Windsor Gardens

Recent Tasting Notes


I was pretty surprised with this one! I got it on sale a long time ago and it was pushed to the back of a cabinet and I found it recently and had a cup tonight!

It was pretty good! Even tho it was a mild black tea the pom flavoring was tasty! It wasn’t over done and was yummy both hot and cold!

I think I like it a little bit more cold than hot but regardless I enjoyed a cup of each! The aroma is pretty yet fruity. Nice!

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Ok if you are in a pinch. Back logging. Fairly strong for a cheap bagged green tea but a bit of an aftertaste.

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I remember why I didn’t log this one…NOT memorable at all…not much of an earl grey.

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This is surprisingly good for an inexpensive bagged tea. The bag prior to steep is minty, minty, minty. After steeping it’s toned down quite a bit but the flavor is refreshing and minty and green! It’s a good ‘even steven’ type of mint green tea to have on hand. I’m just finishing a cup right now…ahhhhhh!


That’s funny … I reached nearly an identical conclusion a tin of Bentley’s minty mint green … don’t suppose they’re two labels from the same distributor? (It was good!)


I believe they are, actually!!!!

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