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when i smell the tea leaves dry, they smell like a lovely green tea :D

when i smell the tea leaves wet, they smell great :P

when i smell the brewed tea, the tea smells flowery and fruity.

when i drink the tea, the tea tastes flowery and fruity too and a lot like dragonwell green tea :)

Flavors: Flowers, Fruity

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec 10 g 8 OZ / 250 ML

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one of the weirdest tasting oolongs i’ve ever had! :) tastes like a mix of raw and roasted though I prefer roasted most.. here we go

when I smell the dry leaves, they smell like roasted oolong.

when I smell the brewed tea, it smells like roasted with a little coffee like smell

when I taste it, it tastes roasted and unroasted.

a nice and wacky tea ha ha ha :D thanks to tevivre for this tea :)

Flavors: Coffee, Roasted

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec 7 g 25 OZ / 750 ML

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I’m not even sure how to describe this tea. This is one of if not the best White tea that I’ve had.
Thank You Angel for this sample!!
I’ve had this these samples for a while now and just havent tried some of them until now, I think I got them
in the Spring
I’m really glad that I waited until Autumn to try this one because it’s a wonderfull fall time tea IMO, like I
said tho I’m not even sure how to describe it.
I’ll start by saying that this one is quite different than most whites I’ve had even white tea cakes, it’s difficult because this one actually has most of the same typical notes that I also get from all the other whites that I’ve had with the honey, hay, grassy, spicey, fruity notes ect everything that I’ve ever tasted in other whites are in this tea somewhere AND also has IMO many characteristics of other tea types as well from yellow, to oolong and even at times similar to a raw puerh.
It’s a Chameleon!
Some other notes that I don’t usually get from white are Malt, Toast or Roasty notes, Nutty, Earth, Vanilla(I’ve got slight vanilla from just a few whites but this has really nice vanilla notes) Fruit(this one had typical peachy, apricot notes that I generally find in whites as well as raisiny and plum like notes that i find in some blacks)
even some whiny grapey/muscatel notes like someblacks or darjeelings and thats not even all.
NOTHING at all off putting or bitter or atringent or anything in this one, Absolutely Perfect!

This Tea really blows me away, I love it, I have to say perhaps it’s actually the best White Tea that suits me and Surely one of the best Teas period that I’ve, It’s got so much going on.
I have to give this one 100 here because of it’s wonderfully complex diverse flavors.

I must have never had a Shuo Mei or maybe not a good one perhaps.


Ooo, I LOVE shou mei! I will put this on my wish list!


this sounds wonderful…


sounds delicious.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

It is really really good :)

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Final sample from Angel and Teavivre. I’m a beginner at Pu-erh, and a nobody when it comes to Raw Pu’erh. This will be the first one I’ve ever, ever tried. I’ve heard good things, though, so I’m actually pretty excited to dive straight in.

Fresh from the packet, the dry leaves smell of apricot and grape. There’s a deep, winey scent which is really appealing. The recommended parameters are 6-10 minutes at 212, and I’m going to go for the bottom end of the range for my first steep. I gave the leaves a short rinse before preparing my first cup proper.

First cup, and the liquor is bright golden yellow. The scent is very fruity; stonefruit generically, but I think apricot more specifically. To taste, it’s a completely odd duck. Initially, I’m getting quite a strong flavour of mushroom; quite nutty , a little damp-tasting. Then a smooth, sweet apricot note develops, which, frankly, is more than a little weird next to the mushroom. There’s a light astringency in the aftertaste, but nothing overwhelming.

Second steep is very similar to the first. The mushroom notes are a bit milder, but the same (quite jarring) contrast with the apricot is still there. The astringency is increasing, to the point where my mouth and throat feel quite dry after taking a sip.

I know this one is good for multiple resteeps, but I’m going to leave it here because I’m not really enjoying it. I have another sample of this one to try at a later date, so hopefully I can analyse what I’m doing and make some amendments. I think perhaps western style brewing is not the way with this one.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

I’ve found puerh is best suited to the short steeps of gong fu brewing. You might give that a try.


also… if you don’t like the first few steepings if you do them gong fu, just toss out the first few… haha

Terri HarpLady

Welcome to the wonderful weird work of Sheng :)


I would agree with tealizzy, I steep shengs for around 10 – 30 seconds. 6 minutes is way too long.

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Wowza, this is dark full thick and strong. This is like the puerh equivalent of a super dark chocolate. The liquor is almost black its so dark, and totally opaque. It coats your mouth and throat in its warm thick embrace. Deep dark earthiness, with a hint of cocoa that’s made more evident through sweetening. There’s also a leathery note as well. Together it all just becomes incredibly decadent and a tea that you sip, not gulp. Second steep is just as deep dark and delicious as the first. This steep is a little less heavy. If possible, even smoother than the first steep. Third steep is like the first two. This tea is so rich, three cups is enough for now. I’ll save the leaves and do some more steeps later.

190 °F / 87 °C 1 min, 0 sec 7 g 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Started my day at 4:00 AM. At 6:00, I found myself chugging Mtn Dew and zapping spammers. It kind of makes me happy.

I decided chamomile rose silver needle would be a good one to get me through the rest of the day. I often have silver needle in the morning as it seems to pack almost the caffeine buzz of the Mtn Dew, however it works much more evenly, with no face punch. Keep your assam, I’ll have silver needle. I figured between the theanine in the leaf and the chamomile, it would keep me relaxed and focused. The rose just smells pretty and looks beautiful in the mix.

Here is what I learned – the first cup I went light on the leaf. It was predominantly rose. It is quite lovely, and natural. I had to pay attention to pick up on the chamomile later in the sip. It is slightly sour and slightly sweet. I really wasn’t able to pick up on the white tea. There was an interesting spice flavor mixed in that reminded me of allspice. It was kind of cinnamon, kind of clove. This was not exactly background but not the driving flavor either. I had my wife taste it. She thought it tasted minty. Interesting how differently we perceived it yet both noticed something else was going on in the cup.

For cup two, I doubled the leaf. Now the predominant flavor is apple. It is almost apple sauce. I don’t make out the spice flavor from before but it must be contributing to bring out this sensation. I also taste honey. Interesting how the chamomile has taken the lead. This drifts into the rose later, but rather than dropping off, the chamomile travels along side the rose. It is a very interesting combination.

I can pick up the silver needle but only lightly. There is subtle notes of hay and cucumber. Had I not tried straight silver needle before, I might have missed these notes.

A very interesting and changing cup depending on the amount of leaf used.


I just read on Teavivre’s site that they believe white tea as the 2nd largest amount of caffeine content in tea. 2nd to black tea. I had always been under the impression that it contained the least amount on the tea rainbow.


It really depends on the tea terroirs but my understanding is for any terroir, silver needle should have the most caffeine as it is nothing but buds where the caffeine is concentrated. Cooler water and shorter steeps may affect the level in the cup. It is all kind of fuzzy to me. What I know is how silver needle affects me. It is a good slow buzz.


I’ll take the assam :)

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A sample from Angel at Teavivre. I’ve drank a fair few white teas on my journey so far, but I don’t think I even really knew they came in cake form. Once again, Teavivre broadens my tea horizons! The pouch directions specify 6-10 minutes in boiling water, so (with trepidation) I jumped in at the bottom end of the scale for my first steep.

The liquor is bright amber, very orangey. The scent is honey and hay, very thick and sweet. To taste, I picked up a distinctive (and unexpected!) mushroom flavour, and a touch of of damp leaves. So autumnal! I was expecting something more reminiscent of your average white peony blend, but this is completely different (and delicious).

On second steep, the liquor is again bright orange/amber. The main flavour this time is cinnamon, followed by the deep, rich flavour of dried apricots, rounded off with smooth, sweet honey.

Third steep, and the liquor has lost some of its amber/orange colouring. It’s now a more “ordinary” red-brown. The scent is more like I’d expect from a shou mei, quite floral (peony-like), with notes of hay and honey foremost. The flavour is, again, savoury. The damp leaf flavour from the first steep has re-emerged, and is followed by a heavy floral note, then, right at the end of the sip, a tinge of raw, green wood. There’s still a light, smooth creaminess to the overall cup that I really like.

Fourth steep also has a reddy-brown liquor, very similar to the third steep. The scent is primarily floral, like an ordinary shou mei, but with hints of wood and damp leaf. To taste, the flavour this time is noticeably more delicate than previous steeps. The main note I can detect is wood, followed by a hint of cinnamon, rounded off with the floral, peony-like flavour I’ve come to associate with white tea. It’s a tiny bit drying in the mouth — not astringent or bitter at all, but a little powdery in the aftertaste. Mid-sip, the liquor itself is still smooth.

Fifth steep, again, results in a red-brown liquor. The scent is wood and an almost dusty floral. To taste, I can detect primarily peony. It’s a reasonably mild flavour all round, but still definitely identifiable as a shou mei. The drying, powderiness is still present.

Sixth steep, and the liquor is now more of a golden brown than a red brown. The scent is lighter this time around, but I’m picking up raw wood and peony. To taste, the main note is now just plain peony. I notice that the layers of flavour are diminishing a little with successive later steeps, although I still feel like this batch of leaves has a lot to give. The dryness I noted in my previous couple of cups is becoming more pronounced.

I’m pretty sure this one could have stood more steeps, but the work day is pretty much over. I’m not going to try and take the leaves home with me (lack of a suitable container, really) so it’s goodbye for now. I have another sample pouch of this one, so I’ll try and fit a few more steeps in next time. Given that it’s entertained me all day, though, I consider it great value! I’d definitely consider buying white tea in cake form in the future.

Many thanks to Angel and Teavivre for providing this sample. I really do feel like my understanding of white tea has improved since I started the sampler!

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

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Dry leaf aroma: buttery, squash, ver lighty light pepper note, seaweed, floral, sweet
Brewed tea aroma: Floral, honey, spinach

Thick mouthfeel, slight salty on finish, floral throughout, buttery top note, quick sharp sweetness, bean-like flavour, hint of spinach at the end of the sip

Flavors: Beany, Butter, Floral, Salty, Spinach, Sweet

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 13 OZ / 375 ML

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A sample from Angel at Teavivre, and the final flavoured white I have with me to try at work today. I agree pretty much with K S’s sentiments in her note — jasmine is one of those things that I have become leery of, primarily because my experiences so far have been largely disappointing. Strong, cloying, potentially chemical flavours, usually in bagged tea. I have since tried a couple of better quality jasmine teas, and they’re starting to change my mind, but none so much as Teavivre. Their jasmine just seems…different. Milder, sweeter, more grape like and less perfumey.

I’m seeing here the same silver needle base the other two teas I’ve tried today had. Pale, creamy green buds, very downy. I’m sure I’m seeing a dried jasmine flower in the dry mix, too. The scent is lightly floral — both the headier, perfume-like floral of jasmine, and the lighter, sweet hay-like floral of the silver needle. I used 1 tsp of leaves, and gave them 2 minutes in water cooled to 175.

The taste is very mild; much milder than the scent of the dry leaves would have led me to believe. This is fine with me, though. Mild jasmine is more suited to my tastes! It also means that the flavour of the white tea base still shines through, and that’s a good thing in my book. When the base tea is this good, why would you not want to taste it?! I’m getting the same fresh, clean cucumber flavour as I have with the last couple of Teavivre whites, and a hint of sweet, hay-like floral. The jasmine flavouring floats over the base tea like a scented cloud; it’s a delicate, airy, heady floral that makes its presence known without being overwhelming. I still probably wouldn’t choose a jasmine tea if left to my own devices, but I wouldn’t say no to another cup of this one. I think I knew it already, but both white tea and jasmine are going to be synonymous with Teavivre for me from now on!

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp

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A sample from Angel at Teavivre. After trying the plain Silver Needle this morning, I decided to move on to the two flavoured blends she sent me. The silver needle in this packet appears to be of the same quality — pale creamy green buds, very downy. In addition, there are rose buds and whole chamomile flowers scattered throughout. The scent upon opening the little pouch reminded me of peaches — sweet, slightly floral, with a lovely juicy fruitiness. Amazing! It’s the scent of summer.

I gave just over 1 tsp of leaves 2.5 minutes in water cooled to approx. 175. The resulting liquor is pale green, with a hint of yellow.

The initial flavour is rose, in a kind of sweet, sugar-dusted, turkish delight kind of fashion. I think the sweetness comes from the chamomile — it’s almost honey-like, with notes of hay and sunlight. The two flavours sit well on the silver needle base, which is itself mildly floral, a little sweet, but mild and unobtrusive on the whole. There is a slight savoury, fresh cucumber note that I picked up on in the plain Silver Needle, but it’s mostly overwhelmed by the sweeter flavours.

I like the combination of chamomile and rose here. It’s sweet, delicate, not overpowering, and tastes wonderfully of turkish delight! What’s not to love? I also found it very calming during a stressful morning at work, so that’s another point majorly in its favour! Thanks again to Angel and Teavivre for allowing me to sample this delicious, sophisticated blend!

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 30 sec 1 tsp

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A sample from Angel at Teavivre. I like white tea a lot; it was one of the first varieties of tea I really tried after black, and my initial enjoyment has stayed with me ever since. The dry leaf here looks exceptionally fresh – soft, downy buds, which are white and creamy green. No dried out grey/black buds here! I gave 1 tsp of leaf 3 minutes in water cooled to 175, and the resulting liquor is a very pale green, maybe with a tinge of yellow.

It tastes delicious. Cucumber is the first flavour I picked up; refreshing, cooling, slightly savoury. Then comes a little hay, which adds a delicate sweetness, and an almost thick creaminess. There’s a light floral note right at then end of the sip. It’s a smooth, eminently drinkable cup, with none of the “powderiness” I sometimes get from white tea. I reckon it’s going to be a fabulous resteeper!

Based on this first cup, I can safely say that Teavivre will become my go-to retailer for fresh, flavourful white teas. The leaves are so fresh looking (I’m sure the foil packaging helps with this), and the taste is so much more developed than simply “sweet water”, which is sometimes my impression of white tea.

Thanks so much to Angel and Teavivre for sending me a sample of this one. I’ll definitely be back for more!

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp

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I tried this from a sample that a fellow member sent me …and this was the worst tea I have every had. It tasted like raw eggplant/squash mixed with ivory soap and my teaware never touchs any soap of any kind.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 19 OZ / 561 ML

I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like it. Bi Luo Chun is one of my favorite green teas. I don’t think I’ve had TeaVivre’s, though.


I want to try another tasting of this to see what the issue was last time…mine is the only low score here so I think something happened to my tea ware


It could have been a contaminated sample, too.

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Thanks of much to Teavivre for sending samples of this tea! I wasn’t sure how I would feel about a tea with both chamomile and rose (neither of which I overly care for), but I thought it could be interesting – and I think that would be accurate! The aroma of the dry tea is almost peachy – kind of floral (rose), and sweet from the silver needles. The flavour ends up being kind of fruity-floral as well – a nice sweet base from the silver needles, with rose and chamomile both appearing distinctly in the foreground. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that although I could tell there was rose in this tea, it tasted nothing like perfume; likewise, the chamomile had a sort of appley fruitiness instead of the flavour I dislike (chlorine?). Overall, it wouldn’t rank anywhere near my favourite teas, but it was a pretty tasty cup considering the ingredients. I have a sample stashed away to give to my mom – I’m pretty sure she’ll appreciate it even more!

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when I smell the leaves that are dry, they smell spicy and smoky.

when I smell them wet, the smell is more intense.

when I smell the brewed tea, it smells nice and smoky. and when I taste it its heavy in smoke and spices and leaves a after taste similar to grape juice lol

(one note that keeps it from reaching 100% is that it should be steeped lightly)

many thanks to angel teavivre for letting me take part in this tasting

Flavors: Grapes, Smoke, Spices, Spicy

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec 14 g 25 OZ / 750 ML
Thomas Edward(Toad)

Sounds pretty good to me

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Oh yeah Kirk, that was a really nice full review too, great job!! Keep em coming :)


Thankyou :)

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I’ve been very tired lately. This new late-night work schedule is starting to wear on me… but it’s really nice to be able to be home more with my hubby and baby. AND why is that important to this review? because it is helping keep me in good spirits and to get through some work stuff.

The smell of roses immediately hits you when you open the package. And holy Moses it’s full of rose buds! So cute! And tasty. It’s a light flavor of roses. Or maybe I just didn’t put enough in? Regardless I’m enjoying this cup.

Flavors: Rose

3 min, 15 sec 1 tsp

Now I am so tempted to order this…

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Dry leaf aroma: Licorice candy sweetness, sweet potato, slight peppery
Brewed tea: Creamy, sharp sweetness, full mouth taste

Flavors: Creamy, Sweet

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 13 OZ / 375 ML

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now that I can drink tea as my throat feels better I will do a full review as per deal with teavivre:

this tea when dry smells like flowers and peaches :)

when I smell the tea leaves when wet, it smells like flowers too

when I taste the tea it tastes like flowers and honey :D

many thanks to angel tevivre for this amazing tea

Flavors: Flowers, Honey, Peach, Sweet

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec 10 g 25 OZ / 750 ML

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Dry leaf has a peppery scent. Earthy-woodsy tone. Medium thick mouth feel. Sour-type wheat-y note close to the end of the sip.

Second infusion at 2:45 gave me a bit of a buzz. I’ve never experienced this with tea before and I’ve never even been sensitive to caffeine. I had trouble sleeping afterwards which may be attributed to this tea.

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec 1 tsp 13 OZ / 375 ML

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The Aroma of this Tea is Outstanding! Very good I enjoyed it. It really smells like yummy strawberries, filling the entire room with fragrance.

The flavor let me down just little bit only because I was expecting a really strong strawberry flavor to match the intense aroma. The tatse of the Tea itself is nice slightly sweet and vegetal with a creamy smooth buttery mouthfeel, very nice.
The strawberry taste in the tea fell a bit short to me not because it wasnt tasty but because it was just so subtle, don’t get me wrong it was quite good but the aroma was just a bit misleading because thats where all the strawberry really was.
With the buttery smooth creamy mouthfeel of the Tea itself and the real strawberry notes it is more like a “Strawberry and Cream” tasting tea.
The subtle faint strawberry tatse in this tea is actually good for this one because it don’t mask the taste of the tea itself, it just add a hint of taste to it without making it taste fake or just too much, it is surely a step above other fruit flavored teas that I have tried.

I commented earlier in a Tea group when someone asked the question “Sweetener or No Sweetener?” and This one was one of those Teas that I couldn’t help but wonder if I should add a sweetener too or not.
My answer on the comment was No Sweetener in straight/plain teas BUT that some flavored teas can actually benefit from a little sweetener added. Some Flavored Teas DO NOT taste like the fruity flavors they are suppose to have untill you have added something in them to sweeten them up and make them taste right, thats just how it is.
ANYWAYS, I figured that perhaps this one would be one of those teas so i decided to add a little sweetener to see if that would boost the Strawberry a little bit.

Not Good, this one is NOT one of those flavored Teas that could use a little sweetener, In fact adding sweetener to this one totally ruined it for me, Granted the Sweetener DID increase the sweetness of the strawberry taste and made it a litle more intense it also ruined it by making it taste very ODD, it almost had a medicinal cough syrup kinda taste when the sweetener was added, BAD IDEA!!

I liked this one pretty good, it was missing something for me just not sure what, The Tea itself is very good and the strawberry taste is REAL but subtle and the Aroma is Top Notch!
Considering that this one was good on its own even tho subtle in strawberry And the sweetener totally ruined it, I think this tea actually a perfect flavored tea, nothing can improve on this one if it were anything more it would be like all the other run of the mill super sweet fruity teas.
Most likely not a Tea that I would buy and have on hand but surely one I can enjoy, I could actually enjoy just steeping this up and smelling it instead of drinking it I think, lol :)

DAMN!!! I Really Really Really want a big ass bowl Strawberry Shortcake Dessert right now.

Flavors: Butter, Smooth, Strawberry, Sweet, Vegetal

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Oh, Yeah
After I ruined this one with sweetener I didn’t drink much out of that cup just enough to write my review, I was done with that cup so i walked away from it and went outside for a bit When I come back inside that cup had completely cooled and I tasted it and it was actually pretty good, it was like buttered toast with strawberry jam, very interesting. Maybe I should try it as an iced tea :)


It’s beautiful as an iced tea, less sweet but fresher :)


My reaction to this one was pretty much the same as yours – including adding sweetener, and the room temp flavor. I think the problem for us both was expectation, especially with that awesome leaf aroma. Once I accepted this was a grown up sip, I realized how good it actually tastes. And yeah, strawberry shortcake does sound good right now.

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Dry leaf: light sweet potato scent
Brewed tea: Very thick mouth-feel. Dominant flavour is fresh spinach- this is quite prominent. Grassy and mineral on the finish.

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 13 OZ / 375 ML

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Thanks to Cameron B for a generously-sized sample of this tea!

This one has long, dark twisty leaves, similar to other dancongs I have tried. The aroma is roasty with hints of grapefruit. With a short (1 min) infusion, the grapefruit note is very present, along with a bright repertoire of spice and wood notes. If sparkling afternoon sunlight had a flavor, it would be something like this. With a 3-4 min infusion (I lost track a little bit), the overall effect is smokier, with a slightly bitter edge to the flavor becoming like grapefruit rinds. The recommendation is for 1-5 min, so a longer infusion apparently doesn’t hurt.

I’ve been finding that I really enjoy dancong teas, and this is a good addition to the ones that I’ve tried. It is somewhat lighter than the ones from Verdant and Whispering Pines, and maybe not so friendly to gongfu brewing, but good for brewing longer.

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drank Strawberry Oolong Tea by Teavivre
239 tasting notes

Thank you Angel at Teavivre for this sample. This tea was good, I really enjoyed it. It had an incredible strawberry flavor but you knew you were drinking an oolong. The second flavor was that characteristic oolong flavor but it was mild, a barely perceptible roasted barley flavor. They go very well together. There was virtually no bitterness to this tea and no astringency or sour flavor. This was good tea. I will have to buy it the next time I place an order at Teavivre.

While I add sugar to most tea, I made a point of tasting this without sugar. It was very sweet on its own, almost but not quite like it was made with sweetener in the tea. It was that sweet.

I steeped this five times in a 220ml gaiwan with 6.9g tea leaf and 190 degree water. I steeped it for 15 sec, 15 sec, 20 sec, 30 sec, and 1 min. The tea did not appreciably weaken by the fifth steeping but I have had enough tea despite how good it is.

Flavors: Strawberry, Sweet

190 °F / 87 °C 0 min, 15 sec 6 tsp 7 OZ / 220 ML

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Thank you, Angel, for providing me samples!

Gongfu method with a ceramic gaiwan. 10 second rinse. Steeping times: 10, 5, 10, 5, 15, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120.

The dry leaf has an aroma of earth and old leather. The wet aroma evolves after the rinse and first couple infusions – sugarcane, leather, bread, pipe tobacco – and remains sweet and earthy thereafter.

Throughout the session, the liquor is full-bodied, sweet, and soft. Early and late infusions have rusty, brick-like color, whereas those in between are darker, resembling coffee. The first infusion has a thin texture and notes of leather and tart plums. Second introduces wood of trees that are neither young nor old. Aftertaste of black coffee, which is present in the third infusion and only partially in the evergreen-like fourth. The fifth infusion tastes like leather bound books. Up to this point, the texture has been thin. The sixth infusion is notably thicker. Creamy, sweet and sugary as well – the climax of the session. The intensity now decreases. The seventh and eighths infusions have a thinner texture and loam, wood, and chocolate notes. Lastly, the ninth and tenth infusions – combined – taste of burned wood, fried potatoes, BBQ ribs, and salt. with a smoky aftertaste. A thick texture returns.

The tartness early on was not to my taste, but I like how this shou evolved. Great finish. Interesting how the texture wasn’t consistent.

10 g 4 OZ / 118 ML

Only a year old, likely needs some more aging to get the wo dui out, and also the sour can mean the aging was interrupted and the tea dried out in the midst of it. I’d give it a shot of humidity and let it rest awhile in a good clay or stoneware container.


I figured it had to do with being so young. I don’t have either of those containers, just tins.

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Thanks to Cameron B for this sample! I’ve been curious about Teavivre offerings for a while, and you can hardly go wrong with Dian Hong.

The dry leaf for this one comes in small, dark twists. I was expecting more of a gold-buds type of tea, though it does brew up to a dark golden color. There is very little dry aroma, while the brewed tea smells richly of malt and bread, similar to other Yunnan teas I’ve tried. The taste of this brew is also rich and malty, with one thing that distinguishes it from similar teas: there’s a lingering, almost floral tea fragrance that reminds me of lighter black teas and even green oolongs. It adds a bit of freshness to the overall experience, which is less decadent than some others of its kind, but uniquely enjoyable.

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