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Recent Tasting Notes

I dislike revising teas with the concept of high grade, reserve, or special in the name… but, anyways: Upon the first brew I was excited to see a clear color in the liquid. There wasn’t t strong yellow that leads me to believe it’ll bite my tongue with a little sour taste with the floral notes. After six brews I was happy with my purchase of this and actually think it’s worth buying more of. Sadly most tgy is too strong and taste processed, which has lead me to Dayuling and Dancong. This and the 15 year have been wonderful, even when others were not so good; Verdant may not be a hit or miss as I realize I’m becoming spoiled in what I am drinking.
I blame myself for trying all the more expensive stuff I can!


Is this the 30 year? I have some but haven’t tried it yet.

Liquid Proust

No no no, this is just the ‘reserve’ harvest from last year. I have the 30, 15, and 10 as well to which I will admit that the 15 year is probably the best in regards to the reroasting notes, body, and taste.

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