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From the Round Three Here’s Hoping TTB

Tea of the morning. This is a nice, bright tea. Kinda fruity with a citrus finish, and very clean with no aftertaste or lingering notes. This isn’t a tea I see myself keeping on hand, but it was a nice change of pace from my normal heavier, more malty teas.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Sipdown (126/133)!

Second cup of this, this time take with milk because when I skimmed the tea description I saw something about this one taking milk well and since I’ve had it straight I thought that’d be a good switch up.

So this time around, I thought I was tasting the Pu’Erh side of the blend more than the black side – it was especially earthy and just sorta had that characteristic Pu’Erh taste. Like, uhh, well I want to say like “Sweet, dank old attic” but I feel like that puts it in a bad light, and that’s not what I’m trying to do. I’m meaning more like rich, full of character, and homey? But again, not quite that either.

It was very smooth like last time, but this time the milk was clearly aiding that trait. The very rich chocolate notes were a little lighter but still felt full of flavour. It was like this mug had gone from Dark Chocolate to Milk Chocolate; both are good, full flavours but there’s definitely a noticeable difference between the two and Milk Chocolate is less weighty. Perhaps this turned more so to milk chocolate because of, I don’t know, the milk!? I’m thinking that’s likely.

Additional notes I picked up were honey, malt and French Bread. Yes, French Bread specifically. And, now I really want French Bread, so thanks for that? Smh.

Thanks a bundle whatshesaid for this sample! Like I said in my last note, I would not have picked it out for myself but I was pleasantly taken in both times I had this one and it was a real treat!

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So, if you don’t want to hear about Tre’s sorta sex life, skip to the bolded line!

I think I’ll end my night’s tasting notes with this one, and pick up the back log of notes maybe tomorrow night? I want to watch more Gossip Girl this evening, and I still need to stream tonight’s episode of Big Brother so that I can compare thoughts with Tre. Although, he’s actually in Regina right now – he left yesterday afternoon. He’s spending the next three days with a girl named Brooke (a former classmate of mine; and a sort of perpetual “crush” of his for the last year or so). He basically got booty called or whatever you call it when it’s a three day stretch of… Well, you know.

He was very elated and took some time off work to go. So, I guess I’m happy for him and, err, “little him”? Even if I don’t exactly like Brooke that much (for a variety of reasons), and if I think that he’s maybe being used to scratch some, uhh, itches? I mean, at least he’s pretty aware he’s being used?

People are weird. Sometimes sex is weird. And, I feel like I know more about his sex life than is normal for friends/roommates. I mean, I know the rather intimate details of his, uhh, first time. Is that a normal thing roommates share, ‘cause if it is I missed that memo and I definitely don’t plant to reciprocate on the sharing of details.

In other, non Tre related, news: I had to close the store with my manager a few nights ago and that was awkward as hell. It was very weird because it sorta felt like I had to hold her hand through the process: she does not normally close (in fact; she NEVER works in the evenings unless it’s a cleaning shift) so she was very out of practice with how everything was done.

It was honestly like I was closing by myself but under some weird sort of supervision, because I had to do my half of closing and then reteach her how to do her half. It’s a good thing I’m awesome (and not at all modest) though, because I was able to carry us both through closing and still get us out of the store on time and on schedule. I think I earned some major brownie points!

But enough of that!

We’re ending the night on this tasting note (and off colour rant) because it’s tasting note 1771 and that feels like a fun enough number to end up. I don’t think I can count it as a monumental number; but yeah, it’s fun.

Thanks to whatshesaid for the sample of this! I likely would not have picked it out for myself, but turns out I would have been very wrong in doing that! Why? Because this was pretty fucking spectacular. Honestly, I don’t think it’d be much of a stretch to call this the best (or at least close to) chocolate tea I’ve had – and I am not really a chocolate tea person. Rather, I’m pretty impartial to chocolate in my tea.

But this was deeply satisfying and indulgent in the most surprising of ways, with very thick, rich dark chocolate notes that reminded me of fancy truffles! And then combine that with almost equally rich notes of caramel and honey with an insanely smooth black base and an undertone of earth notes from the Pu’Erh and you have a really well formulated breakfast (or really anytime) blend that’ll have me enchanted for days.

Seriously; this should be called something more interesting than “Bolder Breakfast”. How about Seduction Tea? ‘Cause, you know, that’s much more on point. I have (well, “had” – the sipdown note for this is in my queue) one more cup of this and I definitely cannot put off having it. I need this one again! Mmm!

And so yeah, we’re gonna end the night on that semi uncomfortable and weird tasting note. Sometimes I feel like I share too much on Steepster; but at least I gave you all a heads up. Besides, this is sorta like a mostly tea focused diary for me; so I want to write about what’s relevant to my life in addition to tea. I don’t want to feel guilty about that…

Flavors: Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Earth, Honey


Don’t feel guilty! You never fail to entertain :)


:D I guess it depends on how close you are as friends with your roommate! I’ve had a roommate/friend share stuff like that before, when my BFF doesn’t even share details. I don’t really care either way, as long as I don’t have to provide information I’m not comfortable sharing!


I had a roommate angrily yell at me the very, very intimate details of her first time so don’t worry, it’s not that strange. Mostly I think it depends on the person because some people like to share and others don’t. It could be worse though as my roommates and I used to hear a roommates sex life…every…single…night.


Don’t feel guilty. Your notes are always awesome!

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drank White Wedding by The Tea Spot
22 tasting notes

The smell of this tea is extremely bold. The smell of the raw leaves almost sticks to your nose – you can smell it even 20 minutes after the tea is put away. The ingredients are white tea, jasmine flowers and roasted chestnut flavoring. It tastes very nutty, creamy, and caramel y.

It would be interesting to try this tea iced.

1tbsp in 8oz of “not-quite boiling” water for 3.5 minutes.

Flavors: Caramel, Chestnut

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I bought this solely based on other reviews. I was looking for teas from companies who charge a lot to ship to Canada (or don’t ship to us at all) to purchase and have sent to my relatives in the States to bring to me when they visited this summer.

They delivered the massive order about a week ago, including this tea.

I wasn’t sure what to expect…I guess I thought the chocolate would taste like a more natural note rather than an obvious added flavouring. (I’ve been spoiled by Laoshan Black, evidently). It kind of reminds me of the chocolate flavouring used by Harney and Sons, which I don’t love. Maybe I’m more of a creamy milk chocolate kind of girl. Well, no “maybe” about it, I definitely am.

Anyway, I’ve had this a few times now and the chocolate makes it not a breakfast tea for me. I don’t want to drink something flavoured first thing in the morning. Unless it’s coffee, oddly enough. But not tea.

The pu’erh definitely adds an earthy note. And this is a very bold tea. Mid morning or afternoon, for me.

I will try to enjoy what I have left but not a re-buy for me. I don’t love fake chocolate tasting teas.

Cameron B.

I definitely agree about no flavored teas first thing. I really enjoy having my Yunnan first. :)


Sorry it didn’t work out for yoU!

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Thank you Jeweled Thumb for the chance to try this tea but it just isn’t for me. It is a fine enough black but I am missing the malt and dessert notes I tend to reach for when picking a straight black. Oh well. You never know unless you try.

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From the reddit traveling tea box.

Oh wow, this is good! This is an assam black with butterscotch candy (that has coconut in it). The assam base is really good, with the sweet, smooth candy flavor finish. The assam has briskness end of sip. This is a great blend for assam lovers. Too bad there was only 1 serving for this tea.

Oh hey, this is a teaspot tea – they were super nice (and busy) at the World Tea Expo. I got a spiffy tote bag from them!


Sounds yummy!

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HH TTB #10/18

Nothing crazy here. Sweet, light white tea. Hayish flavor. It is a nice relaxing cup that has me digging out my singular tin of plain white tea to sip on this week:)

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I’m trying new teas left and right today! I brewed two teas at a time this morning in separate cups, of which this is one.

The smell and taste of this are really interesting. When it’s brewed up, I’m smelling that sort of dark raisiny note I notice from a lot of black teas, but there’s a different note that also creeps in. It’s very earthy, and reminds me of wet soil, like rain. It’s just a deep, wet, humid smell.

This carries over into the taste – the tea is there, but there’s also that sensation of gardens and wet soil (not in an ugly grainy sort of way, but more…fertile, I think). I’ve never had a Nilgiri black tea before, so I’m wondering if this is typical of teas grown in this region. Thoughts?

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Nigrili is sometimes used as the base tea for flavoured teas so you may have had it before in a form.
I have only had one straight Nigrili.

It did have some woody and mineral notes as well as some eucalyptus notes, so I could see where earthiness could come in, if I had had a tea that was made and preserved in a different way. The one I had was bright and sweet and floral as well as being nutty, with other deeper base notes.


I remember having a Nilgiri and thinking it was the first tea where I got “leather” and “tobacco” notes that I had read about.

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drank Bolder Breakfast by The Tea Spot
195 tasting notes

Oh, my, chocolate! My husband and I acquired this from Whole Foods recently, and the following morning we steeped it up with our (nearly) full breakfast.

The smell of the loose leaf is very earthy, with a hefty dose of dark chocolate and a hint of cream. I steeped it for two-ish minutes (I didn’t get my timer started right away), and it surprised me how light-colored the brew was, considering it has pu-erh in it! But the leaves had mostly sunk, so I knew it was done with the first steep.

The flavor is DEFINITELY chocolate-y. The pu-erh adds a nice malty, almost fermented note without being completely overpoweringly musty. In fact, if I didn’t know it, I might not have ever guessed that this was blended with pu-erh. It’s actually pretty naturally sweet, but we added a little light cream and sugar anyway, because, well, it’s a breakfast tea. We did end up resteeping it later, for four minutes, and it was almost identical to the first steep. Quite lovely! Glad we sprung for it (although next time I may try to get it cheaper… looking at you, Whole Foods, Land of the Fancy Grocery Store Upcharge).

190 °F / 87 °C 2 min, 15 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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HHTTB #3/18

it has been a pretty busy week. When the weather is nice during the summer the thought of staying inside kills me. We have been doing lots of biking and playing, and for me that means minimal tea drinking. Plus I think it was 90+ degrees this weekend with a humidity that felt like you were swimming.

I had this cup for my afternoon tea on Friday. It was very similar to how I remember ceylon, with a bit more flavor. It was light and had a nice fruity finish. I really enjoyed this one and was someone sad that I only took 1 cups worth.


Kudos for biking at 90 degrees!

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drank Bolder Breakfast by The Tea Spot
1627 tasting notes

Seriously, Steepster? THREE copies of this tea? Isn’t that a little excessive?

This sample is from Sil, and I kinda hate her for it. This is sooooo good! Rich, a little earthy, chocolatey. YUM. I could probably stand to steep it a bit longer, but since it’s a puerh blend I can try that in a second steep.

How do I get more?


Flavors: Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Earth

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

Talk to Terri heh

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drank White Wedding by The Tea Spot
487 tasting notes


I have a splitting headache. We were going to go watch one of my favorite local bands in the beer garden, but I hurt so bad I was feeling nauseated. Sweet spouse drove me home, and headed back to the bar. Hah.

So I took a shower to try to relax my neck, which is where this wonderful stress headache is coming from, and it helped a little but not much. So this tea is keeping me company. I’m going to go curl up with my Kindle and maybe read, if my head will let me. The computer screen is not playing nice with my head, though, so I’m giving that up.

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drank White Wedding by The Tea Spot
487 tasting notes

I bought this sample from The Tea Spot a while back and I’ve somehow never gotten around to trying it. I thought tonight would be a perfect time to try it.

I went back to read the description on their site after sipping it.

Gosh, is this incredibly sweet and creamy. I love the roasted chestnuttiness. I don’t really get the jasmine, but it’s just a few flowers, so I’m not too surprised. It’s a light flavor when it’s just the flowers and it’s overwhelmed by the chestnut. I can taste the base white, and it’s adding a really nice base to this tea, fuzzy and soft.

I really like this one. I’m not sure that I would stock it all the time, but it is a decadent dessert treat. (Or an I’ve had a cruddy week but at least now I have something I can drive week, I guess.)

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 15 sec 3 tsp 15 OZ / 443 ML
Cameron B.

I’ve been looking at The Tea Spot and thinking some of their teas sound tasty (not to mention the cute tins). I’m glad to hear you liked this one. :)


They have some nice teas. I quite enjoyed this one.

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drank Bolder Breakfast by The Tea Spot
422 tasting notes

I received a sample size of this from QueenOfTarts stash sale. Thank you!

I saw so many positive reviews of this tea so I really wanted to like it, but there was something about it that just hit me the wrong way. This one is not my cup of tea unfortunately.


I think this tea is just okay, but my husband absolutely adores this and will ask me to make it for him.

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Received this today from Cheri ^^ Thank you again!

This Morrocan mint is more minty than smoky and I don’t taste the hints of the Gunpowder that I caught in the one that carol who sent me which arrived before this one. It’s a good taste but I’m missing some of the depth the other one had which I wonder if that has to do with the tea or the prep. I prepped the first one by means of how I read online to do it… simmered in a pot for like 8 minutes then added sugar in it and strained into cups. The second, this one, I prepped according to the bag’s instructions: 175 degree water, 3 minutes, added a little sugar and served. I think the more intense flavor was more my style. All I can really taste in this one is the mint aspect. It’s good but I liked the other more. :) Must try other cup of this with that prep method.

Flavors: Mint

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Glad to see you got it. I don’t sweeten mine usually, and it ends with a really nice gunpowder…


Do you usually steep it 3 minutes? The first one I got the water a bit hotter than intended and brewed it longer but I found the gunpowder taste was louder that way. GOSH the mint is tasty tho!!!


I think I usually do one at about 2 minutes, and then another at closer to 3. I love the spearmint in this tea. It’s so good. It also cold steeps really, really well.

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Today’s lunchtime tetsubin of green tea was courtesy of The Tea Spot, who kindly sent me a sample of their Organic Sencha. The liquor was as expected: pale greenish yellow, and the first glass seemed a bit astringent, despite my low temperature short steeping. However, the second glass was much smoother with even a silky quality to it.

My hypothesis (developed on the basis of other teas as well…) is that green tea is always more bitter when imbibed at a higher than a lower temperature. Added to that, I drank the first glass right after a big bowl of freshly sliced strawberries sprinkled with sugar and doused with cream. That sweet flavor may have made the tea seem more bitter by contrast.

I’ll try a second infusion later today…

165 °F / 73 °C 2 min, 30 sec

I definitely agree that there’s a correlation between temperature and bitterness with green teas!


I never brew sencha over 160F, over that I find it tends to develop bitterness, all greens are sensitive but Sencha is even more finicky than most. At least, that seems to be my own sweet spot, to each its own :-)


how grassy did it taste? its unique to japan green tea


Fellow Steepsters: I always brew green tea at a lower temperature than black—much lower, in fact. But what I’ve been noticing is that the temperature at which the liquid enters my mouth matters, too! Often I find that the first cup is slightly more bitter, but by the time I get to the second cup it is considerably smoother. Both were were poured into Bodum double-walled glasses from the very same pot at nearly the same time, so the explanation is not the brew but the temperature at which I imbibed. Well, it could also be what I was eating, as in this case: strawberries sweetened with sugar! ;-)

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Someone gave me a tin of this as a gift. I’ve gone through it as my office tea for a bit. It’s a fairly good wake-me-up. It is the first tea with pu-erh that I have liked, but I honestly can’t tell how much of the flavor profile has been contributed by the pu-erh. It just tastes like a chocolatey black tea to me.

One small rant – the tin it came in, while cute, is very annoying when attempting to get the very last of the tea out of it. It has an indentation in the bottom so that you could stack it on top of another of the same tea tins. It’s pretty deep and the tea slides down in between the walls of the tin and the indentation. Couple that with the squarish flat top with a round opening.

So I managed to get the very last of it out of the tin after thwacking and shaking and bumping and dumping. But there wasn’t quite enough left for a full cup. I tossed in a bit of Twinings loose Earl Grey. The Bolder Breakfast is so strong that I didn’t get a hint of Earl Grey taste.

I don’t know that I will reorder this on my own, but I wouldn’t turn up my nose at another gifted tin.

195 °F / 90 °C 6 min, 0 sec
Terri HarpLady

I’ve gone through a couple of tins of this one over the years. My method is to shake it over a plate, in a combination of poorly choreographed moves: circles, triangles, north to south, east to west, etc, until every particle is on the plate. ;)

Hesper June

The tea-time mambo? The tea two step? Between you and Terri, this tea sounds like it requires a certain dance step that needs its own name:)

Hesper June

P.S. I have two left feet, so maybe I should just stay away from this tea…


LOL. It’s the tea tango!

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Finally got around to trying this sample. And thanks to Tea Spot! :)

This blend smells really good, the chocolate scent is pretty strong. The flavour kinda reminds me of coffee. I can see why this would be a gateway tea for the coffee people. It’s probably too late in the day for this, and it’s most flavourful.

Flavors: Chocolate

Boiling 4 min, 45 sec

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Mmm one of my favourites!
Thank you QueenOfTarts for sending me this sample! And now it’s time to say goodbye :)

This is a lovely tea. I love tasting the orange and it has a nice creamy taste to it as well. One of the better rooibos teas I’ve had!

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Thank you, QueenOfTarts, for sending me a sample of this tea!
It smells so good! I don’t know about the blood orange bit, but it did smell very fruity/rooibos-y from the package. Oh wait. I like to…. inhale my tea… and yep! I smell the citrus now!
Poured water on top and the woodsy rooibos flavour is coming out, as well as the bright citrus! You know, this reminds me a bit of TeaForté’s Mojito Marmalade, but that one is like suuuper bright and flavourful. This one has more of a muted citrus flavour because of the rooibos, but it smells great!
Mmmm I just had a small sip (after about 4min of brewing) and it tastes so nice! Definitely a tad watered down so I’m letting it sit for another 10 or so minutes to pull all the flavour out. It has the bright citrus taste, while still holding it a bit back with the rooibos.
Definitely a great tea! Now I’m just waiting for it to brew to how I like all my rooibos (overleaved and oversteeped aww yiss) and I know it’ll taste great!

About half an hour later and I’ve been steeping my tea for forever and THIS IS GREAT. I would actually do with a bit more leaves though. I do taste the orange! Not just citrus, but orange :)

Boiling 8 min or more 3 g 9 OZ / 266 ML

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Brewed this yesterday, had a few sips and then forgot about it. Now it’s here in front of me, cold, and I’m still enjoying it. It’s cocoa-y, sweet, and thick, almost like a coffee mocha minus the milk/creaminess. A really hearty, satisfying cup!

I think this came from Cavocorax, although I could be mistaken… someone please correct me if I’m wrong. I went to look at who ‘owns’ this tea in the hopes that maybe that would help, and the only name that popped up was TeaTiff — however I don’t think we’ve done a swap? Mind you, I could be wrong and totally out to lunch.

Flavors: Cocoa

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

Probably because there is a more popular listing for thist tea:
Argh duplicates! :)


Bah! That’s why. Interesting it didn’t show up in search for me, just this one.

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It’s Spring! Maybe summer is around the corner. This tea has a very lovely floral/lemon aroma from the dry leaves and after brewing. The taste a smooth gentle floral lemon with some mint. I happen to really like Lemon myrtle after my trip to Australia. I know the lemon is strong but I like it. The tea itself is not particularly strong and doesn’t fulfill my need for a full bodied evening non-caffeinated tea, but I really didn’t think it would be. I think this would be good cold but Idon’t have enough to do a cold brew. It is a nice Spring-y tea for the start of spring weather.
I had another cup left in the tea pot. So this has been sitting for a bit. It hasn’t been steeping or anything. The lemon myrtle is much stronger and I can easily identify it as lemon myrtle not regular lemon. Still like it. Reinforces my thought that it would make a good ice tea.

Boiling 6 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

I like lemon myrtle too, so tasty…

Josh Buteau

is the lemon myrtle made by the same company? I may need to look into giving them both a try:)


You can get lemon myrtle at a store that sells herbs. I also know that Simpson and Vail carries it.

carol who

I love that all the descriptions of lemon myrtle includes the phrase… " more lemon-y that lemon". I developed a love for it when we were in Australia. Lemon myrtle soap, shampoo, lotion,everything. It is harder to find the essential oil here but as TeaBrat says you can find the herb at many herb stores. It really brightens up an iced drink well.

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drank White Wedding by The Tea Spot
1536 tasting notes

This was a one teaspoon sample I took from the Here’s Hoping teabox a while back (I hope that thing isn’t lost right now.) Is it bad that I have the second cup (PM not AM) of my tea days for the next week or so planned out? Of course I want to drink all the teas all the time. Choices choices . haha. Anyway, I like this one! There are plenty of big jasmine flowers in the dry blend but somehow the flavor doesn’t happen in the tea itself. It’s a decent white tea (fuzzy but somehow they aren’t bothering my throat)… it doesn’t taste like cake so much as frosting! Sweet and also a bit nutty. Where is my dessert with this one? The second cup somehow had almost just about as much flavor as the first cup.
Steep #1 // 30 mins after boiling // 2-3 min
Steep #2 // 20 min after boiling // 3 min
Three sipdown tasting notes today! NICE.

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