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Tin Roof Teas

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Ugh, another Monday morning. . .This is one of those teas that has been in my cupboard for awhile, and I’ll make a cup of it every once in awhile. The smell reminds me of dried apricots, very sweet and fruity smelling. The flavor is malty (you can taste a strong black tea) and has a light pineapple finish. There is a really strong dried apricot aftertaste. This is a nice tea that is very nicely blended, but not one that I couldn’t live without, especially since there are oh so many other TRT teas that I love so much more. :)

-Dry blend has medium black tea leaves and small blue petals.
-Dry leaves smell sweetly of apricot. Tea liquor aroma is of black tea and dried fruits.
-Tea liquor is a clear dark brown color.
-Malty apricot flavor with a light pineapple finish. Strong aftertaste of dried apricots.
-Best with milk and sweetener.
-Good tea. Flavor is reminiscent of dried apricots.

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I had no idea this ginseng oolong was going to be so different from Teavivre’s. There are a couple of obvious reasons why it is, though.

First, this is a Chinese oolong, while Teavivre’s is from Taiwan. Second, this uses Siberian ginseng root, while Teavivre uses American ginseng. I really thought there was licorice root powder on the Teavivre leaves but I asked them some time ago and was told there was not. I taste something similar here but no licorice root is mentioned and it is lighter.

This tastes like a Tie Guan Yin, and the ginseng is adding just a hint of flavor that comes as a sweetness after the swallow. It doesn’t even come close to the floral sweetness that follows with Teavivre’s, though. This is the level of ginseng flavor I would expect on their third steep.

Second steep is sweeter than the first, but still milder than Teavivre’s.

The Tin Roof leaves are still tightly balled up and coated with ginseng after the second steep. Now I have done the third steep and they still haven’t unfurled. I think something about their ginseng powder must have more sticking power and dissolves into the tea more slowly.

The leaves are still dark pellets, but the tea is getting a little sweeter with each steep – just a bit. I think this gives the tea a consistent level of flavor with lightly growing sweetness each steep.

Several people mentioned disliking ginseng. If you want ginseng for its benefits and like TGY, this would be the way to go. Personally I love the BANG POW of the first steep of Teavivre’s Taiwan ginseng followed by the gradually calming down of the following steeps.

Michelle Butler Hallett

I adore ginseng oolong.

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drank Arabian Nights by Tin Roof Teas
1769 tasting notes

I met a dear friend for lunch today and she was so sweet to bring me samples of several teas she just bought at TRT. This is one I had my eye on to try for a while but haven’t gotten around to it yet since there are probably ten on the list every time I go!

I am pretty sure this is a Teageschwender tea since they have a tea of the same name and identical description. This reminds me of the fine French teas which are perfumed with so many floral scents.

I would love this in my room, in my closet, in my chest of drawers scenting my clothes. I am not sure I would want to drink it often, though it is quite nice. It is just a bit too perfumed for me. Perhaps with food or cake and a friend to chat with it would be right over the top and I would adore it, but as of right now, I don’t desire to go buy this. I would recommend it to anyone who loves floral teas that make your pinky hoist itself into the air on its own.

It is possible that I also need to play with the parameters a bit, as black and green blends can be a little touchy. There is a little bite of astringency, like lemon, that I think is the main thing making me not fall in love with this one, though I do think it is a very good tea.

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A sunny Sunday afternoon sipdown. A much needed dose of “yes, spring will come” both outside and inside.

You know how when you get to the dregs of a sample—enough for one cup, not enough for two—you just say, “aw, shucks” and dump the whole thing in. Wasn’t the wisest move in the world; turned the green tea base a little bitter on the back of the tongue. But the strawberry/vanilla was still sweet and pleasant at the front of each sip.

I fixed it, though…treat yourself to a big slab of cherry dump cake and you won’t notice the bitter at all :)

Terri HarpLady

I know exactly what you’re talking about! I tend to go for “more tea, less time”, in an effort to avoid bitterness.


I like strawberry as a tea ingredient so much it’d have to be pretty lousy for me not to like it.


Now I want dump cake!


Dump cake! Aw, man. Shades of Girl Scout camp and cooking in box ovens.


Sprinkle slivered almonds on top and it looks like you really fussed :)

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drank Bon Bon no. 914 by Tin Roof Teas
1769 tasting notes

Whoosh! A whole pot all by myself! Well, I drank it by myself in that no one else had any, but I wasn’t alone. I enjoyed a nice Sunday morning with my godson who is visiting from college, chatting about the future and life-purpose, thankfulness, and living purposefully, loving and serving others. What a great young man! If you are ever having the “what is the world coming to?” blues, ask him to come over!

The tea: lots of good sized pieces of coconut are in this blend. The black base reminds me a lot of Harney’s straight chocolate tea, but this isn’t really tasting exactly like Soho Blend to me. I think Soho has a little additional flavor, maybe vanilla? Or something floral? It has been a long time since I have had it, but I think when I restock it will be with Soho.

Josie Jade

I like this one mixed with TRT marzipan blend, yummy!


How did I miss seeing that one? Is it a black tea blend?


Your gs sounds wonderful! I always feel a little more hopeful about the condition of the world after spending time with my fifth graders…this year’s crop is growing some boys who are going to make wonderful, caring men someday.

And the tea sounds pretty lovely, too!

Josie Jade

They pointed the marzipan out to me one time when I was there, and I was hooked (I love marzipan!) I almost never try mixing teas together on my own, but the sales girl suggested this with the bon bon and it’s one of my staples. :)



Sigh. Well, I will be back soon. I can get some then! I did go to Penzey’s and buy some almond extract. I have been putting it in my vanilla shakes. :)

Josie Jade

Oh, that sounds good. I will have to try that, I love anything almond flavored! I always use a little extract when I’m baking.

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The description of this tea says to let the tea seduce you. That is exactly what the aroma did yesterday in the shop. I intended to buy a white, a green, and a black and my eye fell on the name of this one. Intrigued, I asked for a sniff. The seduction worked and a pouch of it came home with me.

There were big chunks of candied fruit, I think kiwi though it also says raspberry. The dry aroma is powerful and I was even worried as to whether it was going to overcome the tea, but when steeped this is nicely scented, slightly fruity and sweet, and the white and green teas in the base still come through. A fun purchase that I will enjoy sharing with my bestie who is trying to get into white teas.

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When I bought the teabag version of Tulsi I knew I was going to keep an eye out for a loose version. It is going to be difficult to compare the two teas because when I made the tea bag one I also added some lavender flowers, and there is definitely nowhere close to as much tulsi in the bag as the loose leaf recommends, so it was considerably stronger.

I had braced myself the first time for an unpleasant medicinal taste since I had never had this herb and didn’t know it was tasty as well as helpful. It is quite good, though, and is a comforting drink that I think would pop to mind first if I wasn’t feeling well.

My back was hurting really badly last night, and though it didn’t stop (T3 vertebra problem) I definitely felt much more relaxed and peaceful after drinking this.

There is almost a minty or lemony high note. It tastes both lightly savory and sweet. I am reminded of some of the Republic of Tea “Get _______” line, so I suspect this may be in some of them.

Overall, tasty, helpful, and I am glad I bought it!

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I love this tea, and I know it was the favorite of one of our group members who came to my house tonight. He specifically requested that I make a second pot of Anna’s Blend, the raspberry yogurt black tea, but when I went to make it I saw this pouch and thought they might really enjoy this tea as well, and seeing as how we had already burned through two pots, why not make extra? Good thing I did, because this turned out to be his favorite.

This is a green tea base that is not grassy or sour but very smooth, rather like Harney’s Tropical Green base, which I believe is an Indian green tea. The strawberry is a nice hint of fruit, but the vanilla is really what pushes this over the top. Nice, nice touch!

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drank Anna's No. 905 by Tin Roof Teas
1769 tasting notes

I can’t believe we finished this pouch of tea tonight. And I can’t believe that I immediately thought, “Oh no! I have to get to Raleigh to get some more!” I NEED to sip down a bunch of tea without buying replacements! But I will be getting this one, because it is one of the few flavored black teas hubby likes. This is his replacement for Marco Polo, as he finds this one smoother, less fussy, and tastier.

Tonight was Writers’ Group night at my house and as usual tea was requested. I was shocked to realize that only three of us were drinking tea, yet we finished four pots this evening!

This is a nice black tea base with a fruity raspberry scent and a distinct sharp tang that is referred to as yogurt but that reminds me of that wonderful fruit topping made of sour cream and a bit of sugar, like Jason’s Deli serves. (The actual recipe is sour cream, a touch of orange juice concentrate or a bit of orange juice, and brown sugar. Mix thoroughly, then use for dipping or topping strawberries, cantaloupe, etc.)

My friends and I take it plain, hubby likes it with a wee bit of sugar and some milk.

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I had high hopes for this tea when I discovered it at Tin Roof Teas. I love fruit-flavored black teas and I love this tea store also. The dry leaves smell just like raspberry yogurt and the tea liquor aroma smells like warm, tart and sweet raspberries. In the past I haven’t really loved this tea, but after experimenting I’ve found that I enjoy it with just sweetener added, which enhances the berry flavor. If milk is added it brings out the creamy, yogurt flavors, which I apparently don’t enjoy as much. This tea would probably be excellent iced as well. I am surprised that I don’t love this tea more, especially since other reviews compared it to Tower of London by Harney & Sons, which I love. I think the Tower of London blend has more of a honey flavor to it, while Anna’s is obviously a yogurt flavor and that may explain my non-love for this tea. I like it, it’s enjoyable to drink (maybe just not every day), but it doesn’t compare to Tower of London in my book.

-Dry blend has black tea leaves and pieces of green raspberry leaves.
-Dry leaves smell like creamy raspberry yogurt. Tea liquor aroma is of warm, sweet raspberries.
-Tea liquor is a medium golden brown color.
-Light malty flavor with a hint of fresh raspberries. Nice, tart finish.
-Best with sweetener. (Milk brings out yogurt flavor).
-Very good tea. Nice tart raspberry flavor with the addition of sweetener.

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I love this one! It reminds me more of Marco Polo than Tower of London, though. You are right – ToL is so honeyed, while this one is tangy like yogurt or sour cream. It has all the berry goodness of Marco Polo but not the fussy, easily astringent base. I have all three, but I will be letting Marco Polo go off my shelf when I finish it.

Josie Jade

Yes, Anna’s is reminiscent of sour cream! It made more sense to me when you said that! I haven’t tried the Marco Polo but I love the Tower of London blend!


Same here! When I first went loose leaf, I mentioned wanting to try ToL. It was sold out at Harney at the time, and hubby searched and searched online until he found a tea shop that had some. He gave it to me on our anniversary. After that, I begged Michael Harney to make it available loose leaf, and he agreed to mix up one pound for me. I asked for three, then someone else asked for two (this was all happening on Facebook) and someone else asked for a pound…pretty soon he just said OKAY OKAY! And made it available loose leaf for everyone! :) I love it because hubby looked so hard to find, and he likes it, and there are few flavored teas that he likes!

Josie Jade

Oh what a nice story! I actually have the little sachets of ToL, but I will certainly have to try the loose leaf now!

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I was going to edit and add this info, but this steep deserves its own tasting note.

Still roasty and dark in flavor though not a deep dark cup in color, this tea is disappearing quickly as I take long draughts of it. The dark roasty part is exquisite – I love this in an oolong, though I love green oolongs as well. But I am really getting this amazing lingering sweet taste, almost the feeling left behind by a tisane with licorice root in it. And there is a slight nutty component as well.

Excellent tea and a big thumbs up. This one actually seems to be improving over time rather than losing flavor or freshness.

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I needed a tea to pair with supper. I made loaded baked potato soup topped with shredded cheddar and crumbles of bacon, and some sprinkles of California Spice on hubby’s and Penzey’s 4S on mine. On the side we had grilled cheddar and mozzarella sandwiches with raspberry sauce. What could hold up to that?

THIS TEA! My gosh, it was fantastic, too. The first pot is gone and I am definitely resteeping tonight and I don’t care if it keeps me up all night long! It is so dark and roasty, so mellow and smooth, so sweet and good. For some reason it makes me think of brown sugar.

Dessert – tea and Bissingers chocolates, coming up.

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Got a sample of this (thanks Josie Jade) and it is so scrumptious my feelings about this tea can best be expressed in a song:


Boiling 5 min, 0 sec
yssah - Love is Tea (LIT)

that is the perfect song! hahaha…strawb-b-b-b-berry…shortcake! cant get it, or the feeling of strawberry cream outta my head!

your chocolate strawberry sample arrived just in time :D


Love the part where they are all “cheers” with their strawberry cups of tea!

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Peachy fresh light green tea, smooth with no bitterness. Great stuff! If you cant buy frkm Tin Roof Teas, this is the same as Madame Butterfly, which is sold by many vendors though I like buying it from Gurman’s of Ireland since we have had great customer service from them!

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I got up this morning and tended to the little foster dog we are keeping for a few weeks. Then I discovered that we are out of English muffins and we don’t have any bagels. I decided to make a little breakfast for my husband and myself since the kids will probably sleep until noon or after since it is the first day of Christmas break.

I made grits, scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast and with the meal we actually drank milk, but I could hardly wait for some tea to follow the meal! It was hard choosing this morning, especially since I wanted hubby to drink with me and he is tea picky. He has generally liked oolongs though, so I gave this one a try with him.

First of all, I love dark or traditional oolongs. I love green ones, too, but the dark ones are heady and addicting to me. And this is a great TKY. I never thought about it this way before, but today as I sniffed the cup deeply I thought it smelled a bit like brown sugar or caramel. There is a lovely lingering aftertaste – that is what makes me crave dark oolongs for days after drinking it once.

This is a great tea, and I am torn as to whether I will purchase more when this is gone or whether I will purchase their Dong Ding, which I finished in record time last time I bought it!


Yum breakfast with TKY!

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I got the nicest surprise today! Another amazing card handmade by GMathis! So cute, and she knows I am nerdy enough to LOVE the Soft Kitty song and that is on the front of the card. I actually sing it to Sam, except we say “Soft puppy, warm puppy, little ball of fur, happy puppy, sleepy puppy, grr, grr, grr!” Thank you! It was a good mail day! (Have you looked at that book yet?)

Well, tonight was writers’ group night at my house and of course I had to serve some tea. I made my big tetsubin full of this tea and put it on a warmer. There were only three of us drinking tea, but it was very enjoyable. Every time I drink a good Ti Kuan Yin, I crave it for days afterward. This is a great, smooth tea, and I think it is excellent for introducing people to the world of unsweetened fine loose leaf. The flavor differs so much from our Southern iced tea that is super sweet, that it doesn’t make them crave all that sugar!

Rebecca Lynn

Hahaha, I love the soft kitty song! Sometimes I uh…sing it to my bearded dragon.


:) I only made a couple of those because of the limited number of friends I knew would get it. And you wonder why I hang out here?!?


Rebecca Lynn: First of all, I would really love to see a video of you singing the Soft Kitty song to your bearded dragon. Secondly, I have been trying to figure out what the lyrics could possibly be since last night and I am still coming up blank! “Soft lizard, cold lizard, little bearded friend. Happy lizard, sleepy lizard…” What comes next?


Soft lizard, cold lizard, love your pretty scales…happy lizard, sleepy lizard, watch him wave his tail?

Rebecca Lynn

Um, I love you guys, haha. I just started laughing in my room. When I go back home I’ll make a video, haha. I just kind of make up different lyrics every time that aren’t nearly as good as the ones you guys came up with! I’ll try and figure out a way to end your version, ashmanra! In the meantime, gmathis…that is my new facebook status.

Invader Zim

lol you guys are awesome! It helps that I love soft kitty!


Pleased to make a contribution!

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drank Bon Bon no. 914 by Tin Roof Teas
1769 tasting notes

I bought a sampler of four teas from TRT for my daughter’s fiancé to drink while he was here, and to take home with him. He said he loves chocolate and LOVES coconut, so he felt sure he would like it.
Fortunately, his instincts were right and he really loved it! This is the same blend sold by ESP Emporium. The base is nicely balanced with the flavors and it tasted great sans additions.

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