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I don’t taste any maple…just a really really slight hint of some sort of nutty flavor. It’s good if you just think of it as a plain black tea, but I wouldn’t run out and pick this up if you love dessert teas and fun flavors. Honestly, you pay $3 for 2oz of tea, so you get what you pay for. It’s a little almondy, which is pleasant.

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I was expecting way more from this tea. I was drinking my new Della Terra teas last night and this is such a fun flavor that I thought I’d be on cloud nine. It does not taste like cookies and cream, period. Upon first sip, my thought was “this tastes like rum”. I suppose that isn’t negative for everyone, but I was hoping more for cookies. It does have a chocolatey smell once brewed, like melted chocolate chips and some flowery notes.

I brewed it for 3 mintues and it’s a bit bitter for me. All of this said, I’m probably still going to drink this during the work day today because the more I think of it as a slightly random flavored black tea, the more I’m ok with it. If you’re expecting it to taste as good as Della Terra’s flavored teas…lower your expectations.

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My taste buds needed a break from the morning norm. This looked like fun, and made me smile because I remember my son pronouncing it “pimento-grates” when he was learning to read.

This is a sweet fruit tea, heavy on the vanilla. Not a bit of tartness or bitterness, and I was sloppy measuring and timing this first cup. Nicole, I couldn’t taste the lemur either :) It is a very close match for the Culinary Teas Monk’s Blend I have bought by the pound in the past. Highly recommended for those of us that want our fruit tea sweet and gentle, not sour and acidic.

Pimento-grateful to try this one!


Lemur! OMG! HA!

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Boiling 8 min or more

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I took this one out of Traveling Tea Box A. It smelled so much like fresh blueberries, and I like green tea, so I thought it would be perfect for me! I’m not edumacated enough to know what makes it a gunpowder, but it is. Anyway, it’s blueberry-y enough, I guess. There’s a slightly bitter/astringent thing going on, though. It’s not as good as the organic blueberry jam tea from DavidsTea. Nothing I would go crazy over, but decent.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Liking this one more and more as I continue to play with it.

With half-and-half and a drop of maple syrup this morning. Breakfast!

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Another one I get to try from momo! thanks again! Peach & jasmine sounds like the perfect combination! And sencha is my favorite type of green tea! The steep color is a pretty light green. I may have steeped this one too long, but I like it anyway. Definitely a peach presence… not so much with the jasmine, even though I saw two flowers go into the infuser. The sencha has a vegetal taste… tastes just like green beans (which I love.. I eat them raw way more than I eat potato chips!)

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Enjoying this one. It’s my favorite sort of fruit tea: sweet-fruity instead of tart-fruity. Enough of a bass line in the black tea to boomp you out the door.

I currently have no unadulterated maple syrup under my roof, but when I get some, I’m thinking this would make a wonderful “pancake breakfast.”

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Honestly, I haven’t had a good experience with a blueberry green tea, but I’m not giving up!

This version came my way in the Traveling Tea Box (A). I’m not as experienced with greens, but this was even more different than my past encounters. The leaves aren’t as green as I’m used to seeing and they’re rolled into oddly shaped balls. I am always a sucker for Cornflower petals in tea – it always looks so pretty!

Upon opening the baggie I can smell the blueberry. I brewed this in the fridge for about 18 hours.

I noticed some bitterness after straining the leaves; not something I was expecting. I probably shouldn’t have, but I added a little simple syrup to mute that. There’s a slight smokiness that I’m detecting now that I’ve killed the bitterness. The blueberry is nice in this.

I’m leaving this in the box for others to try. The quest for the right blueberry green tea continues…

Iced 8 min or more

52tea’s Boo-berry Cotton Candy is a delicious blueberry green (though of course it also has cotton candy flavor), a really true to life flavor.

Will Work For Tea

I was hesitant to pony up for the cotton candy AND blueberry green tea flavors. But I’ll take your word on it! :)

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Thank you momo for this sample! It smells good but I learned from Adagio that I just don’t like ceylon types. I like the story behind this tea with the monks and all but I couldn’t finish my cup. My taste buds just don’t agree with it. My boyfriend on the other hand liked it and said it was smooth, citrusy, and light.

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I’ll second Nicole’s comment that this smells amazing. And it’s quite pretty—I love cornflower petals in my tea.

Lots of sweet blueberry flavor, not getting a lot of black tea base, but I was extra cautious on steep time since this was my trial run. I think this will be a good candidate for a let-it-sit-while-you-put-your-morning-makeup-on breakfast choice.

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Forgot to log two cups from earlier today…see previous notes…

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well i must say , there is always a FIRST!! of tasting notes and i’m IT!! i came across this tea out of the discussion boards in request of how to get some “Linden Tea” – tommytheToad was more than open to exchange this precious commodity with some of my David’s tea and Mighty Leaf stash.

now to the actual taste…the aroma is definetely flowery. like a fresh boquet to be exact, it has a light sweet taste to it, but i’m just more than happy to drink it!! i learned that Linden tea carries a lot of health properties, and i’m graciously appreciating the trusted community of steepster in helping me connect with this lovely tea. so yes i would recommend this tea…there is nothing stark or hard or herbal about it….just a nice light taste and an aroma of walking through the garden on a mid summer’s afternoon….a dream after all :)

many thanks again to TommytheToad!! :)

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 15 sec

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If anyone wants some of this, let me know. I have too much of it.

This smells somewhat artificial, but it tastes better than it smells. I taste the sencha more than anything, it’s more like a green tea with peach undertones. I had it iced, so maybe that makes a difference. It’s definitely a very light flavor and I think flash chilling it ruined it.

So really I have nothing else to say because it just tasted like a light green tea. Now I know. I had gotten it in hopes of having it for iced tea but it’s just not strong enough for it, and I’m not a big fan of hot peach flavors :/

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Thank you Sandy Stith for this wonderful sample!

I’ve been sticking to my comfort teas for a while. Maybe out of laziness, I don’t know.

Today however seemed fitting for something different. The cool crisp air that we’ve had the past few days just seemed like a perfect match for this. We’ve had the a/c off and all of our oversized windows wide open, letting in the most beautiful breeze. Oh how I love fall.

This tea was the perfect compliment to the changing weather. It was warm and spicy (not heat spicy of course, but spices spicy lol). The cloves were so fragrant and filled my kitchen with smells of the holidays. I didn’t get a lot of the clementine, but I could taste it underneath the other flavors so it wasn’t completely absent. Over all a very delicious flavor. I can picture myself enjoying a nice big mug full on Christmas morning while the kids open their gifts…. In fact, I’m going to go buy myself some because of that very image !

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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I didn’t expect to like this and thus was not disappointed when I didn’t. No harm done. Also didn’t really see much of the fruit in this, though I did taste it. Good prep for Love Potion #7 though me thinks. Must get the timing right to have it brewed right as the husband comes homes, otherwise I’ll never get him to commit… to the trying the tea that is. Thanks Amanda

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Last cup from last night. This one smelled quite lovely, I should have known those were jasmine petals. It smelled of peaches, but the flavor was lighter but still naturally sweet with a soft fruitiness, it reminded me a bit of honeysuckle as well. I steeped this for under a minute and I think I had better result than those below, but toward the end of the cup the green notes tasted a bit off. shrug Ah well, thank you Amanada

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A sample of this one from Azzrian this time! A bit of a burnt/toasted aroma upon brewing, and in the flavour as well… but I like it! Definitely caramelly too, so just what I was looking for tonight. Perfect! I think I like the DavidsTea version better, but this works just great right now. Thanks Azz!

Boiling 8 min or more

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drank Mint by Tropical Tea Company
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I’m finding that I’m not a huge fan of earl grey tea, but for $1 per oz I had to include this in my order. I slept in today and have a long day of work ahead of me so I decided to brew some of this to get me going.

I don’t dislike this tea, but it’s nothing that really stands out to me. I added a little local honey that I picked up from the farmer’s market and it’s a fine cup. I won’t be rushing out to get more of this.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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omg! My 600th note! And it did not come easy. I’ve just been so tired but it doesn’t help being up all night Saturday night because I couldn’t stop thinking about making my little lip balm project something. Then I fell asleep early last night, before I had a chance to have a cup of tea, and then my boyfriend woke me up for a goodnight phone call…and I couldn’t fall back asleep.

So when I needed to get myself off to class, I put this in a bottle for my steep n go, and…put the regular lid on. I was so thankful when I got to class that the vending machines in the buildings take cards, I was so thirsty!

When I got home, I threw the bottle in the fridge so it’d be cold again, and now finally I’ve been drinking it for the past hour or so. Yeah, 600 wasn’t gonna come easy!

I’m actually quite surprised by how good this tastes. I should probably stop assuming every cheap tea I get is going to be worthless because cold steeping can make anything good it feels.

The tea is pretty sweet on its own, although I imagine if you could handle it sweeter it would bring out the strawberry even more. The strawberry is towards the end of the sip, and it reminds me of strawberry syrup…like the kind you use to make strawberry milk. I tastes like strawberry but it could be more like a real berry, if you know what I mean.

LOL I got so focused on this homework assignment due tomorrow I didn’t even finish my thought.

I’ll have to try this hot soon enough, but it makes a very good iced tea, which is probably my favorite part about flavored teas with a ceylon base!


Congrats on 600! :)


Congrats on 600!


And a good note it is! Sounds worth a try for sure.

Terri HarpLady

Happy 600 Amanda! Congrats!




Wow!!!! Congrats on 600!! That is quite an anchievement!! :)


Congrats on 600! I’ve got soooo long to go to get there! The strawberry sounds nice too!


Congrats! :D


Goodness, congratulations! I am one note away from having written one tenth the number of notes you’ve written. =)

Hesper June

Wow! 600! Congrats:)


Congrats on 600!

Yogini Undefined

wow 600!! That’s awesome! :)


Woot! Congratulations on reaching 600!!! Amazing!!


Thank you all so much! <3 Especially Bonnie for the added color, since it showed up on my phone and actually made me feel like waking up this morning haha.


whoop happy belated 600 ;D

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This is an interesting tea. I would have never thought to pair blueberry with a gunpowder tea. I didn’t even realize the green tea was gunpowder until I got it!

I made this iced to go with my leftover pad kee mao and it helped ease the burn. This is very, very blueberry smelling. The cup brews up really dark for a green even with a steep right under 2 minutes.

I was expecting this not to be very good but it’s really refreshing. The petals in the tea give it a floral note, though I’m sure the blueberry helps make it taste this way. The green tea has a pretty strong flavor in here too being such a dark gunpowder. It almost looks like an oolong.

Not a bad tea at all. I’ll have to try it hot too.

by the way if you are interested in my lip balm project I set up an indiegogo fund to really get things rolling, so you can help fund me, get some stuff before everyone else, and be forever one of my favorite people: I’ll get the money even if it doesn’t reach $500 (honestly I only wanted to set it to $350 but it makes you pick $500 at minimum) so you will definitely get something. And now you can see what flavors I have up my sleeves. I’m so excited!


Donated a little GOOD LUCK!! :)

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drank House Blend by Tropical Tea Company
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Thank you so much Tropical Tea Company for filling my order on the house once again.

I continued to have my problem of getting payment accepted today but I think this company just doesn’t really care if their mobile site’s payment system works. I bought 6 pints of ice cream delivered from a local company, plus a scoop of their ice cream for a kid at the children’s hospital for $15. Not bad.

One of their sorbets looks like it’s similar to this tea. Pineapple, coconut, but then with the addition of banana. I’m not going to order yet in hopes they add more flavors for delivery but yum.

This tea is also a lot like the White Coconut Creme but less rich. Probably because it’s not straight up coconut. That one makes me feel like I have coconut flakes all stuck on my gums. It’s also a lot like Tropicalia but with a tea base.

It’s not like super excellent white tea, it is/was $1 an ounce, but it’s not terrible whatsoever. If the pineapple and coconut were paints, the white tea is just the canvas.

Pretty good iced, I’ll have to try it hot too even though these flavors scream iced tea.


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drank Blue Mango by Tropical Tea Company
1105 tasting notes

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