White Lion Tea

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Organic White Silk – White Lion Teas
Dry: Floral balance with distinct fruity-boysenberry elements and a almost candy-like nose
Wet: Fruit juice, sweet, dark fruit- acai
Leaf: Silvery-white buds, dark umber-hued stems, and shards of green leaves. Very much a Bai Mudan style and cut.
Cup: Crisp, golden, resonate yellow hued liquor. Smooth, rich body with slippery, fruity flavor that is white grapefruit and acai and that snakes around the typical Bai Mudan profile, of sweet, grassy and floral notes, hints of vegetal spice and calendula sweetness. Very smooth and refreshing, gently fruity and nicely balanced, with a subtle lingering flavor that glows on the palate. Gently astringent, so that after several cups the mouth is pleasantly cleansed and a light texture has built on the tongue.
Directions: 3.5g of leaves in graduated glass pot, steeped in 185 degree water for 3-4 minutes and decanted into double walled glass mug and aerated before serving.
Notes: I immediately deduced this to be a simple organic Bai Mudan and was deeply surprised when the cup resonated in aroma and flavor, such a predominate voice of fruitiness. If this is a flavored tea and not a natural characteristic, it is not mentioned in any of the information I have, but the flavor is so wonderfully woven, it doesn’t even resemble the typical flavored teas on the market, and instead is a sublime cousin who whispers into the ear of the tea lover and says ‘this too is possible’.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Such a romantic.


it was confirmed that this is indeed a pure organic Bai Mudan and is not flavored….

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