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i drank some tea. I will drink more tea. selling a job…bids start at 10$/day lol

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My husband loves sweet tea. Lately I’ve finally gotten around to start making it for him, mostly because I got an awesome tea brewing pitcher at a sale at Teavana. I’m alternating making it with dirt cheap black tea, and more interesting (and expensive) stuff. This time I used 6 teaspoons Vanilla Oolong (Adagio), 5 teaspoons Cream flavored Black tea (Adagio), 1 teaspoon ground Vanilla Beans (Mountain Rose Herbs), 1 teaspoon Xylitol, 7 Tablespoons sugar, and 8 cups water. I cold brewed it, and it turned out quite nice. It was too sweet for my personal preference, but aside from that the flavor was very interesting. My husband said it tasted like a sweet vanilla coffee drink where you can’t really taste the coffee. I think I would really like the combination with less sugar. The cream and vanilla flavors complemented the black tea very well.

Flavors: Coffee, Cream, Sweet, Vanilla

Iced 8 min or more 12 tsp 64 OZ / 1892 ML

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Today I’m having something black and delicious and Fuijan-esqe. Though i’m embarrassed to say I don’t know what it is. It was in a plastic baggy, probably the last of a sample from Teavivre or Yezi or something I got in a swap.

Very sweet and thick with a slight salty note. Yammy and chocoalty and has a good buttery pastry-like quality. Needless to say I’m enjoying it

Flavors: Butter, Caramel, Pastries, Salt, Yams

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 5 OZ / 150 ML

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drank Random Steepings by Various Artists
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This purely a personal note, so feel free to skip it

I had a mental meltdown today. So were really tight on money, and my financial aid is messed up, and I just found out that the tax forms that I need to fix it can’t be retrived electronically, and instead have to be shipped to my mom. So since I can’t even accept the loans I need to pay for the rest of my tuition until that’s straightened out, I can’t afford my classes.

Then, the cable and internet was out all day, and 75% of my classes are online, and classes started this week, but I couldn’t even look to see if I had any assignments.

Then, my car battery died, and I lost it. I waited until my boyfriend left for work, and then I broke down. Unless I’m alone watching a sappy scene in a show/movie, or reading a sad part of a book, I don’t really cry.

I called my dad, because he’s the one who fixes my car when it breaks usually. Since my boyfriend has work all night and works both jobs tomorrow, he came out to help me get the battery out and take it to get charged. Gets to my place, turns out that when I replaced my battery last time, I didn’t didn’t tighten the connectors all the way. He tightens it properly, the car starts no problem.

At this time it’s dinner time, and he suggests we go to this Thai place right next door that I’ve been dying to go too since I moved here. Over dinner, he tells me he’ll give me the money I need for tuition, so I don’t have to quit school.

And I got a Thai iced tea, which I’ve never had, and it was sweet and creamy, and vanilla and delicious.

And then when I got home, my internet was back on. So after such a hard day, I feel much better knowing that a lot of my problems have been handled. (:

Cameron B.

Hooray for (mostly) happy endings! And I love Thai iced tea. :D


I feel like a huge weight has been lifted (: And it’s so yummy! The waitress brought me a sample and I was just like yes! Yes please! I need this! haha


I’m sorry the day was soooo horrible, but I’m glad that things are getting better. And that Thai iced tea is DELISH!!!

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I had a tough day today, so I had to console myself with tea. First step, I went to Teavana to spend a Starbucks reward I have to get Golden Monkey black tea. I know I’m on a tea buying hiatus, but this was free and only one ounce, so it’s okay, right? Right? Unfortunately, I’m back up to 104, so I’m working in the opposite direction my under 100 sipdown goal for the end of the month. Eeps.

Next up, I happened to be close to one of the only decent bubble tea places in Boston. So of course I had to go in and get myself some oolong milk tea with boba. I actually did make the most of that short trip, though, because I had my laptop on me, so I pulled it out and did some stuff on it. I have to say, these two little tea trips did make me feel better, so it was totally all worth it :)

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Custom blend: Harney & Sons Chamomile and Harney & Sons Yellow & Blue

I decided to reinfuse the spent sachets of these two teas and together they produced a fine second brew! I actually like this ratio of chamomile to lavender better than the Yellow & Blue alone, which sometimes seems too heavy on the lavender—depending on my mood.

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Backlog. It’s difficult for me to concentrate on anything productive because my migraine is back, sigh. So I thought I’d write up a tasting note on the blackberry mojito tea lemonade I had earlier today at Starbucks. It was surprisingly better than I expected it to be. Over the past half year or so, I’ve definitely lowered my standards for tea from Starbucks as I got more and more obsessed with Steepster and became a bit tea snobbish. But anyway, the blackberry mojito tea lemonade was just a nice sweet drink, kind of like a juice with the black tea base peeking through at certain moments. I think the minty taste also had something that reminded me of lemongrass. Odd. But when I treat it like a juice, I like it enough to want to get it again sometime in the future.

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So. Full. Of. Tea.

I have been drinking tea all day long today. I got two tiny little double wall glass tea cups from Teavivre last week. I have never been a huge fan of glass for tea cups without handles, but these were just too cute to resist. And I’m so pleased that they don’t get hot at all. Great double wall insulation I guess!

I started the day with Bi Luo Chun Black (or Golden Snail Yunnan) from Whispering Pines then moved on to Golden Fleece from Verdant – both were delish though I think I’m somewhat over Golden Fleece for now. I’ll still never turn it down, but my palate is trending towards heavier teas lately. Next was Ailaoshan Black from Whispering Pines, Yunnan Gold Tips from A&D, No. 9 Yunnan from Steven Smith – all reliable and good, though the Ailaoshan was by far my favorite of the group. Finished up with Golden Tippy Yunnan from Tealeaves, which unfortunately didn’t really improve much with the short multiple steeping style sessions I was using.

Almost all of the steeps were done with 1 teaspoon of tea, spring water cooled from boiling, rinse leaves, 20 seconds for 1/2 of a little cup, 45 seconds to top off the cup, then 1 1/2 minutes for second cup and leaving the tea in the pot until I was ready for the 3rd & 4th cups.

While that sounds like a lot of tea, I guess in retrospect it isn’t that much since they were all done in 6+ ounce tiny gongfu (not sure this is really gongfu) short steep sessions. I did resteep the Golden Snail so that’s…um… 42+ ounces?

Cameron B.

You must have the slosh belly! :P


And it’s all Yunnan ! I’m not that excited with GF lately. Maybe I should change the parameters.


I got those double walled cups too! They’re adorable :)

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Unknown, green, curled oolong. Extremely buttery, floral, sweet, and creamy.

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New tea (hooray!) but one that I can’t add to my cupboard or the database, because, well…it just says “tea” on the package. It’s a green tea from China, and while it comes in a tin, the packaging is not very pretentious or gifty, which raises my hopes.

The leaves are flat and pressed-looking, with fine silver hairs. There’s a warm, vegetal and bread-like aroma. The brewed liquor is pale gold, and the taste is initially very subtle and light compared to what the aroma might suggest. Mellow and lightly grassy, with just a hint of richer flavors, and something I can’t quite put my finger on that is the most surprising note in the background, which leads to a stronger finish. This morning I just can’t seem to think of the right word for it. It’s a good standard green tea to have on hand.

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T&C TTB 21/23

Numi Pettit flower: there was a picture guide to help tell them apart but none of them had the shape I was looking for but two had the color combination I was looking for.
After adding the water it was fun to watch it bloom to find a little reddish flower thing in the middle. After comparing the bloomed flower with the choices, I think I picked Dragon Lily. After reading what Dragon Lily tasted like “sweet apricot” I think I can taste apricot but I mostly smell and taste over cooked vegetables. Not sure what I picked but it was fun to try.

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Stopping by briefly to say I miss you guys!
I’ve been so busy this week, I can’t think, so here is a list of some of the teas I’ve been drinking:
Jinggu Golden Strand Pure Bud – YS
Organic Superfine Keemun Fragrant Black Tea – Teavivre
Master Han’s Wild picked Yunnan Black – Verdant
Fengqing Dragon Pearl Black – Teavivre
Zhu Rong – Verdant
Shiva’s Breakfast – Butiki
Premium Taiwanese Assam – Butiki
Imperial Moijiang Golden Bud Yunnan Black – YS
Bolder Breakfast – the Tea Spot
Yunnan Purple Beauty Black tea – YS
And probably some other ones, but that’s the teas I remember.

I’ve written actual reviews on all of these before, so that’s all I got!


i miss tea…


I like this post format! I might steal this idea for when I’m too busy, too. :)


Miss you too :)


Oh, the woes of the working world…not enough time for anything but Steepster fly-bys!

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Tried a variation on my pregnancy blend. I used raspberry leaf, apple chamomile, a honeybush/rooibos blend that I had added some vanilla extract to, a bit of ginger and some xylitol. It was somewhat sweeter, and the hay notes were much stronger. I really couldn’t taste much of the grassy flavor of the rasberry leaf this time. I was pleased though, since the apple chamomile and honeyroo were blends that I didn’t really like on their own.

Boiling 8 min or more 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I’ve almost finished the Pregnancy Tea I ordered, and I have a bunch of raspberry leaf from Rose Mountain Herbs, so I decided to try making my own blend. For my first attempt I added a bit of peppermint, a few small pieces of clementine peel, and a couple dashes of ginger. The flavor was fine, but it immediately triggered my heartburn, so I took a few sips, then dumped the rest and tried again.

For my second attempt, I added 1 tsp raspberry leaf, 1/2 tsp honeybush, 1/2 tsp chamomile, and a couple dashes of ginger. It was quite good, with a mild yet complex flavor, and it cleared up my heartburn right away. It tasted like a warm summery meadow- grassy, with undertones of hay, wood, flowers, and a hint of ginger. I think I’ll keep this base recipe and try adding different variations to it.

Flavors: Flowers, Ginger, Grass, Hay, Wood

Boiling 8 min or more 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Attempt #2

2 tsp Adagio Blood Orange tisane
1 tsp Tealux Blood Orange Rooibos
1 tsp Davidstea Alpine Punch

This is significantly better than my last attempt (I think it’s the lack of the Tealux Rooibos Vanilla which, no offense to anyone who likes it, is seriously bad, but not quite as bad as the Adagio one – but both tend to be decent mixers). Anyway. I figured that I would start testing out different options. This was better than last nights, not quite creamsicle, but I think it’s partially due to the fact that this is blood orange and not the sweet fruit juice type orange you would taste in a creamsicle. Also, I’m thinking of trying Davidstea Birthday Cake instead of the Alpine Punch next time (though I have a nearly empty pouch of the latter so I thought I’d use it in a creative way).

I think the magic recipe is making sure I counteract the 1 part of the item I mostly loathe with enough other parts of things I like to cover it up! Tea science!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 16 OZ / 473 ML

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I’m trying to get through some of my tealux rooibos blends (and I’ve noticed whatever rooibos they use isn’t my favorite) so I’ve been trying to come up with something palatable. This was supposed to be like an orange creamsicle but it really didn’t work. It wasn’t bad and I drank the full mug, but it wasn’t something I’d call delicious.

It was:
Tealux Blood Orange Rooibos 1 tsp
Tealux Rooibos Vanilla 1 tsp
Davidstea Alpine Punch 1/2 tsp (I thought maybe this would give some creaminess and it did, but the combo didn’t taste anything like an orange creamsicle).

Meh. Someone tell me never order 100 grams of these again, please.


Never order 100g of these again. ;))


never 100g of any teas again unless you’ve had it before and know you love them.

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I tend not to enjoy chai that I buy premade, as it tends to be much too sweet for me, but while driving to the beach I was at Sheets and craving Chai, so since they have a whole bar of things to add to coffee I bought a teabag and added spices, flavored creamer, and milk. It was quite good. And it gave me a nice burst of energy to keep the trip from exhausting me too much.

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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drank Random Steepings by Various Artists
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This tea is a sample given to me by an aliexpress seller. She left no particular identification on it except to say it’s a Dian Hong so I can’t identify which particular one it is. The tea is a broken leaf Yunnan and is quite smooth and less bitter than might be expected for a broken leaf tea.

The tea smells of apricot, leather, bready notes, barley and cream.

50s the tea has mild sweetness tempered by a mild tart bitterness. The flavour notes were of barley, malt, cocoa,leather notes, cream, and apricot. It tastes relatively smooth and dense.

2 min similar to above with a little more density and stronger fruit and leather notes.

3 min. Apricot, honey, cream, tart plum, a hint of barley and light malt.

This tea could easily manage another steep. It is a pleasant and easy to drink everyday tea,but I am not interested in it enough to ask for it to be identified.

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I bought a bunch of random tea the other day from a hole in the wall shop at Pacific Mall. It wasn’t bad! and at ten dollars for 100g, I am pretty impressed. Yah it is a little dusty tasting, but I think an extra rinse will fix that :)
Anyhow, I’m going camping tomorrow!!! Gotta pick the teas I’m bringing. My friend has limited me to a small container, AND we are planning a tea party so I need to choose carefully. Probably a genmaicha, and a black tea. I know one girl there loves sencha. Hmmm.

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Homemade genmaicha: Standard gyokuro from blended with toasted mochi rice and tokachi black soybean from Yamane-en

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Cheap – yet, oh so perfect – po lei at dim sum yesterday.

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Backlog –
Superfine Long Jing blended with Charcoal Roasted Jin Xuan

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Backlog –
Master Grade TGY blended with Charcoal Roasted Jin Xuan

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