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This is a great tea, though when you have a tea as “quintessentially British as you can get” as the base for this tea, you expect it. The description is quite humorous, as we find out that this tea is also quintessentially Italian, Sri Lankan, and ultimately Metropolitan.

There isn’t an actual ingredient list on the bag, so I can’t tell you what is in this blend. The description on the bag explains that they add fresh cream to the tea, though I don’t know if I’m supposed to take that literally or figuratively. Most cream earl grey blends are made with vanilla, and this tea has a strong aroma of vanilla and bergamot. It rebrews well, and the vanilla isn’t too overpowering or artificial. Still, if you want to try the tea and worry about what goes into your tea, you might consider the fact that it’s ingredient list is nonexistent as far as I can tell.

So, I need to figure out how to multi-task, because I only managed to write half of my thoughts before moving my attention elsewhere. This tea is better enjoyed when you’re not trying to do too many things at once.

Flavors: Bergamot, Creamy, Sweet, Vanilla

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Sipdown!! (Alas I am still only at 149 because I never logged this)

So I had a whole note for this and then accidentally changed the page and thus lost it. I am too lazy to retype it so basically the gist is this bloomed to reveal pink flowers which then promptly floated to the top leaving behind brownish-green leaves. Compared to other blooms I have had, it just wasn’t as pretty. Tastewise, it had a nice mint flavor but nothing special enough that I would seek it out again, especially because it was accompanied by a bitter, drying quality that I was just not enjoying. Nonetheless, I want to thank Roswell Strange for the chance to try something I might not have otherwise.

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I cold-brewed this for 5 hours last night, and when I took a sip of it this morning it was just bitter and awful and I had to dump it. :| Shoot.


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Sipdown (172/176)!

I wonder if I can get under 170 today…

Anyway, I decided to take advantage of my empty mason jar from this morning’s cold brew to steep the last of my flowering teas and just have a really nice, more aesthetically focused tea drinking experience this afternoon.

This is not the nicest flowering tea I’ve had – by far, but I appreciate getting to sit down and really taking the time to enjoy it for what it is: and that’s a nice, light mint green tea with a simple bloom with a small splash of colour to it.

I don’t think I’d get this again despite it being fairly solid flavoured – I want to try new bloom teas or stick to blooms with either a more potent flavour for home use (like today) or a more showy appearance for when I’m sharing them with others.

I know I’ve sent this to VariaTEA so I look forward to hearing her thoughts! :)

Flavors: Grass

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So like I’ve mentioned in a few notes tonight; I took a spontaneous trip to McQuarrie’s Tea and Coffee Merchants tonight after work… And a broke hiatus.

But it’s ok, really! I can afford to break hiatus (just can’t afford to go crazy), and I was reasonable with what I got. Since this wasn’t an especially planned trip, I just kind of looked around and picked out some things that seemed interesting. In the end, I got two different kinds of bloom teas (this one and a hibiscus one that’s supposed to be really pretty), two fruit blends for cold brewing, and a Passionfruit rooibos. I mean, c’mon, how could I resist the passionfruit!?

I know McQuarrie’s get a lot of their teas from Metropolitan Teas – but not all of them, so I carefully matched the names of some of the blends I got, the descriptions, and the ingredients so some of what I got is logged in my cupboard under the the Metropolitan equivalents (such as this one), but they aren’t all like that. I had to add a few to Steepster; the ones that aren’t sourced from MTC.

This one piqued my interest for sure; a mint flowering tea? Yes please! Reading the description, I’m even more intrigued. I love mythology; and this sounds like a myth a could get behind. I might look it up to see the proper thing, though. The tea description seems a little broken/simplified.

Taste wise; this is pretty nice. It’s definitely a very light mint but it is refreshing, and something I definitely didn’t struggle to finish 25 oz. of. The weaving floral notes were super interesting; I’m trying to think whether I’ve had a floral mint before, and I don’t think I have. But the combination worked!

As far as the aesthetics, because lets face it – that’s an important aspect to blooming teas, I felt they were a bit of a let down. The tea liquor was the very pretty, light green that just reminded me of mint from the colour alone. However, the bloom was pretty well colourless and very plain. Definitely the least pretty bloom I’ve ever had thus far. Next time I make this, I guess I’ll take a picture for the tea entry. I forgot to that this time around…

Flavors: Flowers

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Happiness!! Today the new update for Minecraft came out and I was able to spend my morning having fun with all the new features. Later in the day I was told by Ben that my favorite board game ever (Summoner Wars) is planning on releasing a box set where factions are being blended together for new and exciting combinations of strategies to master. I was also able to get some new dark grey and black Perler beads, so the Pokemon Challenge continues, it was a good day to be a Geek.

Today’s tea is Blueberry Maple Tea originally by Metropolitan Tea Co. but sold by The Blueberry Store, a delightfully themed store! Made from a blend of Ceylon Black Tea and natural flavors, this tea combines the taste of blueberries with maple syrup, just like my favorite waffles. The aroma is very sweet! It is very true to its name, combining sweet blueberries and maple syrup, these tea bags are giving me a serious breakfast craving. Who am I kidding, I eat blueberry waffles no matter what time of day it is! There is a slightly malty black tea aroma as well, but mostly it is all blueberry and maple sweetness.

Once the bag has been steeped the liquid has much more of a malty aroma, making it more like a tea and less like food. Have no fear, there is still a strong blend of maple and blueberry sweetness that is completely mouthwatering.

The initial taste is faintly sweet and bright, blending strong blueberries with a hint of maple syrup. I decided to go for cream and sugar, because this tea just begs for cream and sugar. With the additive the maple flavor is much stronger, dwarfing the blueberry flavor, kinda like what happens when you dump syrup all over a blueberry waffle. This tea is not really nuanced or complex, but it is deliciously sweet, and perfect for when you want a sweet tea to guzzle down first thing in the morning.

For blog and photos:

Flavors: Berries, Malt

1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I actually really like the little wooden box this came in. I’m looking forward to emptying it out and filling it with more treasures.

On the tea though, I’m not blown away, the base was initially overwhelming, and I couldn’t find the maple. After the cup cooled down to just warm, it was a decent. The blueberry flavor was blueberry and not offensively artificial, and the sweetness of maple came through after the blueberry faded. Satisfying, but really nothing more.

Bread update: I soaked my cranberries over night in Vanilla Creme EG and brown sugar with a touch of vanilla extract. Bread is due out of the oven in 53 minutes. Smells amazing, though.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

MMmmmm it sounds so tasty. I hope you enjoy it far more than you enjoyed this tea!

Roswell Strange

Ughhh, that bread sounds amazing!


dammnit it does sound SO amazing! ..gasp

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Met up with Roswell Strange at a tea room and decided to have a cup of this one. The description on the menu was something like lemon and orange flavours. It intrigued me as earl grey is basically orange flavoured (bergamot is a type of orange). I was expecting it to be a bit smokey because it was called Russian (thinking Russian Caravan), but it wasn’t. I would say it was a light to moderate strong Earl Grey. There was definitely a bit more lemon flavour, very distinctly lemon grass. I think the base was a Ceylon, but unsure. The tea came in a tea pot, it was loose tea in the water. So it did get a bit astringent once I got towards the end of the pot. I did get a refill of hot water into the pot. The second steep was definitely a lot lighter and thinner than the first steep, but I was expecting that. Not a too bad Earl Grey. It was great for our little get together. Its always fun meeting fellow steepsters in person.

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I bought this tea recently from Nova Scotia Antiques&Collectibles, Fred Baines’ eBay store, where I buy most of my tea. I’m still getting acquainted with this one. Since I am totally in love with Metropolitan’s Scottish Breakfast, I thought I might like this as much or even more. I must say, it’s a bit of a comedown from the S.B. For one thing, this is CTC, which is a nuisance as it plugs up the spout of my teapot and gets into my mug excessively. I can’t think why this must needs be CTC when the S.B. is mostly large aesthetic leaves that are good enough to eat! I need to experiment with the brewing of this Irish Breakfast, I think, because so far I’ve found it (with milk and sugar, as is my wont) rather one-dimensional and uninteresting, not even as good as PG or Red Rose supermarket tea bags. I must be doing something wrong; it can’t be that bad. I don’t find it has the depth and resonance of the Scottish Breakfast. Comments, anyone?

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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I tend to Tea Binges. Instead of a new flavor every day (because I have SO many to choose from) I will find a tea I like and stick with it for a while. I’ve been enjoying Irish Breakfast Cream for several days now. In the shop, flavored teas consistently outsell the basics, however my own tastes tend to the traditional. This one is a good option for a traditionalist, with the twist of the caramel tones that meld the 3 black teas chosen for this blend into a luscious smoothness.

A mixture of CTC and whole leaf gives this tea a robustness that keeps its character without letting the caramelness take over.

It seems every tea company has several offerings with ‘Cream’ notes. I do pay particular attention to them as popularity indicated by sales is definitely trending.
Having had so much success in the shop with the ever popular Cream Earl Grey, I decided to order the Irish Breakfast Cream. I am now a fan of this tea and I do believe my guests will enjoy this lovely smooth Irish Breakfast as well. It is a keeper.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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Backlog from vacation:

My cousins took me to Selah tea Cafe in Waterville, Maine. Went through two french presses of this as we sat and chatted for a few hours. Pretty good! Strong earthy pu’erh base and a nice, creamy caramel flavor- not overly sweet or fake.


I like me some good Scottish toffee puerh :) hope your trip was fun!


I did enjoy this tea! And I had a fantastic trip, although it was way too short. I ran, swam, kayaked, ate tons of lobster, and spent a ton of time with family. Good stuff all-around!

Terri HarpLady

What Sil said!


You two are so in sync! :-)

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I got this from culinary teas not realizing it is a different brand of tea. It comes in bags and not the fancy kind. The tea smells very blueberry candy-y dry. Once it steeped, I took a few sips and realized that this would be much better iced. It’s chilling in my fridge now and I’ll update this when I’ve tried it. Hot, it was very much an artificially blueberry tea, which was disappointing. I think it has good cold brew potential. I hope…

FYI whatshesaid this one definitely wasn’t worth the wait :-(


Awww :(
No maple?? It was worth it to try I suppose! Cross it off the list, at least.
I had no idea it was a different company!


Yeah, I had the plain maple one and was seriously disappointed. :( I have a MAPLE!!!!! tea from Steam Tea House in Vancouver that is so good. I like it with maple sugar in it. :)

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There are several Belgian Chocolate options here; I clicked Metropolitan Tea because a friend sent this from a little tea house in Tennessee that I think private labels Metropolitan stuff.

This particular blend is nice—I am a calendula lover in blended tea and it adds a nice little kick to the cocoa-roo. Pairing it with some bittersweet dark chocolate highlighted the sweetness.

(Curious…anybody ever steep just plain calendula leaves? Just wondering how they do on their own.)


I’d refer your question about plain calendula leaves to Stacy at Butiki. She seems like the most likely person to have tried something like that!


Noted. Thanks!

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I’ll have to play around with the steeping time because all I’m getting is a bit of chocolate and a lot of rooibos. Not my thing.

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I’m only making a short note on this one ’cause I have to say something…

Don’t store your teas in small plastic baggys! I know the folks on here probably use the bags that the stores sell them in and that’s good (I do the same). Usually those bags are thick and ziplocked and mostly air tight. That isn’t what I’m meaning. The place my coworker got this one from for me is from a soup/sandwich place. They have their teas for sale in small plastic, clear bags that honestly, I’ve seen the same at the dollar store.
So, when I went to try this one, it has taken on the taste and smell of the soup place that sells it. So, unfortunately, I didn’t get to experience the good flavours that I wanted to with a name like Cherry Almond.
I would say something to the place, but I’m not that comfortable doing so, as I have yet to buy something from them…

Anyway, I might look at getting this one in the future from somewhere that sells it in proper packing. Cherry and almond sound so good!

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this is smoky, malty & strong. goes great with milk & sugar. 6 minutes steeping gives this tea a good, strong flavour. it’s a perfect tea for an early spring morning, evocative of wood smoke & a warm fire.

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This is actually packaged by Savannah Tea Company in Nashville, but I think they use Metropolitan and slap a pretty label on it.

It’s more “strong black mint tea with an implication of possible chocolate” than " chocolate tea with mint in it." But passable all the same. Wonder what a little creamer would do to it …

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Just gave this a go this morning. It smelled super delish at Lady Elegant’s (a place that sells mostly Metro Tea stuff in Minneapolis) and I’ve been wanting a loose leaf tea to have at work that would be happy in a tin, so this seemed a good bet.

A very nice and thick-feeling brew. Deep amber color. Probably since I like bitter tea, I let it brew a bit too long but it was perfect after about 3 minutes. I might even go a little longer… A nice tea to wake yourself up with!

165 °F / 73 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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I’m not usually a big fan of fruity teas, especially herbals, so this strawberry green tea was something new worth trying…. What a nice surprise! The subtley sweet strawberry taste is really well complimented by the floral and slightly bitter green tea. Lovely!!!!

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