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I received this tea as part of the White2Tea club box.

I’m not sure why, but I usually end up drinking this tea in the evening. I find it relaxes me somehow. As I begin writing I’m on the 2nd steep of this 60ml session and I can feel some warmth coming into my chest and up into my cheeks. The taste seems more mellow than the first couple times I brewed it when it arrived. The wet leaf still has a light smokiness and tobacco scent. I can feel the sides of my mouth and jaw being stimulated. Onto the 3rd steep the taste is still fairly light in bitterness and is a bit difficult to describe. It feels as though this tea has some age on it but retains some of its brash youthfulness. I can imagine this tea would have been a teeth clencher in its early days. It’s too bad there was such a limited supply, as the only ways to obtain this tea from white2tea would have been to spend a handsome sum and receive one for free during the 2015 Black Friday event, or to go through the club. I would be very curious to taste this tea in another 15 years with good storage. Unfortunately at the rate I’m drinking it I will be lucky to have any left after 5 years let alone 15. My mind is starting to wander and I can’t help but think that this loosely organized stream of thoughts will soon fall apart so I’ll have to cut this rambling short. This tea is very special to me. From the moment I opened it the smell of the wrapper and tea were intoxicating and the liquor it produces is so relaxing and comforting. As others have pointed out it’s a bit difficult to put a finger on what the flavour notes might be, but I can say that this is a tea with an inoffensive taste that lets the drinker wander off without demanding attention.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 g 2 OZ / 60 ML

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drank 2016 Tuhao as F*ck by White 2 Tea
206 tasting notes

Finally got around to trying an orb of this from the #shengolympiad. Started with a couple of rinses to open this up and then proceeded to flash steep. It starts out with a floral grassiness that has a strong bite. I have to admit, I oversteeped this a couple times early on in the session, which drew out some bitterness that probably wouldn’t have otherwise been there. It doesn’t take long for it to mellow back out into something smooth and sweet. The liquor is like liquid gold and becomes even sweeter as it cools.

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Seeing how this is my first review on this site, I’m not going to wax rhapsodic in the same vein as the others here, but suffice it to say that this tea is phenomenal. As others have noted, the flavor isn’t why you drink this, necessarily, but I actually quite like it; then again, I’m a big fan of Menghai-ish teas. It starts off fairly light in the first couple of steeps, bright and citric with a not insignificant, though not overpowering bitterness. Over the next several steeps, the liquor and the taste proceed to darken, with the flavors developing a bolder low note, while retaining a high, almost lime-like citrusiness. Lurking on the sides of all of this is a distinctly milky character, almost like a milk oolong at times, something I’ve never encountered in a puerh—or any unflavored tea—before. This character settles in and doesn’t really fade over a number of steeps—I didn’t really count, but it showed more durability than most teas I drink. Towards, the end, though, the bitterness starts to fade and the milk comes forward a bit more and transforms into light sweetness, until it all gradually fades. There’s a tiny bit of astringency on the late steeps, but nothing like the astringency bomb that, say, 72 Hours can become if you’re not careful.

The really remarkable character of the tea, though, is outside the flavor, as I mentioned earlier. The mouthfeel is some of the most viscous I’ve experienced in a tea, thicker than most beer, even. Its finish was strong enough that, at times, I got almost the same flavor as the tea itself, albeit without that viscosity. Finally, the qi was intense, beyond just caffeine. Definitely face-numbing, but more than once throughout the session, I also found myself capable of doing very little except staring at a wall for several minutes.

I almost never drink tea in isolation, even gong-fu; I’m usually, at the very least, reading something. This tea joins those rare few that has held my attention over a whole session. Paul outdid himself with this one; if you can try it, do so.

(Thanks to my wife, who got me this tea for Christmas)

Boiling 8 g 4 OZ / 125 ML

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Dragon ball from 2017 sheng Olympiad.

Should have started this on a free weekend since it steeped out forever and I had to refrigerate it a few times. I think maybe half a tea ball would have been a better amount for me if it were possible to split tea balls. Brewed this on a 200ml gaiwan with just under boiling water for the first steeps then a thermos of very hot water for most of the sessions. I found this to be very floral with a lot of lingering aroma in the back of the mouth. There was almost no bitterness, which I actually would have liked more of. A few times it verged on being sweet but that faded rather quickly. As I said it seems like this steeped out forever with long 20-30 minute steeps at the end.

S.G. Sanders

So good to grandpa style at work when you run out of time? Or no, due to the nature that it’ll leave you tea drunk?

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drank Qilan Trees by White 2 Tea
206 tasting notes

So I feel like, as time goes on, I grow to appreciate roasted oolongs more and more. I got this as part of December’s w2t sub box and it has been waiting to be tried. Decided to move on to this one after enjoying a session with a 95 TGY that spanned two days (and will probably keep on going) and continue winding down from the wedding earlier.

Threw 7g in the gaiwan and hit it with boiling water. First steep is super quick and the resulting liquor is roasty and sweet, with an appreciable minerality. Enjoyed relaxing with this one through the afternoon, but wish it had lasted longer!

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drank 2005 Naka by White 2 Tea
177 tasting notes


I got a sample of this tea from the Puerh+ Box going around, and I was sooooo excited to try this tea for the infamous “tea drunk” reasons, since I found $30+ for a small sample a little hard to swallow (no pun intended). So I brewed this last night after a rough week and I awaited for the tea drunk-ness to overtake me.

The first couple steeps were super bitter. And these were short steeps – like 5s. The tea was hard to drink, so I dialed back the water temp to help smooth it out. The tea became enjoyable and smooth to drink but no tea drunk effect. Maybe there was a little calming but nothing crazy. I’ve been tea drunk before on other teas and this one was just “meh..” Maybe I used not enough leaf and too much water. Maybe I should have kept it at boiling instead of lowering the temperature. So many steeping parameters to wonder about it.

I do have another sample of this tea which I intend to try. It’s a very small sample though so I’ll have to be very careful how I brew it. Probably not enough for a full gaiwan, but I’ll make it work dangit! I’m determined to get tea drunk. Or at least see what the hype is about.

I will say that taken the hype away, the tea is pleasant to drink even if I don’t get anything off of it. It’s not good enough to justify the cost buuuut at least it makes it worthwhile to drink.

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 5 OZ / 160 ML
Liquid Proust

No worries, you’re the second person who hasn’t felt anything from it. Nothing wrong with that, but I think there is something about going into a tea with high expectations even if they hold true for many people. I end up brewing mine at the end for a whole 15 minutes, I stretch this tea out : )


Yeah I definitely know of one other person who didn’t “feel it”. But I was hoping! I’m doing mine for long brews now to stretch it out as well. The taste isn’t bad for a puerh. Just underwhelming in the “tea drunk” department. I think it was you who put the sample in though, so THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to try it one way or the other. And thanks for the pu-erh kit. If there’s ever tea sainthood, you should be considered.


Awww, that sucks I really liked this tea, but to be fair I didn’t get tea drunk in the sense of a lot of Cha Qi that makes you weak. Instead this was the one of the more gentle Cha Qi’s I’ve ever experienced and what it did do for me was just relax, I just sat back and relaxed. I didn’t feel anything aggressive, instead just chilled for a while. I would let it rest a bit and come back to it, if it still doesn’t work for you, there are other teas out there that might. Dont be frustrated if you dont share some of the experiences that other people had, I’ve had that happened to me. Sometime its outside variables that change the results, sometimes your body reacts differently and its not your cup of tea. :)

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drank 2005 Naka by White 2 Tea
1 tasting notes

This tea is smooth in flavor and super strong in Qi and body feelings, I drink puer because I love the flavor and because of how it makes me feel, and this tea is just incredible in that department. The body feels, the mind feels, the relaxation is just unbelievable. Worth every penny.

Boiling 10 g

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First of all, the middle of this damn thing is absolutely stupid. It’s like the equivalent of an iron cake but much thicker. Whoever has broke one of these up has experienced what it is like to train in the gravity chamber… just saiyan.

Anyways: This is an easy tea to brew that provides a solid orange liquid showing that there is some age to it for sure. Depth is at the mid range, but easily appreciated. For the price it’s great, but dang… the middle of this thing turns me off of it. It’s the same reason that I don’t like iron cakes though; just losing the ability to get a nice piece off and having an easy brew session is gone once you get those chunks off that look like those pieces of blocktop that are 3×3 inches at a playground (anyone else remember those?).


Puerh picks in a gravity chamber sound like a poor idea.

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drank 2016 Orange Drop by White 2 Tea
206 tasting notes

Got this from Roswell Strange in the slack secret santea exchange! Thanks again!

Brought one of these in to have at work today, since one was already broken up, I wouldn’t have to worry about damaging it bringing it here. Quick rinse, let it all sit in the gaiwan, quick first steep.

The liquor is super dark. The aroma is definitely that of shou, but the mandarin skin is definitely in there as well. The texture is extremely smooth. Thinking I should have maybe done another rinse or two to start, though. rhinkle likens the first steep to shoe polish, and in the second steep I can start to see where she’s coming from. Then I see w2t recommends tossing the first couple of steeps for some. There is an enjoyable creaminess behind it all, though, and I get the mandarin rind coming through, as well.

After a couple of steeps, the mandarin aroma really starts to explode out of the gaiwan, and the flavor pushes to the forefront more, as well. A blend of smooth earth and citrus bite. Definitely one to sip on slowly for me. I’ll continue with this one for the rest of the day and update notes accordingly.

So it’s been a couple of days, but I had saved these leaves so I decided to give them another try this morning. Basically seeing how far I can push leaves I’ve got laying around from earlier in the week before tossing them. Mellow and smooth with an up front sweetness and a persistent aroma. The liquor has lightened up but is still dark. I would say the flavor of the mandarin is pushing into the forefront more and more.

Flavors: Citrus Zest, Earth, petrichor

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Texture of the tea was soft but not overly thick. The most pronounced flavor note was a fairly strong (but not altogether unpleasant) sourness with standard “green” flavors – almost reminded me of a less-floral unroasted tie guan yin. Not much bitterness there at all, but a very noticeable mouth drying effect. Just the slightest hint of sweetness on the tip of the tongue after I drank it.

This one I found to be pretty harsh on the stomach. Actually, it’s the first sheng I thought that about.

Not terribly impressed, probably wouldn’t get more.

Flavors: Drying, Green, Mineral, Sour

205 °F / 96 °C 10 g 5 OZ / 150 ML

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This is the orb from the Sheng Olympiad.

I thought this was damn good. I was pretty impressed. The ball is not too tightly rolled and gives off a Sichuan pepper, peppercorn, and some sweetish savory notes. I seem to always smell Sichuan peppers on tea balls, not sure why. I warmed up my pot and threw it in. The aroma does a backflip and becomes very sweet with a thick green background. I can pick up an underlining bite that sifts through the brown sugar and maple fog. This is a very nice and inviting scent. I washed the ball twice and prepped for brewing. The taste begins light and grassy with some jasmine. The next steep is similar with dandelion floral qualities. Afterwards, the floral qualities truly bloomed and spread out on top of a nice bitter green base (bok choy/kale?). A punchy background of fruits follows throughout the session. The taste is really nice. The later steeping caused the floral and green qualities to reverse, so it was a base of floral and a hint of bitter greens. Personally, I thought this to be a floral bomb; it was packed with dandelion, jasmine, and iris. The tea gives off a crisp cooling sensation that sits at the tongue. The tea softens out and soothes with the fruit tones. The qi was noticeable but relaxing. This was a major kickback tea for me. I just put on some tunes and leaned back from my tea table. It was a good vibe-y tea. While drinking, I was trying to pull from memory how last years was, and I believe this one is softer and thicker; a more pronounced tone to it. I will have to look back through my notes.


Flavors: Bok Choy, Brown Sugar, Dandelion, Floral, Fruity, Grass, Jasmine, Kale, Maple Syrup, Pepper, Smooth, Sweet

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 7 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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The cake is hard pressed and it really is chocolate-bar thin. it’s very easy to snap off an approximately 7.5g square, but if you want an amount of tea that isn’t a multiple of that, good luck.

The orange taste and aroma is subtler than I was expecting. I had never had these aged oranges before, and it is really nothing like fresh orange peel. Still, I might have preferred more orange in the mix. The good news is that the orange really incorporates into the flavor making it feel like one thing, not like just puerh and orange coexisting seperately in the cup, if you know what I mean. The orange really seems to want to be brewed hot and long for best aroma. There was only a slight pleasant bitterness present, even when brewed long. Texture wise, I prefer a thicker creamier shou then what this offered, but it was still quite smooth.

Overall I’m happy I bought it, but I don’t see myself buying more. That being said two caveats: I brewed this with a 7.5g square when I normally brew with 10g in an 150ml gaiwan because I prefer things on the stronger side. Also, it hadn’t rested at all before tasting. I’ll try it again in a smaller vessel in a week or two and see if my impression changes.

Flavors: Dark Bittersweet, Medicinal, Orange, Smooth

7 g 5 OZ / 150 ML

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I thought the name was just fanciful, but I can really see why one would make the comparison from the smell of the wet leaves after the initial steep. The texture of this tea is really outstanding, with a heavy, thick and smooth with a lingering sweetness. On top of that are some nice classic black tea flavors and maltiness especially on longer steeps.

The tea cake itself looks like moonlight on autumn leaves. Very attractive.

A pretty special tea. Would get more in a heartbeat.

Flavors: Creamy, Malt, Rum, Sweet, Tea, Thick

10 g 5 OZ / 150 ML

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Thick, smooth, semi-earthy, & creamy. The liquor is dark. I can drink this for a long while. Currently working through my 15th infusion, with longer steeping times (90-120s for the meantime). This tea can go on, & on, & on, & on….

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On initial steeping wet leaves have a subtle aroma of tobacco and peat smoke. This bears out in the flavor of early steeps, but goes away quickly. Early steeps needed to remain short to avoid bitterness, but with steeps kept short was very pleasant. Mouthfeel is creamy and smooth, especially on the early steeps. Later a slightly citrusy, fruity tang creeps in.

I enjoyed this tea and would consider getting more.

Flavors: Citrus, Creamy, Peat, Tobacco

10 g 5 OZ / 150 ML

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drank 2008 Shou Mei by White 2 Tea
616 tasting notes

I couldn’t find this tea in the database so added it. White 2 Tea doesn’t seem to carry this year anymore either. It was only a sample size I have. I had it before but didn’t leave a review and noted on the package that it was too mild and that I needed to use more leaf for next time.

So I emptied the entire contents into my clay gaiwan. It was about 8-9g. That’s a lot of leaf for me but I am so glad I used that amount. This tea is sweet like honey and a bit of hay. There’s a note of sweet dates too. Very delicious. Not strong at all yet it brews up a medium golden colour.

I’ve had a few infusions so far and am pretty sensitive to caffeine. With most pu-erh teas I would be feeling the caffeine rush at this point. With this tea , I don’t. It seems to be very light in caffeine.

I am quite impressed with this tea and may buy some of this from White 2 Tea for the 2014 version. They actually have it listed as a white tea and not pu-erh. This one I had was in a pressed cake so I assumed it was a white pu-erh.

Flavors: Dates, Hay, Honey

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drank 2016 Tuhao as F*ck by White 2 Tea
270 tasting notes

Liked it, nice & sweet. slightly herby-camphor but no cooling, I was hoping a bit more bitter or lively tongue with strong huigan, but thats my preference & this i think my gf would like.

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drank 2016 Tuhao as F*ck by White 2 Tea
270 tasting notes

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This review is from drinking a cake sample. This puer is a fragrance bomb. It is bright, citrus, sweet, amber, grassy, vegetal at first, then a sweet mineral, pavement, buttery, vegetal finish.

I feel this be a good puer, in its current young state, for an oolong drinker. It’s got that fragrance that you just don’t get in many puer, but what oolongs tend to have.

In comparison to the same priced 2016 We Go High, Tuhao is more approachable as it is less bitter. It is totally for an oolong drinker and a great tea to try if you are new to shengs that are expensive or hate bitterness. You more pro, want epic tea drunk, and got that young sheng gut for bitter – We Go High is a better match for $149 cake.

Full review on Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.com/2016-tuhao-fuck-sheng-puer-white2tea/

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 1 g 1 OZ / 15 ML
Daylon R Thomas

I see why Andrew loved it so much.

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Nice. Just what I was looking for as a daily drinker to grab when nothing else strikes me.

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drank Hot Brandy by White 2 Tea
4290 tasting notes

This is a queued tasting note.

5 Sec.
- Rinse/wash

8 Sec.
- Sweet & Fruity (Stonefruit/apricot)

10 Sec.
- More malt/hay
- Still fruity with faint floral undertones

10 Sec.
- Malt and hay top notes
- Silky body; stonefruit and autumn leaf
- Finish is floral

12 Sec.
- Settled into more of a strong hay note
- Hay note with backbone!?
- Like a strong white or a weak black (as a generalized profile thus far)
- Raisin

15 Sec.
- A little astringent but pleasantly so
- Thicker mouthfeel; a bit like cream
- Hay, malt, raisin, wood, dried fruits

15 Sec.
- Much the same
- Some spice in the finish? Not sure where that’s from; seems out of the blue

18 Sec.
- Resurgance of apricot notes in the top
- Stronger hay/malt
- And just as quickly as it appeared, there goes the spice…?

25 Sec.
- Feels a bit like a repeat of the fifth infusion
- A little more leaf-y in flavour?
- At this point, I’m really feeling the caffeine hit me

I found this tea really, really fascinating overall and I believe that I could have easily pushed forward for more steeps to see how the flavour would have evolved but I set a timer for this session because I had to get ready at a certain point in the afternoon to head out for the New Year’s Party I went to (drunk board games!) and it was after this infusion that the time went off and I had to end the session…

It was fascinating though how I was able to get very traditional “white tea” and “black tea” notes though! I’d very much like to see which of the two would be more dominant with this steeped up Western style…

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Dragon ball version from 2017 Sheng Olympics in a 170 ml porcelain pot. Tons of honey and sugarcane sweetness throughout the entire session. one of the sweetest teas I’ve had recently. Lots of tropical/ citrus fruit – lemon zest, orange, mango, pineapple. reminds me of new wave IPAs – specifically with citra and mosaic hops, fresh and juicy. interesting herbal and nut tons come and go. medium texture with an uplifting yet calming qi, good and long lasting huigan, all around nice mouth characteristics for a low astringency/bitterness sheng. If these were available for purchase I would buy more. Considering buying a cake but the price is just a tad steep for 200g.

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drank 2016 Teadontlie by White 2 Tea
108 tasting notes

I was excited to try this one and it has met my expectations. It’s a nice blend of medium sized leaves of varying shades of silver, charcoal, and brown. There’s some large leaves thrown in there too. The dried leaves have a sweet grassy scent. Wet leaves have a more sweet floral and nutty aroma. The tea soup for the first steeps have a deep golden hue and are very clear.

Great qi develops from the initial steeps. This is a throaty tea. Sweet floral notes and nectar-like textures cover the tongue. This combined with tingling mouth activity moves quickly down the throat. I can feel a warm energy in my solar plexus after the 3rd steep. Ferociously floral and tropical fruit notes continue for many many steeps.

There’s medium viscosity here, but good depth, longevity, a lot of qi, and serious huigan. It lingers nicely on the tongue and throat for at least 20 mins after drinking. Sure, this one is good now, but it’ll be by far more enjoyable after 1 year of calming down.

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