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Not my cup of tea.

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is very suitable for loss weight ladys

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Nice oolong tea, not too strong, reminds me of a light earl grey.

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Hello I am looking to buy some of the wu-yi source tea in the black box can anyone help me out. thanks and have a blessed day..


Hi danamorton7777! I have 3 60ct boxes of the black box Wu-Yi Source Tea. They are still sealed, but are out of date. I bought 4 boxes in 2011 and found the caffeine to stimulating for me (I’ve been caffeine-free for 5 years.) I would love to sell these 3 boxes and know that someone was enjoying the tea. I checked a few sites and found that this tea sells for $16.50-$35.00 a box. I would be happy to pass it along to you for $10 a box plus any shipping.

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Love this tea no sweetener needed suitable replacement to other caffeinated teas with its metabolism boost as well :) tasty!


Where can i find this tea?

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My sister-in-law gave me a box of this tea today while I was at her house. She warned me that it is kind of weak, so I brewed it with a little less water in an attempt to make it a little stronger. It still came out kind of weak & there was a bitterness to it as well. I ended up sweetening it quite a bit. It wasn’t BAD and I will keep it as a back up for if I ever find myself out of my other teas.

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been enjoying this tea since i receieved it for Christmas…good for an anytime straight up oolong tea…rich and pure just the way it is

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A review of Authentic Wu-Yi Tea (Premium Blend) by Wu-Yi Source

Oolong Tea, Natural Apple Flavor

Brewing Instructions:
To savor the full flavor and produce the best results from our tea, bring fresh water to a rolling boil. Pour hot water directly over the tea bag in a standard size mug. Brew 3-5 minutes or to desired taste. One bag makes 8 ounces of hot Wu-Yi tea.
For Iced Tea:
Brew tea, chill, then pour over ice and serve with fresh sliced lemon

Contains approximately 30mg of caffeine per 8-oz (250mL) cup.

I brewed this tea for a few minutes and left to steep. Tea color is a light amber. I have decided to add a small slice of lime to it since tea odor is most faint. The lemon does seem to liven the tea for a citrus aroma and mingling nicely throughout.

I do like this tea; it is mild in body and flavor. Not at all astringent, but I cannot seem to discern the apple flavor to be found in tea, prior to adding the lemon that is.

I had purchased this tea last year and it was close to its expiration date, so perhaps that is why I cannot discern the apple flavoring since it must have evaporated somehow. Tea does not taste stale or flat; it is just plain Oolong tea, the kind one drinks after dinner at a restaurant serving Chinese/Cantonese/Taiwan cuisine. Tea washes down nicely after a full meal.

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What a good idea for an oolong flavouring. I think you’re right in your theory about why you couldn’t initially find any apple flavour in it, though. Do you think, if the apple flavour had been more prominent, you would have liked it better?

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I purchased this tea during a visit to The Tea Leaf in Waltham, MA and I am liking it very much. It is mild tasting, so I am forced to use two bags when brewing it.

I purchased this after the expiration date as well, perhaps why the pricing was so low; unfortunately I only purchased one box.

Not to worry since I know it is carried by this tea shop; or they have remainder of the lot. It is good tea.

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I found this tea for a dollar a box at a discount store. My regret is that I did not buy more! It has a nice buttery deliciousness that I’ve found in the greener Oolongs I’ve tried.

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I got a giant box of this tea for Christmas. It’s in bag form, not full leaf, so it’s good for at the office. (I drink most of my tea at my desk!)

This oolong is light, but substantial enough for several steepings. It has a pleasant floral aftertaste and is never bitter. I always look forward to drinking a few cups of this oolong.

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