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not bad…not great…120ml gaiwan,8g…

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec

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A very nice crisp citrusy and sweet cup. There is a nice balance of contrasting astringency and honey, citrus sweetness – kumquats come to mind while I sip away. I’m currently discovering a numbing sensation to the roof of my mouth and sides of the tongue. There are some faint floral notes after you get past steeping 4. I’ll need to try this one at a lower temp later on and try to pull more perspective from it total capabilities. Pretty great start for a Saturday morning (now afternoon:)!

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec

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I’m writing this review though it will most likely be short thanks to this bitch of a migraine that has been with me all day. I’ve only just began to think properly and the pain is minimal, still I am trying my best to write this review effectively.

The loose Oolong balls are small in size and have a dry, floral and light mineral scent.

My first steep is delicate with a sweet yet dry floral flavour pretty much matching it’s raw scent. There are also essences of mineral, butter, honeysuckle and grass.

Personally it’s a little too delicate for my usual Oolong mood, I will have to try it again when my mind is clearer but so far I am not impressed with this tea. Rating as top end of average for now.

195 °F / 90 °C

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Getting a little more sugar sweetness and scent from a short second steep, but we’ll probably have to start from scratch to test time and temp differences. I’m not a frequent multiple steeper, but to my bumbling taste buds, once green or oolong tea has “set,” the second steep doesn’t seem to change it a great deal.

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Oolongs get overlooked at my house a lot; chiefly because in my lopsided and ragged classification system, it rates as an afternoon tea and there aren’t a lot of spare tea-drinkin’ afternoons around here.

Couldn’t quite place what I was tasting until I read the tea description. Nutmeg and orange peel. Yep. Exactly. This appears to have multiple personalities based on the water temp—I went hotter and longer which resulted in the spicy vibe. Enough left in the little sample packet to try one slower and lower to see if I can hunt down the malt sugar.

As my mom’s condition declines more and more steeply, my dad is wisely starting to downsize and he’s asked my sister and me to begin sorting and saving what’s worthwhile from Mom’s sewing room, where she spent decades stitching quilts for friends and family and scores of little shirts and dresses that were packed in mission boxes for Honduran children who may have kids of their own by now. As I drink this tea, I’m pawing through a fruitcake tin of orphan buttons and a stack of paper needle packets from the 1950’s thinking how nice it would be to hear the whir of the sewing machine and the little metallic snip of her scissors.


I feel for you having to go through this. Small comfort though it may be, hopefully tea can ease your thoughts.


Not long ago, I went through my mother’s button box just to organize it. It was always part of my life, but I think most people understand how a little something like that can bring back so many thoughts and feelings.


A mason jar with her wooden spools is part of our living room decor. I’m thinking buttons would complement it nicely.

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The size of some of the Oolong balls are amazing! They vary from roughly 2mm to 4.5mm in length and some resemble thick, knobbly sticks rather than balls. In colour they are a blend of medium and dark green with a little brown tinge in places, they shine and glimmer beautifully under light. They have a sweet and gentle floral scent with a creamy undertone.

I can taste sweet flowers and fresh grass in the first few sips. As it starts to cool slightly the creamy element is becoming stronger and the grass is a little thicker than before. I say creamy but it could also be described as buttery, either way it’s delicate.

Another cup reveals a slight toasted quality with enhanced floral highlights, very much like sweet peony but keeping it’s grassy thickness.

This Oolong is simply divine in terms of quality and flavour. Mountain Tea Co are among my favourite Oolong sellers and with a tea like this it’s no wonder why.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 0 sec

Oolongs are so much fun :D

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This is a tea that I’ve been eyeing for a while. I love oolongs and one called “heritage honey” sounded so alluring! The scent of this tea is very strongly floral. Super floral oolongs make me nervous, but I’m interested to see if this floral note carries over into the taste. Sipping… oh, good! It’s not a mouthful of flowers. It actually starts out as a very smooth cup and fades quickly into a light honey flavor. So tasty! Some floral notes do come out at the end of the sip and blend very well with the honey. The honey is not terribly dark and sweet like that in a Mi Lan Dan Cong tea, but it is so nice mixed with the floral and lightly fruity notes. This is a nice alternative to the darker, roasted, fruity and strongly floral oolongs. It’s definitely a unique tea that would be a nice addition to any collection. I’ll keep this one in mind for future orders! Thank you, Nicole for sharing!

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Flavours of honey and flowers pervade all infusions, with the former more prominent initially and the latter to the fore subsequently. The final infusion (regardless of the length) produces an infusion of sweetness with no floral overtones.

First infusion – 3 g. per 6 oz water, 90 deg., 2:30 min.

Second infusion – 3 g. per 6 oz. water, 90 deg., 5:00 min.

Third infusion – 3 g. per 6 oz. water, 90 deg., 7:00 min.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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First steep for 20s:
Incredibly buttery and smooth. Very enjoyable.

Second steep for 30s:
Essentially the same, slightly sweeter.

Third steep for 40s:
Sweeter, but still very buttery, slightly less smooth.

180 °F / 82 °C 0 min, 30 sec

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Yesterday was chilly and rainy, today was hot and sunny. It is days like this that make me loathe the Midwest, I was so enjoying the rain that when I woke up to the blazing sun I snarled at the sky and hid under my pillow wishing it was November already. After braving the heat and sunlight and crawling out from under my mound of protective pillows, I decided I want a tea that evokes Autumn, and honey is one of those things. I am not entirely sure why honey evokes Autumn to me since its sunshine colors are more of a Summer thing, but here we are.

Leaves are beautiful!
Today we are reviewing Heritage Honey Oolong by Mountain Tea, an Oolong from Nantou, Taiwan that was picked at an altitude of 1,300 meters about sea level. The aroma of this beautiful green Oolong is first and foremost of honey, very rich and sweet. It reminds me more of raw wildflower honey than clover, but that just shows how much honey I tend to eat. Following the initial honey aroma is heady flowers, especially night blooming Angel Trumpets, blending the almost intoxicating floral with a tiny hint of citrus. Lastly there are notes of chestnuts with a slightly figgy afterthought.

Note to self: sticking face in hot tea cup will end in a burnt nose
While the tea is steeping I notice that it, like the Tie Guan Yin I reviewed earlier, is managing to fill the area with its aroma. Considering I am outside on a breezy day, that is no small feat. I think if I had to chose one word to describe the aroma of the steeping tea it would be hypnotic. The slight figginess has disappeared, but the remaining aroma is that of honey, chestnuts, and intensely floral. Orchids and orange blossoms swirl around in my nose and it is bliss. The liquid without the leaves takes on more of a roasted chestnut aroma with notes of sweet honey.

The taste is pleasantly and surprisingly mild. I was expecting with an aroma that was so intense that the flavor would knock me into some sort of trance, but instead the flavors are subtle and mild, they just creep up on you. The main flavor is floral, reminiscent of orchids with just slight tart notes of orange blossoms, it melts into sweet honey and finished with a whisper of creamy peach. This mild Oolong would be heavenly on a rainy day, but I actually think drinking this on a hot day was perfect. I have to get more of this Oolong, if I am not careful it may supplant Tie Guan Yin for the coveted spot of ‘favorite tea’.

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English style steeping:

Steep 1: Smells not unlike brandy. Fantastic aroma. A little sweet.

Steep 2: Strong flavour still, much sweeter than the first steep.

Steep 3: Flavour is starting to wane, I think I can get one more steep out of this tea.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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There is something about honey at the moment that I am really loving, especially something that is tea based. A new strange craving it would seem.

In raw form the Oolong balls are mixed in size (from roughly 2mm – 5mm) and consist of dark green, dark brown and medium green colours. They have a wonderful gleam to them. They have a mildly sweet and green floral peony scent, not quite as honeyed as I imagined but there is a hint of it in there.

Preparation –
Water: 8 oz – Roughly 200ml
Serving Size: 7 grams
Steep Time: First Steep – 2 minute 30 seconds, Second Steep – 1 minute, Third Steep – 1 minute 30 seconds

First Steep – The tea is light yellow with a mildly sweet, floral and vegetal aroma. Very nice but still not really recognisable as being honeyed. Flavour is smooth and buttered with essences of mild sweet honey, peony, mineral green kale and light fruit. Almost like kale toasted in butter and honey and served with fresh sweet flowers and chunks of peach and apricot. Overall strength is very pleasing but perhaps a little dry in the after taste and somewhat perfumed.

Second Steep – This steep is more honeyed and light than the first one. It’s also much less mineral but the smooth butteryness is still present. This is more of what I was expecting from this tea, it’s completely changed. Also more peachy like too. Super delicious!

Third Steep – Sweeter and more floral for this steep. Still smooth and honeyed with good amounts of butter left. It’s perhaps not as sweet or smooth as the second steep but it has matched it in beauty.

Overall – This Oolong blossoms from being a lovely duckling into a beautiful swan before your very taste buds. It may have not appeared to contain honey at first but it gets sweeter and lighter the more you steep it almost as if to say “Hello here I am”. If honey is not your thing then this also has elements of fruit, flowers, mineral veg and butter which should please any Oolong drinker.

I would love to have more of this in my collection for those special warm evenings. :)

200 °F / 93 °C

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Thanks, Nicole, for the sample of this amazingly delicious oolong. I’ve had two infusions of this so far and both were so good. The flavor is nice and rich, and vaguely fruity. The flavor is also very thick – I feel like this should be syrup, it’s so thick and rich, but it’s lovely lovely tea instead.

And I see this is currently on clearance at Mountain Tea. BUYING NOW.

3 min, 0 sec

It’s been on clearance for awhile now. Not sure if they just have a lot of it or what. I can’t imagine why they’d drop it unless they can’t get it anymore – almost everyone I’ve shared it with loves it.

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Tea #31 from Traveling Tea Box C

I love an excuse to get out my gaiwan and spend an hour or so getting tea drunk. The only problem is I don’t typically have a couple hours just laying around to do that.

So, I saved this one until I had some time. And seeing as I don’t have to be anywhere for another two or three hours, here we go!

1st Steeping — 0:30
Mostly a veggie flavor, with slight floral notes and hints of butter.

2nd Steeping — 0:50
Getting creamier. The floral notes are starting to open and becoming almost sweet.

3rd Steeping — 1:30
Oooh. There’s the creamy, sweet milkiness this promised. Becoming very floral, with a quality that tastes green, but not vegetal. There’s a very slight nuttiness, as well.

4th Steeping — 2:30
Remains creamy, but the floral begins to fade. Nutty flavors begin to dominate.

5th Steeping — 5:00
The creaminess is hardly present at all on this one. It’s nutty and vegetal again. Still ever so slightly floral.

I could probably get another steep off of these leaves, but I think it started losing it’s luster after the third steep, so I’ll probably refrain.

Final verdict: I enjoyed this milk oolong, and I’m very glad I had the chance to try it, but there are just others out there I like more.

This is the last tea I’m trying from the box, so that should be moving again tomorrow!

BrewTEAlly Sweet

yay yay yay!!!

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Another sample by Dr Jim (thanks!)

When I brewed this I immediately thought of asparagus! My husband said it smelled like brussels sprouts. Good thing I enjoy both of those.

A light colored oolong with a nice, delicate taste. The second steep was just as good as the first. A pretty good oolong in my book. Not the best I’ve had, but I enjoyed it!

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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drank Black Pearl by The Mountain Tea co
6848 tasting notes

SIPDOWN! I needed a tea i knew would be super delicious this morning to kick off my day after the green teas i had. I picked this one as there was just enough for another cup. I will be restocking this in future to have as a great black to rotate through my cupboard. thanks nicole!

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drank Black Pearl by The Mountain Tea co
6848 tasting notes

thank you nicole for sending this one my way! I enjoyed this a lot this morning – it was just the thing to get me going after a rough night of the crazies waking me up several times. I have another cup that i’ll spend more time with tomorrow since i didn’t get a chance to really focus on it before i had drunk it all up!


I’m glad you liked this one. I definitely want to always have it on hand.

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