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This is an interesting tea. I would have never thought to pair blueberry with a gunpowder tea. I didn’t even realize the green tea was gunpowder until I got it!

I made this iced to go with my leftover pad kee mao and it helped ease the burn. This is very, very blueberry smelling. The cup brews up really dark for a green even with a steep right under 2 minutes.

I was expecting this not to be very good but it’s really refreshing. The petals in the tea give it a floral note, though I’m sure the blueberry helps make it taste this way. The green tea has a pretty strong flavor in here too being such a dark gunpowder. It almost looks like an oolong.

Not a bad tea at all. I’ll have to try it hot too.

by the way if you are interested in my lip balm project I set up an indiegogo fund to really get things rolling, so you can help fund me, get some stuff before everyone else, and be forever one of my favorite people: I’ll get the money even if it doesn’t reach $500 (honestly I only wanted to set it to $350 but it makes you pick $500 at minimum) so you will definitely get something. And now you can see what flavors I have up my sleeves. I’m so excited!


Donated a little GOOD LUCK!! :)

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drank House Blend by Tropical Tea Company
1220 tasting notes

Thank you so much Tropical Tea Company for filling my order on the house once again.

I continued to have my problem of getting payment accepted today but I think this company just doesn’t really care if their mobile site’s payment system works. I bought 6 pints of ice cream delivered from a local company, plus a scoop of their ice cream for a kid at the children’s hospital for $15. Not bad.

One of their sorbets looks like it’s similar to this tea. Pineapple, coconut, but then with the addition of banana. I’m not going to order yet in hopes they add more flavors for delivery but yum.

This tea is also a lot like the White Coconut Creme but less rich. Probably because it’s not straight up coconut. That one makes me feel like I have coconut flakes all stuck on my gums. It’s also a lot like Tropicalia but with a tea base.

It’s not like super excellent white tea, it is/was $1 an ounce, but it’s not terrible whatsoever. If the pineapple and coconut were paints, the white tea is just the canvas.

Pretty good iced, I’ll have to try it hot too even though these flavors scream iced tea.


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Well, this tea is sure pretty with its flowers, but it doesn’t taste a whole lot like cookies and cream.

Before additions: tasted like a slightly sweetened with maple syrup Ceylon. It reminded me of something that I still can’t pinpoint, but I wanted cookies.

After: flowers and chocolate. So this tea does know the way to a girl’s heart, I suppose. But I didn’t want the pretty petals to be brought out, I wanted cream! (Sidenote: I swear the milk I bought is no good. I don’t know why I continue buying milk for cooking at this grocery store because it always tastes horrible to me. I’m just not sure about coconut milk working in a ranch dressing type setting, especially since I’m already replacing nearly everything with Greek yogurt.)

Anyway, I can’t decide which way it was better. I love the chocolate notes, which is what I want in cookies. But I miss the maple sweetness from before. I’ve got plenty of this though to get through. And I’ve had it for awhile so I should probably get drinking.

Daniel Scott

After: flowers and chocolate. So this tea does know the way to a girl’s heart, I suppose.

LOL! Flowers and chocolate sounds like a great combo in tea to me, actually.


After the initial surprise that of all things, that’s what I was getting, it is really nice. I know there’s a couple other teas with the whole chocolate/rose/strawberry thing going on, but the mix of different petals in this one is even better than that.


Try organic milk. It lasts about 8 times longer than regular milk. I have no idea why, but it really does last longer and taste better.

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Another tea from Emilie. I’m wondering if I didn’t steep this long enough…I definitely saw white chocolate in the tea, but I didn’t taste much of anything but straight up rooibos.

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Hmm…I’ve never had a rooibos before, so I can’t really compare this to anything. The in bag smell wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. The brewed smell I actually really enjoyed. I can see some white chocolate coming through here, but not enough to make me hate it. I can also see the medicated vanilla after taste, but that’s probably not fair. A.) I had just read Azzrian’s review, and I’m amazingly impressionable. B.) Vanilla has a tendency to taste like medicine to me. Seriously, if the flavor of vanilla were a person, I’d punch him right in the face.

Anyway, this is just kind of meh. I’m not preparing to buy another bag, but I’m also not looking for friends to give this away to.

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LOL Poor Mr. Vanilla!


Poor Vanilla nothing! I’m sorry, but it’s plagued me for ages. I understand that some people do truly love their vanilla (here’s lookin’ at you Dylan), but I don’t. I can’t. I won’t. Vanilla is that flavor that’s there to spit in my face when the flavor I want is gone. It’s the hail storm that comes when I decide to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Then why I decide to go in and enjoy the soothing sounds of rain, vanilla is that disgustingly awful humidity inducing sunshine. Vanilla is that funky smell on the leftovers I’ve been saving for JUST the right time (which clearly should have been a week ago). Vanilla is a reminder of every disappointing event in my entire life.

Sorry, we’re out of sherbet, lucky for you I’ve got vanilla ice cream.
Want some cake? Have some vanilla.
Oh, sorry bro I don’t have any stouts on draught, but I do have this porter that was probably great until the brewer decided to douse it with levels of vanilla that would turn you into the Hulk if it were gamma radiation and not vanilla.



Ohhhh I do miss porters and stouts! Brewed a smoked Porter once and won a competition but that was another lifetime ago…you would have loved it – not one drop of vanilla in it – on the other hand it had lovely chocolate notes!
So sorry about your vanilla issues but I do see your point. Unfortunately too many PEOPLE these days are vanilla but I suppose that is a topic for some other forum. :)

Dylan Oxford

Haha, Blake, that made me laugh so hard. I can just see Bruce Banner getting angry at a vanilla tea and going on a stomping spree through Madagascar.


Very amusing and I love the visuals here :D

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Yep Irish Breakfast again :)


Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

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Too sad to enjoy this one this morning, thinking about lung transplants and depression :(


So sorry Tommy. :( Sending virtual hugs.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Prayers would be great also :) we need them


sorry to hear that – i’ll send some positive thoughts your way


Oh my! Is the lung transplant for you? Definitely praying for you! It is amazing what can be done now.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

it’s my hubby :(

ryan m

hey Tommy – sending prayers & good thoughts to you and your husband.


prayers to your husband and for you.


happy thoughts and prayers are headed your way. I’ll be thinking about you guys. Best wishes.


Kick depression in the butt! Need good medicine, much love more prayer, firm Faith and keep toxic people away!

Thomas Edward(Toad)

thanks u all :)


Bless your heart! I’m praying for you and your husband. (((hugs)))


Oh, Tommy, I am so sorry you both are having to go through this. God bless you. We will keep you in our prayers. And I agree – kick that depression in the patootie, though being a cancer survivor myself I know it isn’t always easy.


I’m so sorry. My thoughts are with you and your husband. Best wishes to both of you.

Invader Zim

Best wishes and prayers for you and your husband. I hope things look up soon for you two.

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Such a nice strong cup of tea :) i love it. Strong without being bitter

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This is a nice breakfast tea, if you like Assam this one is good, i did put a little sugar and a splash of milk into mine this morning its not bad like that at all.
Hopefully i can drink more tea now and post more notes since we are back at home for the time being :)

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drank Cinnamon by Tropical Tea Company
19 tasting notes

a good amount of Cinnamon. Smells very good!

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drank House Blend by Tropical Tea Company
1696 tasting notes

I seem to like this one more than most of the other reviewers, once again. I don’t even like pineapple, so go figure. I forgot this was a white tea. The water was a little hotter than I would have used if I had remembered. The coconut and pineapple blend so nicely, yet each is clearly tasted on its own. It would get an even higher rating if I could separate out the white tea in the sip.

Rabbit trail ahead: This is the first cup I prepared in my new den (the wife’s former junk room – she moved her stuff upstairs). I went to Walmart and bought a unit made of 4 stacking plastic drawer type bins. You have probably seen them, they stands about two feet tall (abt 2/3 m). Two drawers are about 8" tall and two are about 4". I put it in the den and filled it with my tea. I had to leave the tea bags and decaf out so it would fit. I also left out the teas that are two aromatic to be trusted with other teas. Oh, and like Bonnie, I have hardly bought anything in six months. I think maybe $10/month and that includes the stacking drawers.

Anyway, so I now have my main station with my kettle in the den. I also have a smaller station set up in the corner of the living room with all the bagged and evening decaf teas. I have a press and a Finum basket at each station. Pretty awesome.


We won’t worry until you own up to stashing some under your mattress.


Under the bed sure, but not under the mattress – it might hurt their tiny little tender leaves.

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drank House Blend by Tropical Tea Company
1696 tasting notes

I got this when Nicole was clearing out her stash. I looked at the leaf and couldn’t tell what it was. I thought it looked like a green with maybe some rooibos in the mix. It is very pretty with blue, yellow, and red petals in it. Turns out this is a white tea. Sooo I got the water waaay to hot. This didn’t care and did not get bitter (just dark). The taste first made me think alcoholic beverage. After I adjusted I realized it was creamy coconut but not the usual overwhelming coconut… and pineapple… My first reaction to pineapple was eeewww, I hate pineapple. Then I realized it goes really well with coconut. I found myself enjoying the cup. The white base could not really be singled out but it seemed to fill in the empty spots in the sip. Not something I would ever have picked up and tried on my own. Turns out I actually liked it. Thanks Nicole!

Edit – I can’t find this company on the web. The links take me to Miss Gloria’s Tea House. New owner? anyway, This blend does not appear be in their collection.


Yes, a new owner in the last month or so. They merged with Miss Glorias.


^^ Interesting to know.

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I’ve been enjoying this tea a lot recently. I’m not much of a chocolate tea person — I love caramels and hazelnuts in my teas but all of the heavier dessert teas taste uniformly like tootsie rolls and it’s a little (and sometimes a lot) off putting.

This tea is different. It has a deeper, chocolatey taste, but it’s on the back side of the flavor. When you take a sip, it’s all hot and delicious black tea flavor, and the finish is all Oreo cookie. I’ve been turning to it a lot in the late evening as it’s that perfect sweet fix.

Usually I steep at boiling for 5 minutes. This morning I forgot about it and left it for at least 15…and I’m happy to report that it’s still divine, though it does taste better after dinner rather than with breakfast.

Boiling 8 min or more

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TTB-A sample! I accidentally put too much leaf in this, but it’s a rooibos, so can you really overleaf it?

I realized why the mint rooibos appealed to me, because this has a medicinal almost minty smell of the dry leaf, and it appears in the taste as well. It works ok in this because this is chocolate so mint it errs on the minty side instead of the medicine side (like some fruity rooibos blends). I mean it isn’t super chocolate but it’s enough, and it kind of reminds me of a minty white chocolate truffle, sure. Pretty decent overall but having tried this and the mint one I think I prefer the mint since it really owns the mint flavor. Maybe I’m just suggestible but my throat is getting a bit of scratchiness in the back like Kittena described after drinking this, so that’s a bit unpleasant. Eh, rooibos.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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I cold-brewed this yesterday, and was surprised to find that I like it more this way (I usually stick to fruity teas and tisanes for cold brewing). It brought out more of the flavor, and one of the things that bugs me the most about this tea is how bland it usually is.

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