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drank GABA Cha bio by teaway
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drank Java Malabar OP by teaway
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something in the middle of
dan cong and red chinese tea
very fruity for a red chinese tea and very strong for a dan cong.
but i love this mix
i come back at home from a the first bbq of the season …. and i had eat and drunk too much.
wen i was at home i think that i really need something strong ( i mean strong in flavour and caffeine) and i brewed this sample of tasting kit dan cong.
i brewed in my little gaiwan about 4 grams of it ( in the stepping instruction say 25 grams per litre)

1 step delicious sweet fruity and a little malty the liquor is a nice red ruby
i steeped for 20 second.

2 step for 30 second the same

adding a 10 second to every step i had 9 step of this tea and this tea don’t lose any flavour

now it os one of my favorite and i want to place an order of this
if you love black chinese tea and dan cong this is the tea you don’t wanna miss give it a try!

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I loved your review! I have been wondering when you were going to begin writing about the fine tea in your cupboard! Bravo! Keep drinking tea and writing more!


thank’s bonnie,
it’s not easy for me to write a review beacause of my poor and bad english,
but i know that pratics it’s the way to improve it.
and your review is very helpful cos i discover the right word to describe flavours and impressions.


Your English is good enough to understand! How many of us would try to review tea in Italian do you think?! You would laugh at our funny words but find us charming and brave! I love Italia! You are drinking good tea! What do your friends think about that? Italians love coffee!


one of two of my friend like tea,
it is not very common.
coffe is very radicate; in the morning coffe is standard breakfast someone use moka at home someother go to bar looking for an expresso or capuccino with
in bar we have also different type of expresso:
marocchino (like a little capuccino but more coffe than milk)
whit grappa
macchiato freddo ( whit milk )
macchiato caldo (whit hot milk)
barman is a hard work in italy:)
in the morning i love to have my espresso at bar but in the evening i’m in the righth mood for taste some tea.


I was in Roma and Messina a few years ago and LOVED! my visit! I want to bring my granddaughter when she turns 18. She composes and conducts music. My mother sang Opera in San Francisco long time ago. My father was from Napa wine area of California so you see why I like Italy naturally! (I like coffee too) I love Italian gelatto! Yum!

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one of my favorites first flush ,i’m not a fan, i recently discored that second flush for me is better.
btw the dry leaf have a strong smell of mint and a little of green an flavoour.
the tea liquor is light yellow and the tea is butery nutty and when cold down the floreal note comes up!

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tea is great
in the first infusion you can fell the roasty flavour typical of wu yi oloong but the aftertaste is floreal peachy sweet …weird and nice!
in the second and third infusion the roasty go down and you fell more the sweet
now i’m at the 5 infusion and still good.

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I like this Assam
Perfect for Breakfeast
strong, spicy, complex.
whit a generous rate of golden buds.

i found this sample in a tasting kit called “classic assam”
and this is my favourite.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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