oz at 175 degrees

Leaves: bright green tea leaves

Steep: 1m,2m,3m

Aroma: grassy

Color: almost clear

Taste: I don’t know if it’s just me but so far w/ the green teas they’ve almost all smelled the same regardless of their type. This tea was okay I didn’t get much flavor at all i used started w/2tsp then 3tsp of tea but nothing really changed.

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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I purchased this tea as part of the flavor tea assortment last Fall, but with the way Teavivre packages it, I feel certain that it’s as fresh as the day it was packed.

This is a perfect tea for when I’m in the mood for an oolong with a subtle sweetness. Like other oolongs, this re-steeps very well, but it also differs from others I’ve tried in the past. It comes double wrapped in airtight packets and the tea leaves are rolled then bonded together by the honey in a single oolong ball.

When I saw the sticky oolong ball I expected the taste of honey to be front and center, but despite the honey stickiness, the sweetness is actually quite delicate. It’s more in the background and supports the flavor of the tea, rather than overwhelming it.

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This tea is growing on me. Finished off the 7g sample packet I brought to work with me.
Still very simple- Creamy greenbeans!

Well maybe there is a little more going on than I first thought. As I keep drinking it, I’m picking up a dark, baked almost ashy taste- very smooth, so it blends well into the vegetal aspect of it. That’s probably why I didn’t pick up on it at first. Now I see why people mention cocoa or baked tones.

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I taste dark green beans with an extremely smooth creamy aftertaste. I pick up on some faint florals when I hold the liquor in my mouth. Not very complex, but a very pleasant cup and I wouldn’t mind having it again.

So far out of the 4 blacks from teavivre I’ve tried, I’ve like the Black Dragon Pearls the best. That tea had the most complex flavor and I loved the chocolate tones.


Glad to hear it! I have been toying with the idea of ordering this one, but I already have the pearls and just drank a pot of it at tea time today. I love it! I guess I will stick with the pearls.


For the price that they are charging, the teavivre teas are pretty good. I’ve been enjoying the samplers. But I’ve been spoiled by Verdant!

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Giving this another go-around and finishing up the sample packet I have at work. After 3 minutes of steeping I am at least getting a hint of fruitiness, but the flavor is still lacking.

I decided to keep the strainer in and steep this for a ridiculously long amount of time to see if I could coax out some more flavor. 6 minutes in and there are some slight green bean and chocolate notes. At least it does not get astringent.

9 minutes in and this tea actually gets a flavor! The chocolate becomes a stronger and the green beans last into the aftertaste. Still pretty smooth in the mouth and only a teensy bit of astringency.

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I brought a whole bunch of the teavivre sample packets I bought to try out at work. More black tea for the mornings! Yes!

When I first taste this tea, I pick up green bean flavor. It deepens as a I sip and there are some slight chocolate tones. Somehow though, I feel like the taste is lacking. It’s almost like eating a salad of wilted lettuce leaves- it doesn’t necessarily taste bad, but it leaves you wanting something crisper and fresher.


yay samples….. sorry this one was lacking. i always feel personally let down, lol. hope the next one is just right.


Part of the fun of samplers is not knowing whether you’re going to like it or not- SUSPENSE! :-o

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This is a sample I bought in my last Teavivre order. Or one of the free, I actually don’t remember which. Either way, it’s new!

Dry, this leaf has a powerful smell. The more I inhale it the stronger it gets, but I am having trouble naming the aroma. Something reminds me of fresh herbs, like my basil with some honeyed cocoa as well. There is a note of something sharp like lemon zest as well. It is interesting and appealing, though more complex than many others I’ve been drinking lately.

I used the full 7 g packet in my 14 oz mug with 90 degree-ish water (from the tap at work), though it was way more leaf than I usually use so I only allowed it to infuse about two minutes. The steeped aroma yielded more honey and cocoa than the sharp herb and citrus smells from before.

The liquor came out a warm yellow, and provides a much lighter taste than expected. It is still very present and enjoyable, just not as bold as anticipated. I get some honeyed sweetness, and a bit of a tingle on the tongue that reminds me of those initial herb and lemon aromas. It is nice and dark and really quite appetizing. I think the second steep on this one with more time will really be impressive. This is a good balance of leaf/temp/time/water, I’m glad I might I made the right call for my tastes.

I don’t get any green or grassy flavours from this (that’s important for me). The cocoa has largely subsided as well and as I get deeper in the cup/it cools I find the citrus sense is really developing. It is pretty interesting but I don’t think I will stock it regularly since I already have a couple roasted oolongs I enjoy. This is a really nice one though, maybe I will alternate between this and the big red robe?

Edit to add: After reading the other tasting notes I could see grape/currant/grapefruit in lieur of what I was picking up on as citrus-y. Someone else also mentioned IPA and I totally see that. Now that this cup is almost gone, I am really digging this one. Might be a contender for a future order, I’ll have to see what the beau thinks of it. It’s also a great deal at $12.90/100 grams. Okay, I’m putting it on the shopping list, even though I won’t be ordering from Teavivre for a few months.

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