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Tea #21 from the traveling tea box.

Dr Jim put a fair amount of this tea in the box and I could have sat here and drank it all, it was just that good. Don’t worry, I left quite a bit for everyone else to enjoy.

When I saw this in the box I knew I had to save it for last and make sure I had enough uninterrupted time to myself to sit here and enjoy it. I’ve always been in love with oolong tea, although I haven’t had a chance to try many milk oolongs, so this was a real treat and a great way to end a really rotten week. The flavor of this tea is wonderful, the flavors run from sweet and floral to buttery and milky depending on how many times you steep it. This is one tea that resteeps very well, so don’t stop with just one steep.

This is the final tea that I’ll be trying so the box should be moving on tomorrow or Friday at the latest

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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Wow, nutmeg! Dark brew, all three steeps. A natural sweetness. This does remind me of something you’d drink out of a snifter at the end of a nice dinner party.

When it comes to oolongs, so far I prefer the green ones to the dark ones. But I like the quirkiness of this one. Will have to play more with the steeping times and temperatures.

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Part II
I say part II because I drank the first half of this sample from Alpha kitty on saturday. It was ok, but a little bitter, & after comparing notes with Alpha, I decided to steep the 2nd half of the sample in a Gaiwan. It is MUCH better!! I did the 1st 4 rounds at 10 seconds each, combining them in a little glass pitcher & sipping them out of a 4 oz cup while I’m doing desk work. It is sweet, a little oatmeal-like taste, fruity, & there is a little salinity, & even a little bit of a rocky taste. Very different from the 3 minute steep of 2 days go. Much better! It is not bitter at all, & I made another pitcher full, this time at 20 seconds each. I’ll keep enjoying it until it’s steeped out.
Thanks Alpha! For the sample, & also the suggestions :)


Oh good, so glad you got it to work out!

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