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I was a little surprised to find chamomile blossoms in this tea because the ingredient list doesn’t say “chamomile”. I saw the rosehips and rose petals and blackberry leaves, but I also saw chamomile.

This is a tasty blend. The black tea is robust. It melds nicely with the notes of creamy vanilla. I like how the malty notes of the black tea combine with the notes of vanilla. Really yum.

The bergamot is a softer flavor. When I first read the description of this tea, I thought it would be like an Earl Gray Creme, but it didn’t turn out that way. The bergamot is a bit too soft to be something I’d think of as an Earl Gray Creme. The vanilla is really the main focus of this tea. I still taste the bergamot and the notes of flower, but the vanilla takes center stage.

Here’s my full-length review:

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I’m getting back to my morning routine of getting up with my partner instead of sleeping till 11am. This is good. As much as I’ve never been a morning person, I like sharing a schedule with my partners and being able to go to bed (and actually fall asleep!) when they do.

First tea of the morning is Buckingham Palace. I couldn’t remember what was in this one at all, but it was at the top of my untried pile, and I figured I couldn’t go wrong with a black, because morning.

All I really got from the dry leaf was a malty fragrance, so I’d kind of decided that this was probably just a blend of black teas. Not so! Steeped the liquor is quite dark brown and has a hint of floral fragrance, but then on the palate is loads of jasmine. What an awesome surprise! There’s also hints of bergamot, but quite subtle, a bit of vegetal from the green, and bold, malt and astringency, with a touch of bitterness. This has a thick, almost creamy mouth feel with a bit of a drying sensation.

Jasmine is definitely the dominant flavour here, which is different and interesting paired with the boldness of the black base. I’m very used to jasmine with greens or other more delicate teas with a lighter body.

As the cup cools, a really lovely sweetness develops along side the jasmine, reminding me of bamboo leaves.

I steeped this for 3 min at 96C, but I think with my next cup I might go for slightly cooler water and a bit shorter time. The Secret Garden black base seems to steep very quickly and be quite sensitive.

Flavors: Astringent, Bamboo, Bergamot, Bitter, Jasmine, Malt, Sweet, Thick, Vegetal

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I don’t know if my preconceived notions are off on this one or if the sample was faulty. What I taste is a sturdy blend that I believe to be Ceylon, Assam, and Kenyan black tea leaf. There is also green leaf in this that I can’t separate out. Underneath the tea is a hint of bergamot. The bag aroma suggested strongly this would taste more like an Earl Grey but it doesn’t. I am OK with that if it is supposed to taste this light. There is also jasmine in the blend but it is only the lightest hint in the aftertaste. The more the cup cools, the more pronounced the hints become. I read reviews of similar blends that led me to expect this to be highly floral. Because that is what I expected, I was left craving more. As a black breakfast tea it is solid enough.


I had a half mug that I let sit until it was stone cold. This was pretty tasty when cold.

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The Secret Garden Tea Company is a new webstore with its home in Vancouver BC. At the time of this note, they have a contest going that is mentioned on the discussion board, although Steepster’s bad behavior seems to have buried it somewhere in cyberspace.

Any who, opening the bag this has a very strong aroma of rose. Under the rose is a light touch of bergamot and vanilla. The scent is almost too much. The sip however is much less potent. The vanilla adds a sense of creaminess that seems felt more than tasted. The rose is the primary note. I have only recently begun to appreciate rose as a tea ingredient. This is strong but not overwhelming. What surprises me is bergamot used as a support ingredient. If you did not know it was in the mix it would be easily overlooked, yet it adds a fullness to the profile.

The proceeds of this tea go to the BC Children’s Hospital.

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