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I found a 3.5 oz tin of this at TJ Maxx for $2.99. $2.99. SCORE!

Note to self: gunpowder tea is SOOPER caffeinated. I’m jittery and my heart is racing after two cups. And the second cup was resteeped.

That said, this tea is also incredibly tasty. I don’t normally like green teas but this tea is bold, dark, slightly smoky, slightly dry, and 100% delicious. I love this so much.

I have gotten two steeps from the leaves, and it is still going strong. I can probably get at least another 2-3 steeps in but I think I should stop and let my heart achieve a resting heart rate again first.

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I found the same thing at Marshall’s! They also had Keemun black. :)


Guess I’ll have to go to Marshall’s this weekend! As if I need more tea…

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drank Emperor's Bride by The Tea Room
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Okay, I’m cheating here. This is actually a chocolate bar.

But what a chocolate bar! And it has tea in it! The taste is delicious, and there are most definitely strong caramel notes here. The fact that they are coming from a tea makes it even more awesome since they are so strong. I don’t get much honeybush flavour, and I think I’d love this even more if the chocolate was a tad darker, but you know what? This is still one darn delicious chocolate bar. With tea in it!

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This is almost like drinking chamomile on steroids: it has a surprisingly rich flavor for a tisane. A very pleasant brew.

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A fragrant, opulent tea that’s suitable for serving to company. A dear friend of mine brought this to me from Savannah, and I brewed every leaf.

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